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    Mlp, doin chemicaly experiments at school, lisening to music (like dubstep but things like passanger i like to) making fun with friends, playing minecraft or team fortress and sometimes playing asassins creed
  1. owh.... i dont have any taco's anymore (sadness) now i'm bored <__________>

    1. Lord Bababa

      Lord Bababa

      Wow I have some tacos over here come on over to my house

  2. im eating taco's now!!! i almost over 9 taco's!!! tacotacotacotacooo!!!!

    1. Wingnut


      Well, I won't stop you. I hate tacos. :P

  3. i love taco's!!!!! (i'm almost Addicted to taco's)

  4. if anypony have a question, just ask me, or if ya just wanna say someting :3 always lol

  5. Haha lol ok we shall do! (random text to get up to 100 caracters) random very random random super epic random random random randam wow this is epic random random rand.....
  6. Cool that ya all find this out.i like that (and now random text to fill up to 100 random random raandom random random very random randominess random random random)
  7. prinsess cadance XD

    Ask Cadance

    And did ya know about the secret place that twilight found when she must save the crystal empire? Did ya have a lovely time with twilight when you was her faulsitter? I like the part from a canterlot wedding (i like the whole episode(s) but) with you as fillies and then when you prisoned: sunshine sunshine, ladybugs awake, clap your hooves and do a lille shake. That part is so lovely and twilifhts face is epic when you prisonef and you remember her. oh and by the way, don't forget that you are the best and the most Beautiful pony (alicorn) of all.
  8. These are my favorite ponys: CADANCE: over 9000!! 9000/100 because she is just awersome and shining armor have made a really good choise Luna: 100 because luna is cute and awersome Celestia: 90 because she is the princess and she likes twilight Twilight: 90 because she is lovely and nise
  9. Cadance but she already have shining armor so... Then i will go for luna or i will go for twilight. And if THAT dont work i will go for fluttershy
  10. Cadance isnt on the list but do ya think ya know her "code?" She's lovely, and she can make love everywhere wher she comes, so lovely she really is
  11. prinsess cadance XD

    Ask Shining Armor

    The song b.b.b.f.f is really cute, twilight is singing about you, did you heared that? The song b.b.b.f.f is really cute, twilight is singing about you, did you heared that?
  12. owh i cant copy, i'm on my phone

    1. Evilshy


      What type of phone?

      Most smart phones, you can select text and then hold your finger on it to bring up copy/cut/paste options.

    2. prinsess cadance XD

      prinsess cadance XD

      Owh it is my status, yea i was in a chat and someone send a link but i cant copy that


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