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  1. Happy birthday from a fellow Rarity fan!

  2. My eyes are brown! I do have grey contacts though.
  3. Dancing and singing. I try to do both at the same time. (Current jam: All About That Bass)
  4. I was born with black hair and brown eyes. I do have coloured contacts, they're rey, but I never wear them because they're very inconvenient. Lol. Right now my hair is black going into a blonde/grey ombre:)
  5. I like to do little silly dances (I'm a dancer, so I TRY to make myself look like a fool) and sing little jingles that consist of my animal's names in silly voices. It's gotten so bad that some of them won't respond to me unless I say their name in a silly voice. XD
  6. I think that's fantastic!!! I can't wait to see what you've done next.
  7. Not me personally, but my brother, when Pokemon first came out, he was lucky enough to get a 1st gen Charizard. It was one of his favourite cards, rightfully so. And what did he do to his most favourite cards? Fold them in half.
  8. THIS. Is the cutest thing I've seen today.
  9. That's well done for your first image! Keep it up. I'd love to see all the Mane 6!
  10. Can I ask you how you got her hair like that? Mine looks all knotty!
  11. Thank you very much! I'll pass it on.
  12. I always try to sleep with a night light on. I have a little flower beside my bed that I can recharge and when I push a button it lights up all night. Makes me feel a little better having a little light so I can see my room. Admittedly it's gotten worse the last couple days because of all the horror movies I've been watching. But I still generally am a little bit afraid of the dark.
  13. I love this!! I've actually got an artist friend who hand draws all his work too. He doesn't have the resources or the time to learn digital art. I personally like both forms!
  14. I love this! I think you did a fantastic job.