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  1. My excitement lvl just increased by approximately 20%. I am very excited yes yes I am, I wasn't sure the footage uploaded since it was taking forever to upload I went to sleep while it was going and then I woke up and it was like merrrrrp I timed out sry lol. Glad to hear things worked out well
  2. @@Auryn, I know this is off topic but is that a real Vinyl Scratch figure ?! And if so where on earth did you get such a thing cause I need one!
  3. Well I would like to take a second to thank anyone who helped me out by participating in that survey I posted! Thanks to you guys I ended up having nearly 400 responses to the survey! We have so much data now that we don't know what to do with it! You guys rule! Thanks
  4. AH HA! I FIGURED IT OUT YIPPEEE! It wasn't working originally cause I had a space in the file name and spaces aren't ASCII approved Success! It's going super slow but it will all be good soon!
  5. I have... no idea... what I am doing right now. I've got my ftp all set up but apparently I can't access files to transfer on my computer. And your link to open a ticket doesn't go anywhere for me D: Direct me plz ?
  6. Cheers man! Thank you very much for doing that We are absolutely taking all of the information we're receiving from the surveys into account because our goal is to meet bronies' needs and make them happiiiii
  7. Am I too late to send in footage? I recorded it but have been very busy with school lately and assumed I missed the deadline. If you're still accepting video I would love to send mine in though!
  8. Would you all mind filling out a short survey so that we can fine-tune our store to be exactly what bronies want and need? It would be really lovely and help you just as much as you're helping us
  9. Vendor passes at cons are a great idea! In regards to your questions, I'm pretty sure we would have standard shipping USPS and FedEx for bronies to choose the security/timeframe of their shipment and have the price adjusted accordingly. We would have a headquarters/office to keep our inventory at so that we don't lose track of shipments and stuff, that they're going directly through us It's good to hear that y'all would be interested in using this too to get fan made stuff
  10. International delivery is definitely something we're including as a priority, the site is intended to bring bronies together worldwide through merchandise, right now we're trying to decide if we should have it be just official merch or official+fanmade or what we're going to do in regards to that. What would y'all like to see in regards to what kind of merch is in the store?
  11. @feld0 Oh that would be fantastic! Regardless of whether or not I personally am going to continue to be involved with the venture, for this class we're spending several weeks on generating a functional business model, and so I would happily give you any research of mine to help you get started, including business plans, strategies, etc. I am really considering following through with it though,
  12. So I'm in a business class at Arizona State, and I'm working in a group that was relatively randomly put together, but surprise! There's another brony in my group, so while we were all brainstorming business ideas in the group he and I threw out some pony ideas, the rest of the group wasn't into it. We broke off and are now doing our very own pony stuff! So, I'd like to run this by some fellow bronies, because if at the end of this class we end up feeling like this is actually a strong idea, chances are good we'll make it into a real thing. So for the sake of bronydom, tell us what you would like to see in an online retailer oriented towards bronies but inevitably also including some non-brony parts of the my little pony community. What we're thinking at this point is that the site will be an online retailer who works with Hasbro (similar to, but more specifically oriented towards the mlp community). We're interested in bringing merch made internationally to one central location (our online store) and keeping it in large quantities, buying all of the international pony merch we can find so that we can resell it to bronies worldwide. We're interested in buying quantities of custom-made merch from craftsponies and helping them sell it on our site, and we're considering doing a brony-to-brony and commissions section of the site, though at that point we run into copyright issues. All merch would be similarly priced to the prices seen in physical locations (Target, Walmart), if not less expensive because we're looking into buying wholesale directly from Hasbro. We're thinking of calling it, but since paraphernalia is kind of hard to spell we're still considering other names. What do y'all think? Do you like this idea? Would you use a site like this? What part of the site would be most useful for you or are you most excited about? Do you think this is stupid? What would you like to see in an online retailer who markets pony products? We're interested in building the site specifically to meet the community's needs so hearing from everypony would only help us more to create something that we would all enjoy and be able to use!
  13. Wow, thank all of y'all very much! I really appreciate everyone's participation and I hope we can keep it going for whenever anypony is having a rough day :3
  14. Thanks to you and to everyone for posting silly stuff, it's making me smile already My name is Brooklyn actually, no one ever believes me when I tell them in real life but it is haha