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  1. The CinnaSpy? Hehe. Whast would you be spying on? Also hai other Cinnamon, good mornings.

    1. CinnamonPop


      I am spying on Forum Games, and staff members. >;3

      Good morning to you as well Cinny. :grin:

  2. Welcome to MLP forums! I am Cinnamon, but feel free to call me Cinna or Cinny! If you have any questions, or just want a pony to chat with, feel free to PM me! And I also live in Arkansas, just moved here from Colorado about... a year and a half and a month ago, Quite the change, and I had to leave behind all my friends, but it's alright. I'm in the north part, but been to a lot of different areas, but, nice to meet someone else! Hope to see you around!
  3. Mega Thread

    Losing sleep about it? Why? And I was born in 1992 so it was a couple years after. But it's not a bad thing, to be honest I wouldn't be me without it. What are you studying in college?
  4. Mega Thread

    I'd say you show some signs, but you know, you may or may not have it. You show some signs, but I know that not all ponies/people get diagnosed at an early age. And Aspergers and Autism are the same thing I believe. I got diagnosed with Aspergers long ago and then they change it to High Functioning Autism. On a quick side note, you know about my fascination with power lines, I also have a strong interest in roads and higways too (I think that may be one reason I freaking travel so much... I can't go on a day off without driving for 8 hours wasting money...) How strong is your power line facination though? I never thought you were fascinated in them, I thought you only posted stuff regarding that cause you knew that I was fascinated in them. So I thought I'd ask. And I struggle making friends myself. I put myself out there, but most people dislike me due to how I act and stuff. And about the (figuratively) "How to make friends guidebook" that you lacked, I lacked it too. Definitely. I still do... I'd say you show some signs, but a doctor would be the best bet to confirm if you have it or not. All I can say is judging by what you are saying there, you and me have more in common than I have thought..
  5. Mega Thread

    The question is, DO YOU? As someone that has Autism, why don't you tell me why they think you do? I'm no doctor but I can try to give my opinion cause I have to deal with it and I was properly diagnosed with it when I was a little unicolt. Like I said, For Side A, go ahead and tell me the symptoms they think you have and I can see if I can see it myself. And what do you mean no one will take you seriously with it? Why did she dismiss it?
  6. Mega Thread

    Me neither, I don't drink. And what was that Ganny? And did you notice that our ranks stepped down one? I kinda wonder why...
  7. Mega Thread

    I will boop you then. -boop- Anyway good morning all, I have to work super early tomorrow and get off a bit later, get off at 7 and then come in tomorrow at 6:30. So I gotta sleep as soon as I get home. >.< Anyone alive in here right now?
  8. Mega Thread

    Yet another topic I can never relate with. I have been caught up with new episodes of MLP since the premiere of Season 2 back in 2011. I have been into the show for a loooong time now, longer than most these days. I got into the show in between Season 1 and 2, in like June or July of 2011, after I graduated high school. Eversinces2premiered (though it being a 2 parter, part 1 aired a week before part 2, now that was agony cause of the cliffhanger. After that they stopped waiting a week for the next part so none of you knew the pain of having to wait for the resolution of that 2 part episode Return of Harmony.) Ever since season 2 premiered I have been caught up, watching the new episode shortly or immediately after it aired. Once it was almost a week after and only once did I wait about 3 episodes to pass without watching them, so I got behind only once, and that was last August, and that was the only time I got behind on episodes since 2011.
  9. Mega Thread

    This place was busting with activity after the software upgrade, now it seems to have died down a bit. Storms last night, but where I am they weren't bad at all. Heavy but not bad. Time for another long day at work. 4 more days until my next day off, then 4 days until my mini-mini vacation and stuff like that. And 2 months until my actual vacation! I need to save up some more money though... Heh.
  10. Mega Thread

    Boop, it still seems the avatars are tiny as meh, I mean really, are they not going to make them bigger or are we going to be stuck with these small avatars?? Also I haven't been here in a while, I have tried to look in here to post, but my internet is so bad more than half the time I can't load ANYTHING so... I end up not being able to post. Anyway, who is here at this time of morning?
  11. *boops my favorite unicorn's muzzle* Hey Cinny! ^^

  12. Can a Cinny boop a Cinny? -boop-

    1. CinnamonPop


      *scrunch* o3o

      I guess a Cinny can boop a Cinny, but can one nom a Cinny? :catface:

  13. Hmm... I have moved a total of... 4 times... Okay 5 I guess. One move I don't remember cause I was a little colt at 1 years old. I was born in Louisiana, In 1992, and lived there for a little over a year, when I didn't have a memory yet. And my parents moved out to Aurora, Colorado in 1994. I remember that house in Aurora, and I visited it a bunch of times driving outside of it multiple times before moving down where I am. Then before 2nd grade, I moved to Bailey, a small town in the Rocky Mountains, About 60 miles from Fairplay, which is the town the famous show "South Park" that you all know of is based off, and I was in the same county, but I was about 40 miles southwest of Denver. Quite a drive to get into city but we did live in a nice place, though my parents find it a mistake to live there, that house was kinda meh, and we were lucky to sell it. Then we moved to Highlands Ranch in 2013, June 2013, I believe. And lived there until Spetember 2015, when we moved to the northern part of Arkansas, because my dad missed the southern lakes and wanted to be closer to my mother's family as she has good bonds with them. but they didn't want to move back to Louisiana, so my uncle moved to this area from Ft. Collins Colorado prior to us, and had a vacation shack for a while before he actually moved, my dad liked the area, so we built a house and lived in a rent house for a year, so. In September of last year we officially moved into the new house on the lake. I am still 15 miles away from Missouri so. So I guess you would say I moved 5 times, counting the move from the temp rent house while this house was getting built to this house.
  14. My recent purchases... Well I will say yesterday's spendings... Oil change for one, that was about 60 dollars, my car needed it because it hasn't had one since I bought it and I already put almost 20,000 miles on it since I first bought it back in November, and I got it used. (I am a driver, I drive waaaay too much.... Heh) and then I got windshield wipers cause the old ones were well.. Old. And I also got the new I.5 and II.5 Kingdom hearts remaster on the PS4. I had it on the PS2 but I didn't know that it released not long ago. xD So I got it.
  15. I am lazy most of the time, my room likes to get a mess, and so does my car. When it comes to cleaning I tend not to do it, and I really should. xD Though I will do it every once in a while and well... Its a lot to do. xD Also after I work or before I work I want to enjoy the time I have free before I have to go in or after I get home.