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  1. Pencil Sketches

    Chat is Dead

    I have never been a forum goer I would post in threads but only if they intrigued me, Finding this site was good but finding it had a live chat was even better. I know you have a skype group but I am not a fan talking in person or listining to people that I don't know. I made good friends in chat and I am sad as I won't be able to make anymore. As I said I will still be on to send a happy birthday to everyone but that will be about it. If you liked me in chat send me a Pm of your skype name.
  2. Pencil Sketches

    Chat is Dead

    I am sad to hear chat is now dead, I am happy it makes your jobs easier but I am depressed, I don't use the forums often so I doubt many of you will ever see me again. I will be on every day to say Happy Birthday to everypony as normal. Goodbye Chat <3 Goodbye friends ( unless your on skype )
  3. R.I.P Mlp forums chat, Chat is gone hover over chat button to see the words Chat-is-dead, I am actually depressed.

    1. PinkieTy


      Do you know what happened? Will it be back?

    2. Pencil Sketches

      Pencil Sketches

      No, chat for this site is dead for good. They closed it to allow moderators to keep on top of the forums. If you are desperate for chat I opened my own website with the same chat. if you want the address I will PM it to you.

    3. PinkieTy


      Sure... Thats messed up.. i was trying to find out more about it and saw a thread about the chat. Trying to decide if it needed more or less moderation... The main reason I come here is for the chat. Would you mind if I gave the lniks to my friends so we can still chat?

  4. Just read what I think is the gravestone of MLP forums Chat, I am now very depressed

    1. Skullbuster


      what happened???

    2. Pencil Sketches

      Pencil Sketches

      Chat is officially dead, mods closed it for good.


  5. Lickers from resident evil. When I first saw that thing crawl across the window I turned the game off XD
  6. I am About 6ft 2 and weigh around 15 Stone last I checked.
  7. That's a really good picture! The lines are a bit shaky but considering you drew that on a sticky note It's brilliant! That's a really good drawing, well done!
  8. Pencil Sketches

    Hi, i'm new?!

    Welcome to the forums RainbowCupcake! I am sure you will have an awesome time here at the forums :¬D I personally don't know how to make Rainbow cupcakes so I did a search and found this: I hope it helps!
  9. Pencil Sketches


    Welcome to the Forums Jack! Everyone in this forum is really nice and I am sure you will have an Awesome time here!
  10. Pencil Sketches

    Hey guys.

    Welcome to the Forums Little pinstrype! I am sure you will have a great time here! Is that your room? It's allot like what my room used to look like XD
  11. I sleep on my back with usually 2 pillows (one must be a stuffed feather pillow and icy cold otherwise sleep will not occur) and in my boxers. I usually wake up with no pillows, my covers fall into a huge clump at the bottom of my quilt and I with my hair standing up on one side with the other flat. XD

    1. Pencil Sketches

      Pencil Sketches

      lol Thanks omran ^^

  13. I just noticed so I didnt tell you in the chat :P Happy Birthday

  14. Got sent home from mandatory charity work because it's too cold to work! Guess it's not such a bad Birthday after all ^^

    1. Eavath


      Happy birthday on time now! :D

    2. dar tunsh

      dar tunsh

      Celebrate your special day with PINKIE!

      (don't click that if you hate electronic dance music XP).
    3. Pencil Sketches

      Pencil Sketches


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