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  1. I agree she got a tad bit over hurt on it, but think of it like the Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich episode... Lauren tries so hard to be a good writer, and it's understandable that she may be a little hurt if someone upstages her. Nobody can be perfect, not even Lauren Faust. It's ok to have your own opinions on her, and I'm not trying to challenge that at all, but I wish people would just focus on the positive sides of others rather than the negatives. :/
  2. Rocket


    Ooh, a holiday drawing? You seem very generous for the Holidays, with all this stuff you're giving away ^.^ add me to the list?
  3. Yeahhhhh, I don't think I'm going to get this done. I've been busy with school lately (I have HW to do as soon as I'm done writing this reply, actually) so I haven't had the time. Feel free to pull me out of the competition. Good luck to everyone else! Hey, will we get to read some of the entires after they have been judged and placed and whatnot?
  4. Re-opened the Sharpie Shop after making some adjustments to the front page :3 hope I can continue to have requesters

  5. I'm in that boat that Rainbow Dashey mentioned >.< 800 words doesn't take long to reach, but I need an idea, first! XD Good luck to everypony else!
  6. Should have gone to bed WAY before now (I have school in the morning), but whatever. G'night everypony!

    1. Scootalove


      Good night, I could say the same thing for me too. :P

    2. Blast Box

      Blast Box

      Good night! (Is totally late)

  7. Drawing characters as ponies? Heck, I draw my friends and family as ponies! ...if they say they want me to draw 'em as a pony, that is. I, personally, love ponified things, and I don't really understand why people are so against it. If you're a true to the heart brony, then chances are, you think ponies are awesome. Why would turning a character into an pony strip them of awesomeness? I mean, there are so many cool elements to a ponified character. Simple things like their cutie mark or coat colour may display their personality in different ways. And don't get me started on already cool characters being turned into pegasi; they can fly, for hay's sake! Flying is awesome. C'mon, don't tell me you wouldn't want to see Thor with the ability to fly! Without his hammer, that is.
  8. Hm, I wouldn't mind joining this as a contestant. I haven't written stuff for a while now, but why not? I won't lose anything if I don't win, and this is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit. Sign me up!
  9. It USED to just be for little kids, so in the beginning of mlp, I think that it's kinda silly to criticise the show. But as time progressed, the bronies showed up, and Lauren Faust became aware of us. The show wasn't just for little kids anymore; it was for little kids AND bronies. I have nothing I would want to complain about, but I think that if anyone wanted to complain about something, since we're all the way into season four, it'd be justified. Not that they should spew hate filled rants; that's not criticism, that's just being rude.
  10. Want a muffin? :D

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    2. Scootalove


      No problem! *Hugs back* I love giving muffins to friends.

    3. Rocket


      D'aww, we're friends? :D How'd that happen?


      I suspect the muffin... <.< >.>


      Haha, but yeah, you can never have too many friends! ^.^

    4. Scootalove


      Yes, we are! :D Can never have too many friends. ;)

  11. So Blast, wachhu want a picture for? Is it just because my 'drawing style is cute'? XD

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    2. Rocket


      And no, it's not a bad thing, I just think the way that you phrased it was funny :P

    3. Blast Box

      Blast Box

      I didn't mean to phrase it funny. D: I think your style is cute. I'm not an artist so >_>

    4. Rocket


      Sorry, didn't mean to offend your wording >.< Forgive me for being rude?

  12. This is for the Doctor; as a pony, what do you like and dislike for food? Do you still like bananas? they even have bananas in Equestria? How on Gallifrey would you even peel a banana with hooves??? O.o
  13. I don't know you, so maybe, maybe not *shrug*
  14. Woah...what did I just read? Dramatics in the forum! And sorry, not lesbian
  15. A little too much of an age gap here... XD Sorry dude.