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  1. i may be stupid and someone might have already posted it but, is there a link to the full episode yet? any video service will do but i was browsing all my usual sites and i could not find the episode anywhere... i got rick rolled like 4 times though..... -__-
  2. that was a really good summary of that, and to clarify things yes, you would be the same race, ponies, never intended for if you were human but i guess ill hvae to clarify. oh and i agree with the whole race thing you said. it was well thought out and was completely agreeable. (nice examples to) all my approvals!
  3. might i join in? i have two charectors for grabs and you can pick either or if i can join. one is an alicorn who used to rule over the domain of life but got amnesia and forgot about who he was and the other is a pegasus singer who fights and sings to protect the innocent. my singer:: http://mlpforums.com...symphonie-r1192 and the alicorn::: http://mlpforums.com.../_/lifeon-r1193 these are both of the charectors, if you want some stuff changed to better fit the campaign rightnow that would be fine with me dont have an OC because dont rightly know how this works so if i can jsut reply to this or rather send me a message on my account. Thanks
  4. Im asking this because the only store in the area i live that i know of that sells them would be k0-mart and they mostly carry the giant plushie baby toy ones. anystores out there i should know of that sells good toys?
  5. id brohoof but apparently i reached a max. :/ anyone thanks for telling me of these guys, love the friendship one he did,
  6. What is your favorite brony youtube artist, why and what is your favorite song by him/her. mine favorite song would be take me to equastria but favorite artist would be the Living Tombstone.
  7. Heres one of my favorites... But Dump all the pictures of RD that you can, most of my folder got deleted for some reason and want to replace as soon as possible, let the posts begin!
  8. well did 2 or 3/5 then already, and im going to see if the problem resolves itself after im no longer a "Blank Flank"
  9. Which is better Jumpstyle or Shuffling? If not sure what are these dances heres a link to video. Myself, i like shuffling more, looks harder and i love the pants they wear
  10. wasnt meant to be a serious post... meant to be for fun. and next would probably be somepeony trying to post rule 34 for their what they would do. please dont do that to any 34'ers reading this...
  11. Exactly what the title says, how would you respond or what would you do? Myself i would play it cool and when she turns around thinking im not interested id kiss her back saying your my some pony to. EDIT: regained internet and i found some confusion in the question so i wanted to clarify... this is assuming you are in fact in the equestrian world and a pony. however if you wish to respond as if you are a human as well if you want to.
  12. Dude, all my yes. this is exactly what im (sob) (choke) (cough) looking for. apparently they put a number of charectors you have to put i guess i will ramble on unt-- oh never mind... any others i should know about? oh and how in the name of celestia do you upload an avatar?!?!? i keep trying my deviant art but says to large limit 0kb?!?!
  13. lol not exactly looking for, looking for like acoustic guitar with no raps and bass drops... but actually a nice song. /) (brohhof) (\