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  1. ...

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    2. Azura


      What if it isn't okay?

    3. Nightfall


      Then kill me after banishing me.

    4. HomuraBL


      *Pats Speedy on the back also*

  2. You don't. But it makes you look like less of a dick when you post it publicly.

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    2. MrMeep


      Exactly, just you trying to have the final word. Looks more like a fight of egos to me, disappointed in you to be honest, and I hope the moderators are consistent with their rules, and enforce a week ban on you as is the policy for people who publically dislike others.

    3. NeverNeverland


      I kinda doubt it Meep, seeing as I've kept myself in line recently up until this moment with my big ego trying to assert itself into the situation. Of course, that isn't to say it's not gonna happen - I'll take your word for it.

    4. MrMeep


      PM me if you want me to reply to that, don't care enough for public status

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    2. NeverNeverland


      No, you're an idiot for not explaining why. Anyone can go out and say "I DON'T LIKE/HATE/DESPISE ___________ BECAUSE HE'S/SHE'S/THEY'RE ___________" but at least if you're gonna say something about it, explain yourself.

    3. NeverNeverland


      *reasoning behind it.

    4. Speedy Transition

      Speedy Transition

      I dont have to tell you or anyone else why i dislike someone.

  3. Okay, im sorry admins, please dont ban me...again..

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    2. Fluffykins the Cat

      Fluffykins the Cat

      The Mods banned me at PMC just because I said "A Anti-Brony would say Fluttershy as -snip-"

      I'm just sniping that put or I'll get banned. :(

    3. Fluffykins the Cat

      Fluffykins the Cat

      At least, I think I got banned that way...

    4. Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Prince Lightning Da Cute

      Dang Pinkie Peels, im sorry to hear that

  4. You are the only person i know who can cut them selfs with safety scissors.
  5. Heya Hush!! Welcome to the forums! I cannot wait to see your input in the forums and our community I do hope you will enjoy yourself here!!
  6. Maybe i you come off the forums for once, you might fall asleep.
  7. *walks up to Swoop, and gives a hug* THANK YOU! It has been really annoying, and i cannot believe it took this long for the threads to be merged! Thanks Swoop
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    2. Speedy Transition

      Speedy Transition

      yeah :D AND MrMeep and Kaze are bf and gf, i had to get a 4 hour train to them haha, but we have been friends, long before the forums :P

    3. Twiliscael


      Oh, cool.

      I wish my friends were cool like that.

    4. Speedy Transition

      Speedy Transition

      MrMeep and Laydee Kaze are better then friends ^^