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  1. happy birthday wildcard! hope you return some day. :P

  2. So I got a virus and when I fall asleep I dream of being caught in an endless LoL match, getting sick everytime someone pushes my lane. This is how I imagine what hell is like :S

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    2. WildCard


      Yeah I am glad that I am back, I was really busy with the preparations for a half-marathon I ran(and really exhausted afterwards) :)

    3. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      I missed you bro /)

    4. WildCard


      Thanks, I missed you too /)

  3. Wildcard was interrupted and completely confused by the pink pony's reaction. "Uhm...I was just talking with Twi and I don't think it's the right time for a party, Pinkie? But I am sure we can celebrate once this adventure is over." The pegasus laughed a bit and looked first at Pinkie, then at Twilight
  4. Wildcard looks at the sad mare and answers, trying to sound optimistic. "Listen Twi, I don't know how powerful the princess is, but I am sure she will be able to rule this place wisely for a long time. I am just thinking that she might depend on your help a bit more often." The pegasus puts an hoof on her shoulder and smiles "But I am sure her faithful student will be able to deal with that."
  5. Hey Ya...Obadiah Parker. Scrubs showed me that song and it is very beautiful in my opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ejeEBlDESc Hallelujah....Jeff Buckley. Very depressing and emotional. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIF4_Sm-rgQ Brendan's Death Song...Red Hot Chili Peppers. There are many emotional songs by that band but this is the song that I listen the most lately. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxJncigqdGk Disenchanted...My Chemical Romance. I loved the Black Parade and also Three Cheers and it was a pretty hard decision to choose a song of these Albums. Early Sunsets over Monroeville would probably be close second when it comes to feels for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJZhYpXlFls
  6. Wildcard turns to Twilight and smiled "So were up against something magical? Then I am optimistic with a good mage like you by my side. I know you are worrying because Celestia was overwhelmed...but to be honest". The colt looks around and continues whispering "It seems as if Celestia has become weaker over the last years and that your powers might even have surpassed hers. Have you ever thought about that?"
  7. Am I the only Bond-Fan who enjoys Roger Moore in the role? I miss the "lighthearted" old bond films :S

  8. Dat Celestia :D

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    2. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      She looks amazing ;_;

    3. WildCard


      Mhm...and there need to be more amazing pictures of Celestia because she has potential :o

    4. Flicker Sweet

      Flicker Sweet

      Celestia is best princess

  9. Effin Steam Sale. Bought stuff for 40$ and all I got are tomb raider trading cards.(now I have 5 of them :'( )

  10. Yeah, of course, Twi" Wildcard answers and follows the unicorn. "Never thought that I would meet the prince, I mean...your brother" the pegasus says with excitement. Once they have reached Shining Armor, Wildcard greets him with a little salute. "Hello Captain...er...my name is Wildcard....and..." the pegasus feels nervous for a moment and pauses his sentence. Wildcard has heard a lot of stories about Shining Armor and talking to the prince of the Crystal Empire and Captain of the Royal Guards feels somewhat unreal. He swallows down his nervousity and continues to introduce himself. "I am a friend of Twilight and will try to help her with this mission."
  11. "That's nice" Wildcard smiled. "It's lovely to see two princesses just being themselves" he added. Though their dance may look a bit "silly" at first glance it was really heartwarming to look at, he thought. Then the pegasus turned to Cadence and introduced himself.
  12. "Thank you Twilight." Wildcard answered and felt a bit calmer. Then he smiled and added "It sure helps a lot to have a good friend by my side" When they entered the crystal empire the colt was stunned by just how beautiful everything around them was. The buildings shimmered in the sunlight and ponies made of chrystal trotted cheerfully around the streets.
  13. Wildcards thoughts immediately snapped back to reality as he heard Twilights voice. He looked confused for a moment, then he answered. "Yeah...everythings fine, I was just thinking" he paused for a second "It's just...I am really not used to adventures and I not knowing what lays ahead made me reflect upon my life a bit. Things weren't great lately and this here is a chance to get away from it...never the less I am scared when I try to figure out what will happen. I am no element of harmony, mercenary, whatever and I haven't saved the world yet. I wonder if I am ready..."
  14. Wildcard listened to the converstion as his thoughts began to drift away. He hoped instantly that there would not be a battle and shuddered at the thought of being impaled. He was a hothead sometimes and had been in a few brawls but he was no warrior. He would rather leave this adventure alive than to die for his country. Altough, if this was the end of the world, it came at a damn fine time. The pegasus thought, that it wouldn't matter if he survives or dies, he wouldn't have to care about money or fame anymore either way.