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  1. Twi Rubix

    What's worst OC you seen?

    Honestly, I don't even like OC's to begin with. I can tell you many things I dislike about them, but I think my biggest pet peeve is when the backgrounds/profiles of their ponies are overly ridiculous like it came out of a 18+ grimdark novel. My main reason is because it doesn't fit the style of MLP. I get that people can make OC's however they want, but that kind of characteristic is something that bugs me.
  2. Twi Rubix

    Did Celestia Really banish Luna?

    I say it was intentional for her to banish Luna. The deciding factor by the elements though, *could* be how LONG she was banished. Of course she was in tears for banishing her sister in the first place, but perhaps she didn't know how long it would be.
  3. Twi Rubix

    S04:E04 - Daring Don't

    This episode was good, I liked it. However, was I the only one where I found Rainbow being a complete fangirl was kind of annoying? I understand her appreciation and dedication for Daring Do, but she felt like she was the "Annoying fan who follows me but redeems herself in the end." Speaking of Daring Do, boy was it a surprise that Daring Do was actually, well, Daring Do. That was an idea I had floating around in my head since S2, and I thought they were gonna do that at some point, but then I see all the characters and her adventures from the books are real too. Now that was surprising. As for the actual character, I liked her when I saw "Read it and Weep" but she became a real jerk in the middle, which is somewhat understandable because of the fangirl thing from Dash I mentioned. Still, it was a little annoying that she completely ignores assistance from any of the ponies, with her excuse being "Don't trust anypony." Which I don't find too viable, considering it's a major fan and 5 of her friends. Then at the end, she learns teamwork and all that jazz, but I just didn't like how she acted. I still like her though.
  4. Twi Rubix

    MLP is not about sexuality

    It's a typical stereotype determined by society. Watching a television show absolutely has no effect on your sexual orientation. I mean... I'm still straight. It is funny to hear their ridiculous comments, though. Kind of amusing.
  5. Twi Rubix

    Who does not call themselves a "brony"?

    I've never (Even now) liked the term "Brony" but I still only use it around my friends and other bronies. If any other person asks if I like MLP, I'll just say something like "Yes, I'm an MLP fan" I wouldn't be blurting "I'ma Brony, everyone!"
  6. Twi Rubix

    Private The Unknown Danger

    Twilight looks at Wildcard in astonishment, her eyes wide open. You don't think that's-- I mean... She can't be weaker, but.... Chrysalis, the wedding... She stays silent for a bit. She's seen with a sad expression. Maybe you're right... But, she still has alot of power in her, right...? Meanwhile, Shining Armor walks to Quick Shot. Okay, what do you need to tell me?
  7. Twi Rubix

    Private The Unknown Danger

    Shining Armor looks behind him to see Twilight, Quick Shot, and Wildcard. He calls out to the troops: Okay everyone, stop! I have some business to attend to. Practice your weapons for a little while. He first walks to Twilight. Hey, Twily. He rubs her head playfully. I suppose you're trying to save Equestria from the thing? I am. And Cadence told me you had some more information on it? I'd really like to know. Shining turns his head to Quick Shot, then back to Twilight. I do... Hang on. He turns back to Quick Shot. Go over there, Quick Shot. I'll talk to you in a minute. He turns to Wildcard. Haha, no need to be nervous. It's nice to meet you, Wildcard. I'm so glad you can help my sister out. He turns back to Twilight. Okay, so here's the situation. From every piece of info I found out from my troops and Cadence, it is not natural, and it's... Very dangerous. It's got no weapons, so I assume it's got magic on it's side. It has got no know history of being inside Equestria, so obviously it's from far away. That's all I know. Perhaps you can find out more on your journey. Thank you, Shining Armor... I suppose you need to talk to Quick Shot now, huh? Yeah, let me talk to him. Shining Armor walks away with Quick Shot and the two begin to converse. So, what do you need?
  8. Twi Rubix

    Private The Unknown Danger

    Ah, yes. It's you, Quick Shot. Shining Armor is in that direction training his troops. Don't worry, he's not busy. Cadence points in Shining's general direction. It's nice to meet you too, Wildcard. I'm glad you can help us. Twilight, where are the rest of your friends? Oh, Applejack and Rainbow and getting the rest of their stuff back in Ponyville, and Rarity and Fluttershy are near the train in Canterlot so it doesn't leave without us. Okay, I suppose you can pass what I'm about to say to them. Now, Twilight and Wildcard, listen up. I've been trying my best to find out what this danger is, and from what I've gathered, it is indeed a living being. I also sense it's powers are very strong. It's debatable whether it's what the Elements of Harmony can handle, but... It's worked very well in the past, I'm sure they can work... Cadence saying with a very slightly unsure face that none of the ponies can see. However, I haven't done much of the research, Shining Armor would know more about that, which is why Quick Shot is probably talking to him in the first place... Twilight, you should follow Quick Shot. Cadence brings Twilight in close. And... Just watch your back around him. He's a mercenary, and I don't want you to get hurt... It's okay, Cadence, I trust him. I can handle myself. Twilight says with confidence. If you say so. Come and talk to me again when you're done with Shining. Twilight precedes to walk to Shining Armor. Coming, Wildcard?
  9. Twi Rubix

