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  1. I was looking up information on the hardcover books being published when I discovered three volumes of recently released softcover on Amazon! Amazon has a long history of selling... less than official MLP merchandise, but I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about it? Looking through the previews, it seems legit, complete with simple illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. I was really excited to discover this, but I am also very hesitant before I throw my money at someone who might be profiting from someone else's works without their permission. Check it out here!
  2. NEVER! I've always been 100% secure in my masculinity while buying pony toys. Just tonight I was carrying a rather large pink pony box through Walmart (the Celestia/Twilight + Cheerile/CMC megapack on clearance) and didn't care who was staring at me! ...Okay, so that's not true. I used to be far more skittish about it, only purchasing through self-checkout and almost always with a female present. I'm often mistaken for a girl, so it took a while for me to get comfortable with buying the toys (of course it never stopped me from doing it, I'm a huge collector), but I've learned that there are bronies hiding EVERYWHERE, and if it comes down to it, you could always say you're buying for a younger sister/niece.
  3. It has already been confirmed that there will be a Fluttershy, but Rarity might not get an episode at all! The only real Rarity moments were in Sleepless in Ponyville, but she was overshadowed by Scootalove. I.just hope that Octavia and Rarity duet suggestion gets used this season... I really want another appearance by Octavia or Vinyl again. And not just an Octavia recolor.
  4. Really? How is Spitfire still losing? Even Rainbow Dash thinks Spitfire is most attractive pony. Team Spitfire represent! We're falling behind fast!
  5. Pinkie had a pretty serious existential crisis. That's about as deep as a cartoon character pony can get. Her friends had to make a very difficult and potentially dangerous decision to get rid of the copies at what might be the cost of their good friend. Pinkie Pie stared at a wall for much longer than her attention span would normally allow. Her fear in losing her friends hints at a severe issue with abandonment. That episode was very dark at times despite the campy slapstick exterior. Again in Wonderbolts academy, we see that same insecurity as she honestly believes one of her best friends is going to forget her after only a week of separation. This scene might have been comical to most, but her suffering was real. MLP has great character depth for those willing to dive in and explore the characters. I'm just picking Pinkie to discuss because she was mentioned and is probably the best example of the incredible character development in this show. We have to realize that this is children's programming. If they included the level of focus on characters suffering and growing as adults, the target audience would be either bored or deeply disturbed. Look at the comet symbolism of Apple Family Reunion. The writers were able to touch on a VERY mature subject like death in the immediate family without freaking out children watching. Very tricky to pull something like that off. The best we can do is enjoy the morsels the writers give us.
  6. Colors 3D for the 3DS. Simple and easy program to use. Probably the only art program able to create art in 3D. Great for me, since I don't have a tablet and don't have the drawing skills to warrant buying one. I'm trying to learn GIMP, but I'm failing miserably.
  7. Honestly, people will find anything to complain about. Most find the new episodes not as good because they are seriously over-analyzing EVERYTHING and are comparing to old episodes that have a nostalgic factor to their opinions. People would greatly benefit from just sitting back and letting the show they "love" just be itself. As for me, I'm LOVING season three. Some episodes I like more than others, but I have yet to be disappointed (even if today's episode came really close...) Of course, this is my first season watching the show live. Everything is new and fresh, and I can't get enough!
  8. Sorry everyone, but last week's episode has made this thread obsolete. All other arguments previous (even my own) have been made invalid. This is my evidence. Time to go home. Nothing else to see here. Spitfire wins. Hoofs down.
  9. I can easily get riled up about anything LGBT related, especially when self-induced ignorance is the cause. Sexual orientation is assigned at birth. No one can CHANGE, just discover an aspect of themselves they didn't realize before. The term is intersexed. While rare, intersexed conditions are more common than most people realize. No, they're not freaks. No, it's not disgusting. NO, people CANNOT be "hermaphrodites," and when you say that they are, you very mistaken. Hermaphrodites have two sets of fully functioning sexual organs at the same time or at different times in their lives. Like the dinos in Jurassic Park or many species of worms that battle it out to see which is the male in a mating pair. Yes, you have reduced humans to reptiles, amphibians, or lower organisms. Congrats. You just insulted our entire species. Trans* people do not CHOOSE their gender identity, they discover it. Self-discovery of any sort can happen to anyone at any age. Gender identity is a complicated part of ourselves. Some people figure it out instantly, some don't.
  10. My mother has actually reached the age where she has started to mature and grow up. No more religion-induced craziness, including having to speak loudly against things like Harry Potter and not at all about morally offensive things like sex (when her children really needed to hear it!). Even her political paranoia has been reduced. She seems more open to new ideas, no longer thinks of LGBT members as monsters. Still need to work with her a bit on trans awareness, but she's made a lot of progress. If only she had been like this while I still lived with her. -_-
  11. Dude, everything's going to be alright. You're in that awkward age where even the most random thing in the world might cause you to pop one. It's normal and everything's fine. That doesn't necessarily make you a clopper... unless you continued. Then, welcome to the dark side! Nah, kidding. A one time occurrence doesn't make for a habit. As for my own confession? Apple Bloom. I can't stand her. I usually don't like the CMC's except for Scoots, but at least Sweetiebot, er, I mean belle has her moments. BUY SOME APPLES! *shudders*
  12. Scootaloo has been confirmed (though unofficially) to be unable to fly through a disability. As for your flight plight, it's really uncertain whether Pegasi are able to fly through instincts or learned behavior. I think it's a bit of both. Pesasi are able to fly, though not well, from an early age, but are hardly able to control their abilities as well as a properly trained flier. Of course, Pound Cake's flying was probably exaggerated for the sake of gags as Pinkie Pie tried to control the babies, but he/she demonstrates that under normal circumstances, a Pegasus is able to fly at a young age.
  13. No, go away adorable picture. You're making this a tight race! I personally voted for Hearth's Warming Eve. I'm extremely interested in learning the history and mysticism behind Equestria, and this episode shows us so much, if we're willing to look. I believe the play is actually an origin story to Princess Celestia. Notice the very familiar flash of light as the founders of Equestria step out of that cave at the end. The unicorns didn't raise that sun, somepony else did.
  14. So, what is going to be done about the recent god-modding? It seems to have derailed the rp quite badly.
  15. Interesting concept. I'll have to keep a lookout for future rounds. Is there a single thread that updates with links when the new polls open? As for the current round, I went with May the Best pet win. Why? The interactions between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are adorable. Not a huge Tank fan, but it was a good episode. Shame that Babs' premier episode had to go against such a strong competitor.