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  1. new updates to my website

  2. pizzaparty9

    Post your Desktop

    your doing better than me thou
  3. pizzaparty9

    Post your Desktop

    got a new pc havent posted stuff in a while what do you all think i love ubutu im dule booting it on my pc
  4. pizzaparty9

    Post your Desktop

    alot has changed hear lol since the last time i posted
  5. np and aya i kinda got a feeling there might be a better place to post it i put on my web site thou havent found a better way to send the word out also my you tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/pizzapartyat9
  6. after a week of no sleep i am proud to say i got a working 2007 and rs classic runescape web client working if you want i will be willing to send a copy of them to people e-mail me at brandon.waschak@yahoo.com if you want one and spread the word please leave feed back on how to improve it or if it runs well i would like to know or if you have an idea for anuther game that needs a web client i can take requests its also attached to this so take one its also avalible on my web site www.pizzapartyat9.tk RuneScape Client 07 and classic.zip
  7. just made a runescape 2007 server client and a rs classic client if any one wants one i can send it over skype spread the word

  8. COME CHECK OUT MY WEB SITE I AM BUILDING AT http://www.pizzapartyat9.tk it now has a forums page i need mods and people to go strait to forums http://www.pizzapartyat9.tk/forum/

  9. COME CHECK OUT THIS WEB SITE I AM BUILDING AT http://www.pizzapartyat9.tk

  10. pizzaparty9

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    loves all the animes i have a watch list of 200 and still growing to the point which i cant keep track of what i watch any more
  11. has just updated from cs5.5 to cs6 master suite and this is going to take some getting useto its not that differant but they did move alot of stuff
  12. check out my youtube acc give feed back on it so i can find out how to improve my videos

  13. pizzaparty9

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    it all started 8 years ago when i started playing online games i was making my acc and the thout of my freinds pizza party at lampost which was at 9:00 i only had a few minuts becuase it was 8:57 and the rest is pritty mutch history and it just stuck so basicaly all the username's i make are pizzaparty9 or pizzapartyat9 or even just pizzaparty depends on which ones are allready taken
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