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  1. For me, it also depends on which decades of pop, making the 70's and 80's my favorite decades of pop music. I can barely listen to pop music today, sounds like it was all made in a factory or made using some kind of pop music Mad Libs book.
  2. I'd say something along the lines of, "Well the Kia Soul was marketed for younger people, but I mainly see old people driving them, just like I'm seeing younger people driving Buick's and Cadillac's now, but that's your view on it ,and I can respect that."
  3. OK everypony, get ready to say this one with me, unless I'm the only person that think this, but New York City. Pretty much every single movie I see takes place in New York City, why not use a different city like Chicago, Orlando, or even Indianapolis.
  4. One that bummed me out was when James Avery, who played Uncle Phil on Fresh Prince of Bel Air died. Fresh Prince was and still is one of my favorite shows to watch, but knowing that James is now dead makes it feel kind of weird, but only a little but. Another one was when Jani Lane died in 2011, he was the lead singer of the band Warrant who is famous for songs like Uncle Tom's Cabin, Down Boys, Heaven, and Cherry Pie.
  5. The first console that I played was an NES when I was only a toddler, but the console that I really got into was the N64, so I'm going with that. I'd spend countless hours on that thing playing Mario 64, Mario Kart, and Banjo Kazooie (which I now have on Xbox Live Arcade) I ended up buying a second N64 for around $50, but either the controller that came with it or the player 1 control port is broken.
  6. I want more Rarity episodes, maybe even having a few including Coco Pommel. I'd also like to see a song in the form of a power ballad for some reason, 'cause I like 80's rock.
  7. Finally forced myself to hop on here again after tons of forgetting.

    1. ghostfacekiller39
    2. Rolls Royce

      Rolls Royce

      Going good, sunburn is still irritating me, and people are probably going to think that I'm a lurker on here due to me being a bunny still and the fact that I joined in late 2012.

  8. My truck is now less than 100 miles away from 200,000 miles.

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    2. Dormant Phyrosite

      Dormant Phyrosite


    3. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      I know but it was good to know you were on the WOE site you know what I mean. I need to hang there more often.

    4. Rolls Royce

      Rolls Royce

      I usually hang on both.

  9. I've been drumming for 8 years or so, and I learn most of the songs that I can play by ear. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to play any recently, mainly because I don't have any access to a drum set, but I do have a practice pad I mess around with sometimes.
  10. Meanwhile when it was still warm and sunny outside...
  11. I'm so excited for this game, just have to wait until Christmas because I only have $20 right now. It's a good thing I got my Wii U when I did, because there's some great games coming out for it soon.
  12. The one thing that I always remember is the don't drop the soap reference for the Spongebob episode "Gary Takes a Bath." Sure I didn't notice it when I was still a kid, but now I'm wondering how that got passed the censors, and I laugh every time I see it.
  13. Why does winter and late fall have to suck so much?

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      It's just how it is.

  14. I've always wanted to learn Italian, German, and Russian. My family dates back to Germany from hundreds of years ago, so why not learn that language? I've also always wanted to go to Italy, and Russian just seems like fun language to learn.
  15. Yea, General Zoi's pony creator is the best way to make an OC pony, but that random generator will give you some pretty interesting results. As with names, you can just google "pony name generator" and that will give you some results. With most of them, you just put in things that match up with the pony's personality, and it will generate a name based on that.