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  1. Awesome idea man, beautiful song and nice troll. You rock, woohoo! I have a similiar story... *ekhm* Once upon a time, in a magical land of Equestria... okay, okay, in my house, my brother was on our computer, and was listening to the music I put on the desk top. SUDDENLY! He plays this song: At that moment, I am like HOLY CELESTIA HE'S GOING TO KILL ME as he hates ponies but... he... enjoys it O.o Not for long, he realised it's a trap at the moment where Applebloom sings and the word 'pony' is heard... still I had a good, silent laugh.
  2. IZ A FUNNY GUD SONG, I LIEK IT. Srsly what the heck, it's just a song, don't feel bad, there are many more offensive songs that everyone likes so just listen to what you like.
  3. Enbarrassing? Nah, never happened to me... but well, my brother one found a pony figurine on his desk, and that's how Lyra learned how to fly.
  4. 'Go gay for'? Isn't this a little bit cloppy? You should be banned for being bad and behaving bad you should feel bad because you are bad! Braeburn >.>
  5. So, you're telling me, that 15-80 years old guys watching colorful ponies is 'sane'? Well I don't think so And what is considered 'rabid'? Any ideas?
  6. Happy b day hope its great!

  7. Okay so this is hard for me to explain, but I'll try my best. By the way sorry for my English as it is not my native language and I'm a little bit tired. I'm pretty sure most of Bronies are doing it but for those who don't know, I'll explain. The thing I'm talking about is making a story in your mind. Like you are watching an episode, but you are the director and you use your imagination to make it. Damn explaining it is hard. It's just about visualizing a story using your imagination. Of course, you can visualize what you want, so you can make a story about: -Friendship -Shippings -Celesti
  8. SHOOBADOOP SHOOP SHOOBADOOP And all this is enough for you to stop researching other generations. Don't believe me? Check this out.
  9. Shouldn't this be the first thing everypony do when they become a brony? Seriously, nopony is thinking about it in the first place? <----------------
  10. 1.Figurines 2.More Figurines 3.M0AR FIGURINES!!!!1111one1eleven 4.Puns everywhere 5.Everybody knows about meh being a brony It's not a secret 6.Profile pictures 7.Internet pony stuff 8.Wallpaper 9.'Yay...!' As a message sound on da phone And of course many moar, besides, a t-shirt D: It is impossible to get one in Poland :/
  11. Just tell them or... just tell them... what? You want to leave a note on the couch that says 'I R watching pownies dad' or something? Telling is the most natural way .-.
  12. Ima a blank flank D: I'm too young to have a cutie mark D: But if someone can help me to think of one, then pls tell meh xD
  13. I had no idea what was going on with those ponies to the time mah friend told me JUST WATCH THIS and I liked it... so I had no idea that there is such an awesome fandom
  14. An empty bottle... SWEETIEBELLEAWCOMEON.MP4
  15. Yeah, love and tolerance everywhere.
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