    Private The Unknown Danger

    Sure, Wildcard. Glad I made you feel better. She smiled as she entered the Crystal Empire. She can always be stunned by the shimmering beauty of the town, but it was no time to become distracted. Alright guys, let's go! Princess Cadence is waiting for us! As the ponies make their way around the town sightseeing, they eventually reach the castle, and see that Princess Cadence is in her throne next to some royal guards. Halt! You cannot enter here! Says one of the Royal Guards. Wait, you're princess Twilight. Apologies, I didn't see you there. Are these two other ponies here to aid you on your journey? Yes, they are. Twilight responded. Then you may enter. Twilight comes into the Princesses' throne room. Cadence! We're here! Oh, Twilight! I'm so glad you're here! Both Cadence and Twilight precede to do their friendly song. Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves. and do a little shake! Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves, and do a little shake! Twilight gets back up, looking at Wildcard and Quick Shot, bushing slightly. *Ahem..* It's a... Thing we did since we were young...
  10. Twi Rubix

    Gaming List All of Your Video Games

    I'm a large gamer, I had alot of games, but ever since I got my new gaming PC... I lost alot of them by selling them. Shame... Anyway... Wii: Mario Party 9 Mega Man 9 Mega Man 10 Sonic 4 Episode I Fluidity Xbox 360: Assassin's Creed III Sonic '06 Sonic Unleashed Skyrim Call of Duty: Black Ops II Banjo-Tooie Castle Crashers Sonic 2 Sonic 3 & Knuckles Full House Poker Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Adventure 2 Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Tetris Axis Paper Mario: Sticker Star New Super Mario Bros. 2 iPhone (iOS): Sonic 1 Sonic 2 Sonic Dash Sonic Spinball Sonic Jump Sonic 4 Episode I Sonic 4 Episode II Sonic CD Super Mole Escape Extinction Squad Tiny Wings All Angry Birds Games Plants Vs. Zombies Fruit Ninja Jetpack Joyride Poker Night 2 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Gameloft) Steam (PC): Back to the Future (TellTale) The Binding of Issac Bit.Trip Runner Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2 Castle Crashers Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Company of Heroes 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Deadpool Don't Starve Dota 2 Garry's Mod Half-Life 2 Hitman: Absolution Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Payday: The Heist Poker Night at the Inventory Poker Night 2 Portal 2 Sam & Max: Season 1 Sam & Max: Season 2 Sam & Max: Season 3 Scribblenauts Unlimited Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Space Channel 5: Part 2 Super Meat Boy Surgeon Simulator 2013 Sonic 1 Sonic 2 Sonic 3 & Knuckles Sonic 3D Blast Sonic Spinball Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic CD Sonic Generations Sonic 4 Episode I Sonic 4 Episode II Team Fortress Classic Team Fortress 2 Trials Evolution Gold Edition The Walking Dead Worms Revolution
  11. Twi Rubix

    [SPOILER]Princess Skyla?

    Hmm, well considering this character wasn't shown in S3, she may just be shown in S4 as far as I know, but the whole Alicorn princess thing is getting kind of redundant. Almost as if we're meant to get a new princess every season. We already have one controlling the sun, (Season 1) The moon, (Season 2: Luna's redesign and character.) The Crystal Empire, (Season 2 again) And now there's Twilight. (Season 3) Perhaps this filly could be a relative or sister of Cadence, at least that's what I'm guessing.
  12. Twi Rubix

    Is Celestia a manipulator who steals free will?

    Celestia is in no way a manipulator. Twilight is Celestia's student. Therefore, she wants to do whatever the princess wants her to do. If she really does object to it, she may speak up if she cannot handle being a princess. Not to mention it's more or less her destiny since her cutie mark relates to the Elements of Harmony. Besides, she is the ruler of Equestria, but it doesn't mean she's heartless or orders ponies to do everything her way. I think she's rather loose to be honest, aside from when Equestria is in trouble. I too like Celestia more.
  13. Twi Rubix

    Is Rarity deep down a brawler?

    I always thought about this in the back of my head, and it does seem true Rarity is quite the powerhouse, but she either decides not to use it, or she doesn't know her own strength. Of course, she doesn't wants to use it because she considers herself a lady, which is who she is. She is not as strong as Applejack, but she definitely is fit to fight.
  14. After seeing Equestria Girls, it really begs the question. How far behind is the technology of Equestria from the technology of the human world? If you didn't see the movie, Twilight does not know what a computer, keyboard, mouse, or cell phone is. Let alone the internet. She also doesn't know how to use a modern day pen. (Granted, that could be because she doesn't know how to use her hands.) Meanwhile, Equestria has fountain pens and scrolls for writing, and they use old film projectors. (Seen in "Hurricane Fluttershy") Hot air balloons, trains, and horse drawn carridges are used for transportation. I suppose the use of magic and flying is the reason some things aren't invented, but for what they do have, Equestria is obviously not up-to-date as the human world is. What do you think about this?
  15. Twi Rubix

    Annoy Feld0 Day

    Oh good, I always wanted to complain to admins about my troubles, and not get in trouble!