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    My name is Red Brick (formerly Rocky Smalls) and I have a red LEGO brick cutie mark. I like Twilight Sparkle, I like LEGOs, drawing pictures and everything. I'm also a big fan of Pennsylvania Railroad.
  1. I just watched the new episode and...I almost cried when Twilight nearly sacrificed herself and Spike instead saved the day before the "happy ending" moment. How come Spike saved the day but not Twilight? Why? Perhaps Twilight (she's still alive!) has eventually passed the test! WAYDAGO TWILIGHT!!! WHOHOOO!!!
  2. Coca-Cola is better than Pepsi because of the better "Coke" taste. Trixie is the most unpopular pony of all time. Mitt Romney tells lies. I'm not a big fan of superhero movies. YouTube is getting crappy nowadays. Justin Bieber is the most unpopular musician in the whole world (no offense to Bieber fans everywhere).
  3. Happy Nightmare Night!!!

    1. Dr_Waveband


      Happy Molest Fest!

  4. Oh yes, that's a good question: the pony I would probably hug is; my favorite "adorkable" pony Twilight Sparkle. I can't tell what other ponies I could hug, though.
  5. November 10 at 10 AM? Seriously? Sounds good to me, Spatsi. I gotta admit: I felt surprised (my heart almost raced) when I heard about the exact premiere date.
  6. Did that skydiver Felix had a "Sonic Rainboom" in mid-air?

  7. This is a complicating question, I don't know which type of brony am I, so I guess I'm just the "Fan" (though I always describe myself as a brony). Also, I just don't buy merchandises like my fellow brony friend does (who invented the OC pony named Mellow Rhythm), otherwise to me, it would be a waste of money.
  8. You should prove your dad wrong and don't believe what he just said about My Little Pony...And remember the slogan: K E E P C A L M A N D B R O N Y O N ! ! !
  9. I got an awesome idea: how 'bout all the Mane Six dressed up as "Halo" spartans! How'd you like that, ponies? I've said this because Halo 4 is coming.
  10. I confess: the "Froggy Bottom Bog" part until Twilight makes a happy face, scares the HAY outta me! It kinda makes me think about Twilight's safety all the time.
  11. Why did your dad say that you should be ashamed about watching MLP? Is it because he thinks that MLP is for girls (but it turns out boys also mostly watch that show)? BTW; my parents don't mind about me being a brony, watching MLP:FiM.
  12. Red Brick


    Yes, the cream-colored pony (the one with the brown mane) is my OC pony on the left. And also, thanks for reviewing this art that I made.
  13. Wow, I can't believe this forum site has turned a year old already! I first noticed about "MLPForums" while I was surfing on a LEGO site called MOCpages.com and...I came to the right place (which is right here).
  14. Last month, to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the launch of the satellite called "Sputnik", I decided to draw something beautiful and "drawn-lines free" and mostly painted with paintbrushes on MS Paint. This shows Twilight Sparkle and (OC) Rocky Smalls seeing the "Sputnik". After some attempts to draw Twilight's expression, this project was almost abandoned. Fun fact: the "Sputnik" was actually about a size as a basketball! Original link: http://rahkshipinker...llery/#/d5f0bce
  15. So we were completely wrong about the premiere date whether or not it would be September or October or December, but perhaps it turns out it's next month (November), but the day is not yet announced (though it will be sometime next week).
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