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  1. R:Am sorry for lying to you i let my anger of are situation get me and let it out on are prey. That's why am so good at my job i feel its so unfair why do they get it so easy huh we never ask to be monsters did we!!! Wave reached out and slapped Rex across the check W:we are not monsters you hear me we have just the same right to live as them you hear me!!!Even if we must feed on them to live we can still keep are minds we can still treat them with enough respect to not become the horrible monsters they make us out to be!!!!! This a few lines from my new fanfic green stars of envy fall a pr
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    well two from black butler grell o god i just want to bicth slap his retarted little ass and well sebastian i just don't like his attitude what i would give to see him knocked on his ass and powerless lol if they ever do a dbz crossover i could see him cry and beg for mercy and death and grell would be happy to help but he's in piece's sad for him he can't die intill they get the spirt bomb ready:D
  3. i would buy hasbro give it to lauren faust and let her have all the freedom she wants but she has to ship my shippings:D that means rainbow dash X fluttershy rarity X Applejack and discord with celestia as for the rest of them I would hold a contest for those the fans would pick hmmm maybe I could do that for my ship's too am sure most of the fandom would agree:D any how I would also buy dbz and get a dam dub for battle of gods and the new dbz show coming. plus end world hunger but no one would remember me for that:D and we would work close with are fans and bring derpy back to the show as mor
  4. Hey guys am a big queen chrysalis fan so i wanted to do her gender bend for a anime con am going to soon i would like your input on how i should make the crown were i could find a good place to buy the kind of wig in the pic of him and boots:D also if anypony knows were to get good dark green contacts that would be nice too.ps how do i get too look that pale? also any other tips on pulling this cosplay off would be nice
  5. well we are all hoping for news thats clear but what do we really want from that clips,spoilers,discord,SHIPING IN THE MANE 6,PLOT? ALL OF THE ABOVE we have been waiting for this new just as half life fan have but we are not getting as srewed over we must stand togther as bronys under the same flag the flag of love and understanding we may not like everything we see but we will welcome it with open arms and enjoy it for what it is unless its anything about flash getting into the main show. That being said i have a few wants such as queen chrysalis to return once more to rule the world aahahhah
  6. Well i just got a my first warning knew it would happen one day...i forgot not to use a swear word in the title of a post but acording to them its just fine if its not in the title:( oh well there only doing there job

  7. well DISCORD WHO ELSE but you said pony didn't you hmmm well most male pony role are lacking for me don't get me wrong i enjoy them but not nearly as much as the female ones um will I get hate for this...yep but I don't give 2 bucks about it prince blueblood because he's funny and higher class than braeburn who is an annoying and has no class next to his royal greatness:D
  8. hello let me tell you a story a few days ago when i was looking throught the internet i found a lot a vids that said stop clopping to ponies the poeple had no respect for any part of the bronies and it made me think wtf do they care what people enjoy then i found vids just hating on bronies and i blew my fuse i want nothing more than to bicth slap every hater i could my friend told me about a faceboook that was made to just have brony hate of us on it i looked it up and the sheer horror of all the ignorance and blind hate made me lose faith in the world for a few mins in that time i hated on t
  9. am glad you enjoyed my little idea this was more of a flashing idea that poped into my head ok. am not like o there's no way he can't be gay or something like that well yeah somethings he did made me think that not all homosexual are nice am sure there are jerks too. if i said anything that was offensive i am really sorry friend:) um thank you i think do that mean am good at headlines for like news papers and stuff like that. you awesome thanks man have a nice day:D!!! thank you that was one of the main dam points i'v been trying to make but no one seems to get it brohoof i love rarit
  10. i never said he was not a asshole all i said is they may have hinted a few times at him being gay i love rarity she's great this is just an idea am getting feed back on k:) i get what your saying but the way he talk made me wonder and just so much made me think that.i know its not canon...yet lol if hasbro dose it I will be the first on this form screaming I called AHAHAHAH but that will most likely never happen o well well yes they did and thats why he is so loved i enjoyed him i even what to see him a few more times whats wrong with that. his voice actor talked about that in a panel on
  11. Well there are ways we could expain him walking up to her maybe he wanted a short chat and then found out she was into him and if he out and said go away or turned her down other high class ponies would hear and see it if she freaked out so her want to just make himself seem unlikeable to get her to leave him alone and keep his image now when he found if out am not to sure but it must have been before he asked her to open the door for him am sure. Also he may not be a good person but just off the way he acted a few time in the episode gave me the idea he might be gay I know even if he is he is
  12. I'm a shipper too most of the time i ship yuri but from time to time i see a yoai shiping that looks cute so i say why not be proud to be a shipper we keep fed ex in business:D any how i would like him but the chance hasbro will say he's gay directy is as low as my pay check...i don't got one but they might hint at it more like they did for that Sea serpent who knows
  13. I was was look on the wiki for something to do a video for and look at prince blueblood I remember how he didn't treat her like a lady and almost when out of his way to get her to leave him alone then it hit me maybe he was gay so I went looking the episode gave many small hints he may wish to be treated must in the same way rarity did there's no proof its more of a am going to make a video on this one day but I have some better idea to go after for a while before trying this one what do you guys think? ps if he was not being nice she should have just found a different high class pony problem
  14. Has anypony heard about any new big fan projects?

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    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Poniverse is a network of sites and projects that are integrated much more deeply than a news hub can possibly be. It's still a work in progress, but it's all about bringing fans together.

    3. The EverFree Pony

      The EverFree Pony

      thats really cool man:)

    4. Yoyoyoyo12e


      no but i know that my friend is hacking super mario world and turning it into super mu little pony world

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