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  1. Usually I'd draw things with small modifications but yeah that's not a bad idea Also TT was my childhood always loved it
  2. True dark may suit her personally however I visualised her being enlightened, overall thank you for your support Why thank you very much jay for your support
  3. Hehe, eyus and thank you for your support Eyus, I mainly drew these because of the video on youtube "Wanna Shy" (Compliation of fluttershy pics) eyus and thank you for your support Yes I completely agree with you. Keep in mind that these were drawn 2 years ago when I was being more competitive in drawing fast so they seem a bit rushed. Including that I have missed pinkie pie's tail in one of them xD. However my aim it to make sure that these drawings don't seem to be traced because apparently people suspected me of it. Resulting in me making a video of me drawing fluttershy. Overall th
  4. Yes I am extremely aware that this was drawn by this (Unfortunately I didn't mention the artists because of the following reasons). This post was just to catch up with those who missed out on what I drew in the past. I did make an individual post about who drew it originally however I wanted to see if i can draw it from scratch (WITHOUT TRACING), Yes I make sure they aren't traced because I make few modifications and make them a bit edgy in terms of the outline. Thank you very much Seaswirl10
  5. Actually the one with the bewbs isnt any, It use to be mega luna however I decided to remove the pony features leaving her human :3
  6. Why thank you very much, yes its a bit animeish because thats how i roll
  7. Some people recommended me to do more. If I do so, it might turn out to be echii posts xD however thank you for your support
  8. Why thank you very much by the way which human? the fluttershy or the bewbs :3
  9. Pretty Much What the title says, This maybe old indeed however its still a classic to me This drawing took me 20 minutes to draw
  10. Well thank you , the boobs one was originally Mega Luna but I wanted to make it humanized Thank you very much for that
  11. When you said you wanted to see more of my work, I have done alot of Mane character drawings, including princesses and side ponies plus OC's here's link for all of them if you want http://mlpforums.com/topic/77399-for-those-who-missed-out/
  12. Why thank you darling, well i forgot to mention it took 16 mins and 40 seconds to draw it so it wouldnt be perfect. I forgot to mention that in the post.
  13. These are my drawings of Raven, Haven't been on the forums (like wow for 2 years) anyway yeah I did a drawing of her in pencil as well as in pen because I couldn't decide which one looks better. Any who hope its good. (Keep in mind I had to draw this from scratch without making it look perfect because previous drawings I did were apparently suspected to be traced therefore I made this drawing look a bit edgy, hopefully not too edgy.) This drawing took 16 minutes and 40 seconds 10 minutes to draw outlines 6 mins and 40 seconds to shade for pencil and pen Drawing Pencil: Drawin
  14. 123123123123123

    Visual Art My First Animation EVER MADE !

    Anybody can practically do that (just a bit of knowledge on the program ofc) but its just time consuming, I had to do literally 80 frames and multiply it by 2 (to make it slow), and thank you
  15. 123123123123123

    Visual Art My First Animation EVER MADE !

    HAHAHA XD Thank you so much Thank you both really means alot to me
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