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  1. Thanks! You can always check out more of my stuff on Deviantart or my Tumblr
  2. Ok so, in the movie when Bambi see's snow for the first time he asks "Mother, what's all that white stuff?" Here's the joke As for the banana it's more a reference to this.
  3. Thank you very much. I'm glad you like the last one. Most people miss the joke.
  4. It's been a long time since I've posted my art on this site. Hope you all enjoy. I like comments.
  5. Garanted, but you can only use them to wish for oxagen. By the way you're running out. I wish i was in a tropical paridise.
  6. I moved to Phoenix Arizona not long ago. :3 I should be online much more often from now on. I sure do miss chatting with you D:

    1. Arcus (Silver Lining) Wind

      Arcus (Silver Lining) Wind

      Wow it's been a while. How have things been going for you? I've missed chatting with you to.What brought you to AZ?

  7. Do you have a Deviant Art page (or something similar) where we can see all of your art?
  8. One thing that I noticed in the season 4 opener is when Twilight changed the liquid from Zecora, she used dark or corrupted magic to do so. Why?