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    I love to read an write. Books have always been my passion since i was little.
    These days computer games have joined them in arms to peck away what little time I have left while preparing for my finals.
    I also like to play Magic the Gathering with my friends on the Friday Night Magic games in town.
    I'm addicted to music and listen to everything i can, whatever genre it may be, but I prefer Metal most of the time.
  1. I wanted to reply faster, but was simply stunned by the amazing fry you got there, dear sir. This fry certainly deserves to be The Fry and shall be praised and loved for eternity. We actually should write a book about how this Fry is going to change the lives of millions around the world. About the message of delicious food it displays and the moment of sheer awesomeness for everyone who lays his eyes upon it. Gather around apostles, it is time for us to create the Fryble to savor it for generations to come.
  2. Obviously the train to Appleloosa. It is not only amazing in color and shape but it also gets pulled by ponies.
  3. Automated message? Where is the soul, where are the feelings? Anyway, this fry is now officially gamed: Fry-Man approves.
  4. The question we got here is: Who is "she"? Does "she" like fries? What kind of fries does "she" like? And what sense makes any of that? High quality discussion coming in.
  5. Now imagine if the entirety of RP threads are filled with random actions and mind-numbingly dumb dialogues. Can you imagine?!

    1. Rainbow_Crash


      What do you bloody mean? This is a HIGH QUALITY discussion forum!!! CHAT was full of inferior dirty poor people that coulnt even imagine understanding the high society and high quality threads of this forum!

  6. This is new and exciting, i can simply not believe what i am seeing right now.
  7. IPL4 on stream, anypony else watching?

  8. Anyone else already excited for Darksiders 2?

    1. DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      DJ MUFF1N D3RP

      Hell yeah! Death is shaping up to be a freakin' beast! I'm just happy that the game comes out the day before my birthday! I can get it for myself as a gift(because my parents sure as heck won't get me an M rated game).

    2. Mephala


      SO READY. *cracks knuckles*

  9. That Beecatcher was worth over 1000 xp oO Talk about free expirience... I think you can fix the money-thing at your mom again, just talk to her and tell her not to save anymore.
  10. 12 hours till the first of my three finals, wish me luck. Also everypony is rewarded with this badge: http://i.imgur.com/yRQak.jpg

  11. Since i have too much free time on my hands, i prepared a cleaner version of my tree.
  12. Update with Tich and Slendermane
  13. You are now both siblings and also direct offsprings to Oglaz, if you want that to change, give a more direct position where to put you.
  14. Thus i shall update mine, too
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