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  1. letterone

    What's on your clipboard? Post it! (Please no NSFW stuff!)

    <_< Not allowed to say what this is used for just yet. :s
  2. letterone

    Your least favorite thing about a drawing?

    Digital lineart. Actually, lineart in general. I always end up making things look a little shaky. That's one thing I need to work on.
  3. letterone

    Cave Story Review

    I doubt that anyone here HASN'T heard of this game, but just in case here's a short description: Cave Story is retro-styled action-adventure-platformer-metroidish game. In it you play as a robot with amnesia and go through cave after cave and watch the story unfold. The game's been released and rereleased various times. It started as a freeware PC game, then was ported to WiiWare with updated graphics and music, then was ported to DSiWare without any extra features but a speedrun challenge for a level, then then was re-ported to PC with the same new graphics and music from the WiiWare version plus new game modes, then was REMADE in 2.5D for the 3DS, then the original version was ported to the 3DS eShop with some of the features of the WiiWare version. Needless to say, this game's had a lot of ports. I freaking love Cave Story. I own both the original freeware version and the PC re-port, and I'd like to check out the 3DS version. I've beaten the game about 5 times since my discovery of it last month. There are so many factors that keep me coming back. Some people think Cave Story's overrated, but I really think not. Ingenious level design, fantastic music, lovely retro graphics (made even better with the double-resolution graphics from the WiiWare port), and freaking fun gameplay. Oh, and the story. The story is great. It all unfolds in the most interesting of ways, starting relatively simple and over time turning into something actually pretty deep. It's not called Cave STORY for nothing. I really MUST recommend this game. It's one of the best things I've discovered in a while. Check out the original freeware version then get the Steam version. It's worth it.
  4. letterone

    Do you say "I love you" why or why not?

    Whoa, I was under the impression that I'm the only one who has trouble saying that. Yeah, I just... really CAN'T say it. It's probably due to the fact that I haven't said it in a long time, so saying it would just feel weird.
  5. letterone

    Bravest Warriors (Webseries)

    This thread hasn't been updated in a while, so I decided I'd bump it with the latest episode of Bravest Warriors. There's one certain part near the end that made me realize how freaking good the writers of this show are.
  6. letterone

    free music download

    http://cloudkickermusic.com/ Try Cloudkicker. His music is the most fantastic instrumental progressive metal literally ever. And the best part is that ALL of it is free.
  7. Last night I was bored so I made a lil collection of artwork intended to be used as album covers. Here are my favorites: The full collection is right here: http://sonicandmariorulz.deviantart.com/gallery/46338602 Tell me whatcha think!
  8. Doctor Steel was a fella whose music I infrequently kept my eye on for several years. He was an experimental/industrial/hip-hop/rock musician who, according to Doctor Steel lore, was a mad scientist looking to make the world a more whimsical place. Unfortunately he retired a couple years ago. However, we can still bask in his villainous heroic glory! I've always enjoyed the Doc's odd mix of cabaret styles with industrial and rock-based music. This is a prime example of that style. (some songs veer off in different directions than this)
  9. letterone

    Gaming Your favourite Race and Class in RPG-Games

    Race-wise, I dig elves, specifically the Wood Elves from The Elder Scrolls. Class-wise I'm mostly an archer. Because I play TES mainly, though, I work with plenty of different aspects of various classes. Like, I really like to use thief-like skills and healing magic and sometimes swords.
  10. letterone

    Gaming The Ouya: Good or Bad?

    The problem I have with the Ouya is that it built to run Android games. And Android games aren't meant for big screens. They're SUPPOSED to be portable.
  11. letterone

    share some of you favorite mlp tumblers.

    http://timetomakedamagics.tumblr.com/ Go check out Time To Make Da Magics. It's an ask-blog for Photo Finish, and she's zanier than ever before. I really love this blog.
  12. letterone

    Sad News...

  13. letterone

    Movies/TV Underrated TV Shows

    Nowhere do I find people that list Psych under their favorite shows list. This leads me to believe it is an underrated show. It's friggin' fantastic.
  14. letterone

    Music Drawing Music

    Here's a new one I just discovered that I'm quite sure I'm going to be using to draw to. It's such an amazingly artistic piece of music.
  15. letterone

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    Amber is the closest color to mine. So amber. My eyes are amber. Is that a rare eye color to have? 'Cause, like, I'm the first to vote it.