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  1. I like your cover photo thing, nice power lines and effects.

  2. I do still liiiiive, even though I really only lurk here these days, I guess not much goes on anymore. -shrugs- But yes, I liiiive.

  3. Lil'Cinnamon

    Gaming Favorite Kirby copy ability?

    As a Kirby Fan, I always liked the Sword ability, but with the new game that came out, Kirby Star Allies the staff ability was one I really enjoyed even more than the sword. Even though it's not a "classic" ability I really liked what the staff ability could do especially when you had an ability attached to it. But each ability had it's ups and downs, and not every game has every ability, when you actually play through the games (no not smash) you have to use different copy abilities to progress cause most of the time you have to have a specific one to get further in the level, like when you have ice blocks in the way, you need an ability that has fire, like the fire ability. Also if you have to light a fuse and get blown in a cannon, you can't do that with sword (unless in Star Allies having fire attached to it) so you have to drop what you have and get another one. But tangents aside, Sword is my overall favorite copy ability, though I do prefer staff, but staff is only in Star Allies and is a very new ability so I cannot say that overall. And as for smash, I do not use copy abilities at all when playing as Kirby (that's the character I play the most and am good at) I just use all what he has got except for neutral B.
  4. Hey Cinny! I'm finally on discord again! :raritysillyhat: I'll go ahead and add you. 

  5. *hugs you* 

    Where have you been lately? :mlp_xJpg51C:

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    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Aw, busy I see. Well I hope we can still talk, I've missed you. :mlp_please:

    3. Lil'Cinnamon


      I wish you went on discord, best place you can talk to me on.

    4. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I'll see if I can get it again. 

  6. Lil'Cinnamon

    Hello brand new brony

    Welcome to MLP forums! No need for a formal welcome here, since we are already friends. But because we are already friends, I thought I should welcome you here on your welcome thread! I've been on this site for way longer than the other site, so if you do have any questions about here, you already know where to reach me. ^^ Anyways, have a good time, and glad to see you on here as well! (I was thinking about recommending this site to you already but it seems you already found it. xD)
  7. Merry Birthiversary! 

  8. Hey Cinny! Happy birthday to my favorite unicorn!! :catface: Sorry I haven't messaged you in a while....I'll try to do that today. :mlp_please: I even have a little birthday gift for you :mlp_smug:

  9. Happy Birthday! :D 


  10. happy birthday ! even though its tomarow but the forums says its today so celebrate it early ! XD

  11. Who we have here? A long time member been inactive for a long time?
    Cute OC.

    1. Lil'Cinnamon


      I'm always here, I tend to lurk more than post. xD But I come on here every day.

      And thanks. And.... Dang it late reply.

  12. Lil'Cinnamon

    Hi! I finally joined an mlp forum!

    Oh look, another Cinnamon huh.. Well Hai! I'm Cinnamon, Cinna, Cinny, whichever you wanna call me. If you have any questions, or just want a pony to chat with, feel free to PM me! I'm always all for new friends. And yeah I know how it feels to be lonely, so I know about that, but maybe that will change now that you're here. And yeah you like a lot of cool things! Have a good time here, and kudos to another fellow Cinnamon. xD Hehe.