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  1. Mega Thread

    Boop? I haven't been in here forever... I guess I have been busy and stuff I guess. Or.. I dunno. I just don't come here that often, without the "recent topics YOU POSTED IN" thing it's been hard to get to the thread without going through multiple pages so it's been too inconvenient so I haven't been here much.. Also, this is really annoying...: It's like in the way... It's been mentioned on the bug thread but no one has done anything about it, it blocks everything I am typing.
  2. Anything fun on the FoJ of July?

  3. -boop- Here, have a boop

  4. Welcome to MLP forums! I am Cinnamon, but feel free to call me Cinna or Cinny! If you have any questions, or just want a pony to chat with, feel free to PM me! I hope to see you around! Seems like you have been into the show for a while, I got into it in 2011, the current generation, so I have been into it a long time myself, but never anything before it. The ponies in the show are cute as well, and I love the style. I mainly got into it cause of cute little ponies, and I am a sucker for cute little animals of any kind, so, It took me some hesitation to get into it but I did and now here I am, 6 years later, and still liking it, though I am not as into the show as I used to be, as I never watch the episodes, I just keep up with new ones. (but then again.. I barely watch TV at all.. So...) But I vowed to myself that I will finish every episode and movie and spinoff until the show is over and done with.
  5. Mega Thread

    I used to draw them all the time, and that kind you have shown, I have seen those a lot. I have my own insulators too and stuff. Actually... the reason they bundle up the conductors is because of the Coriolis effect, it reduces it drastically when they do that. Back in Colorado, I saw lots of power lines that started out as non-bundled, and then from one of the towers changed the conductor from one side that is not bundled, to bundled. And some of those lines had one circuit with a unbounded conductor, and one side with one. Here, let me show you a picture: (I am just going to link this here instead...) <-- Clicky Also if you want to look at lots of pictures of power lines I took in the past, click this linky thing. I haven't updated it in forever but lots of pictures are there if you wanna browse Ganny.
  6. Mega Thread

    Oh Ganny, here, have some Canadian power lines, a picture I took on my trip And hai, how are you? Been a while. Though I am about to sleep..You still have the Christmas hat avatar I see. xD
  7. Mega Thread

    And nah, I'm a pony, so I stay a pony. And nice, Why the "<heritage.demonym()>"? xD And yeah. freeways can be big. When I was on the New Jersey Turnpike (well.. That's a tollway but still) it was huge, 6 lanes on each side, so a 12 lane highway. The three inner lanes are cars only, and the 3 outer lanes are Any vehicle, so trucks mainly are on the outside and cars are on the inside. The toll wasn't too expensive though at least. Speaking, I still have tolls to recieve in the mail.. One for the Boston bridge.. And another in New York... And one more for Baltimore. That will be about 20 dollars in total for them... Since I don't live there I don't have a use for their express kind of things. xD
  8. Mega Thread

    I wasn't that much of a fan of Memphis, though it is the biggest city close to me, the other one is St Louis, which is a bit further than Memphis. Memphis is 3 and a half hours, St Louis is about 4 hours and some more away, Kansas City is about 5 hours and some more away, Springfield though is only 2 hours away but it is a small city as opposed to a big city. (apparently the 3rd biggest city in Missouri but still small compared to the other towns or Denver, where I used to live) Little Rock is 3 hours away and is the only big city IN my state... Well we have the Fayetteville/Bentonville/Springdale area, which is decent size as well and that is again 3 hours away from me... And they are both still small. Dallas Texas is 7 hours away... Tulsa is another 4 hours and some away... sooo... And anything nearby is just the sticks here. But, I only cut though Tennessee on the way back cause it was the fastest way. I was mainly in Alabama and Mississippi (and here of course) that day. I wanted to see South Carolina on my huge trip so I went down to Atlanta instead of staying in Tennessee. So originally I was going to be going through it, but decided to go a different way cause I could plus add a new state to my bucket list.
  9. Mega Thread

    There has been weirder, I guess, sometimes they want to put as many circuits on a tower that they want, and they are more interesting! Yes there is, and I am part of it, the tired ponies club! I'm super tired this morning! D:
  10. Mega Thread

    Hai Hai. Long time noo speakers. How are you doing? And... I have two days off, after three days of work after my vacation. I got some work to do the next to days though around the house. Hai Ganny, here, have a cinnyboop. -boops- Who are you talking to? And what do you mean by that? xD I mean on my trip I only cut through Memphis on the way back here cause it was the fastest way. Memphis is meh, though other parts of Tennessee aren't bad I'd guess. The state is only a 3 and a half hour drive away from me and all.
  11. Whelp... after a long vacation.. Back to work. Wish me luck.

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Back to the grind~ I think we can all relate. D:

  12. Mega Thread

    Those are nice! The first one you posted, the towers are quite plentiful in Colorado, at least the Denver area. Here is a picture I took back when I was still living there before I moved here. The circuit with the polymer one I think was added after the original tower. I used to explore the lines all the time when I still lived there, but I haven't done that here cause there aren't as many, There are a lot by the dam but most of them kinda disperse and kinda go to different areas out of reach.
  13. Mega Thread

    Ah that's nice. Well if you want a pony to chat with I am always here. ^^ Welcome to toe site, and that is cool! Oh I see, that's cool. I need to visit California some day, I mean gas prices will be through the roof due to too much tax, but I wanna see San Fransisco, and some of the other areas. I better avoid sketchtown though in each city. And same here, I wish there were big power lines here. What are the biggest ones you enjoyed seeing?
  14. Mega Thread

    I need to go up there at some point, I have a friend in that area and I want to check that state off my list. Also welcome to the forums! I saw you on the welcome thread so I may as well say welcome here!
  15. Mega Thread

    You could at some point.. What areas of the US would you wanna explore? I wouldn't mind going to California to explore. (I wouldn't wanna live there, I know you do but I wouldn't want to. xD) Califonia, Oregon, Washington, and the other western states. I need to complete my map, here... My goal is to eventually turn all the states blue, including alaska and Hawaii. The only states I have NOT set hoof in is Nevada and Wisconsin, (obviously Alaska and Hawaii too) But the rest I have been to. California was only for a trip to disneyland when I was younger... West Virginia I only pass through the small sliver in between Ohio and Pennsylvania on a family trip. Manitoba was 10 minutes.. And North Dakota I don't remember being there at all, though that same trip my parents said I have been there I remember the other states just not that one.