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    A turquoise unicorn, My Little Pony, reading/writing, death metal, football, professional wrestling and nothing else YOU need to know about... ;)

    "I think it is also worth noting how awesome of a fandom this is. Talking about the attractiveness of cartoon horses without it being awkward? Hell yeah."

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  1. Hey Tails,

    I got back on here in the first time in forever while on a nostalgia kick, and the first thing I saw was your post of the "8 years and counting: Happy Birthday MLPForums" thread. It was a wonderful reminder of the good times I had here, and although I can no longer reply in the topic, I wanted to thank you as well for helping me feel so welcome here back when I was an active fan. I hope you're doing well.

    All the best,


  2. I joined the forum in September 2012 between Seasons 2 and 3. The ponies got me through some very tough times, and the forum devoted to them was one of the best online communities I'd ever been a part of; a place overflowing with good vibes, creativity, and appreciation for the show. It was, and is, something special. Highlights of my time here include starting my favorite pony's fan club and seeing her win the first Most Attractive Pony contest, checking out Crispy's Metal Thread, Skyping with Feld0 about his plans for Poniverse, and reviewing the worst fan fic ever for a podcast hosted
  3. Only for as long as I've been on the Internet. A lot of it sounds exaggerated and absurd. Control is mainly an illusion, but most people are too wrapped up in human affairs to appreciate that.
  4. Yes. I don't know if I'm any good at it, but I certainly have passion. Coming up with ideas has always been easy for me; seeing them through is far more difficult.
  5. Scrambled or in omelettes. Don't like 'em any other way.
  6. TailsIsNotAlone

    General Why are we this way?

    Well said. More simply, George Carlin defined us (humanity) as "semi-civilized animals with baseball caps and automatic weapons," which was pretty much on the nose. Our species still has a long way to go.
  7. LOL. Weird test. A lot of the questions basically want to know if you think the welfare of the state represents the ultimate good and should supersede the free market and individual rights for the sake of efficiency. I lean towards "no" on that one, answered accordingly, and got a fairly low score. You are 32% Fascist, which makes you Not Fascist. While your political outlook may share a few (or even quite a few) of fascism's fundamental doctrines, it is overall safe to say that your political orientation is *not* a fascist one. Now, you may find this resul
  8. Coffee. Half-caff (since I've cut down on my caffeine intake) with cream and sugar. Maxwell House. It really is good to the last drop.
  9. 2000 was one of the best years of my life. I was 14/15 and finally going to a school I liked, all my favorite shows were still on (although The Simpsons was already jumping the shark), wrestling was still worth watching, and there was some halfway decent music on the radio. I worked a paper route to save money for a used Nintendo 64, the newest system I'd ever owned, and hung out at the local game store to see demos of the newest Dreamcast games. Pretty fun times. 2005 and 2008/9 had their moments, but after that I pretty much lost all hope, stopped caring about games and the latest tech,
  10. TailsIsNotAlone

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Lichmagick and Gotsu Totsu Kotsu scream greatness; thanks for perking up my morning, old friend. It's been way too long since I posted some music here. But what to choose? I have to give props to the band that first introduced me to metal: the mighty Megadeth. While this song from Youthanasia lacks the power of their 80s material, it's arguably one of Dave Mustaine's greatest vocal performances. But how about some modern metal bands I'm into? Admittedly there aren't many, but Gojira is one; a French juggernaut that truly lives up to its name. J
  11. 5/10. Normally guitar solo songs aren't my thing (unless we're talking Sean Hall or Andy Summers). This is a pretty good piece, very tightly performed but kind of repetitive, and doesn't feel like it's going anywhere until the last 30 seconds or so; then it ends.
  12. Happy birthday! :D

    1. TailsIsNotAlone


      I'm a little late checking in, but thank you very much!

  13. Happy birthday! :D

    1. TailsIsNotAlone


      I'm a little late in replying, but thank you! :)

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