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  1. Sky was walking a little bit behind his group of new friends, counting his Bits. "21...22...23!" He thought. That should buy him at least 3 days worth of meals. He then trotted up to the group again and said, "Hi Nova, I'm Sky Soar, or just Sky. Nice to meet you!" in greeting.
  2. Sky was standing just outside of Epic's dorm room, leaning against the door frame. "These girls really are fans of the Wonderbolts. And the Principal." Though Sky, glancing at each of they're posters. "So, ummm, does anyone want to go get some lunch yet? I'm starving already." he said.
  3. Sky Soar heard some light-hearted conversation from down the hall. He wandered down to see to see to Pegasuses hugging. Quickly poking up his aqua blue glasses, he approached them and said, "Hey there girls, I'm Sky Soar, but call me Sky. Oh, and hi Epic, I didn't realise that your room was so close!" He gave the two of them a friendly smile.
  4. @Frosty V "Sounds good, I'll see you later then!" called Sky, waving Frosty off. He wanted to take his time, class started tomorrow anyway. He spent some time walking back to his room, greeting most of the people he saw. When he reached his dorm room again, he awkwardly opened the door to his room and dumped the books on the bed. He stretched his wings and back. "What to do, what to do..." He thought, staring into space.
  5. @Frosty V Sky glanced towards the door. "Cool, the era of technology has only just started, so it would be great to be a part of that." he said with a grin. "Anyway, I'm off back to my room now, number 31. Where are you staying?" Sky made sure that his room key was still attached to his wing when he thought, "It would have been much easier if I'd just brought my saddlebags".
  6. @Frosty V Sky looked at Frost and said, "Yep, first year. I came here to study Flight and Aeronautics. I want to discover something big someday." Sky glanced up for a while but then looked back at Frost. "Oh, sorry about that. What are you here for?" he asked, steadying the books on his back.
  7. @Frosty V Sky took another glance at the books on his back and then once more turned to Frost. "Nah, I think I'm alright for now, but thank's for the offer." he said. Sky then began to walk towards the exit to the library, but then looked back at Frost and decided to wait.
  8. Sky turned and looked at the Unicorn standing in front of him. With a grin, he said, "Not really, I'm just learning about how a wing works and you never know when you might need to do a little first-aid!" He then glanced at the books balancing on his back, pushed his glasses up again, and said, "Anyway, I'm Sky Soar, but call me Sky. What's your name?"
  9. Sky waved off Epic and walked into the library. It was a long and wide hall with bookshelves covering every inch of the wall. Each shelf had a large sign on the top that told you what category of books was below. Sky smiled and flew over to the 'Aeronautics' section. There were a few other Pegasi sitting down and reading or playing board games, but Sky was only here to pick up some books and a timetable. He flew right to the top of the shelf and scanned each section carefully, finally selecting: 'The Art of Flight' 'Wingcare 101' and 'The History of the Wonderbolts' Sky then glided down, the books balancing on his back, and began to queue at the librarian's desk.
  10. Sky Soar grinned at Epic and looked around. "This is a great place, thanks for the tour!" he said happily. He then walked a little further and craned his head around, a puzzled look on his face. "Epic, do you know where the library is? I'd better get the books I'll need before everyone else does." he asked.
  11. "The name's Sky Soar, but my friends call me Sky." he replied, "Is this your first year too? I'm a little nervous, to be honest." said Sky, poking his glasses up a little bit. In one quick movement, he kicked his now empty saddlebags under his desk. He smiled back at Epic.
  12. Sky Soar glided over to the dormitories, scanning the large building. Students were coming in and out, carrying saddlebags of all kinds. 'This is...amazing!' thought Sky as he trotted inside and took his room key from the front desk. Sky Soar stopped and unlocked the door to his room, number 31, and dumped his saddlebags down onto a plain desk. That was the best way to describe his room, plain. "My first year of uni begins today!" he shouted.