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  1. R&D staff in a biochemical industry or researcher proffessor at a public university. Not a lead role, though. I don't like giving people orders. But if I could get paid for researching, studying and applying things to new technologies or for improving already existing ones, I would be able to die in peace xD
  2. I would rather leave my past digging dirt behind.
  3. Me. Won't lie with shit, I honestly am missing a special somepony. I actually want a long lasting relationship. You know, getting married and having a family of my own. I feel my existence is pointless since I myself have never been a fan of existing and I really don't care about myself. I don't enjoy living for myself, but being helpful for those I care makes my day. I want to keep the bloodline too. Can't let the best branch of the family end with me.
  4. As if. If there's a god, then it must be an omnipotent jerk, because it literally should be able to prevent and avoid any and all evil on the universe, yet, it doesn't. So, chances are, it gotta enjoy watching its creation suffer, or it plainly doesn't exist. Or a third case in which is not a sentient thing, and if it is not a sentient thing, is not a god, but merely energy. In any of those 3 cases, it's pointless for me to believe in such a thing given it either doesn't exist or it doesn't give a damn about anyone and thus it doesn't make anything different in the reality we endure. On the other hoof, there's no actual proof for its existence or lack of, but since there's no way to prove it, I don't believe on it and most likely can say there's no such a thing unless proven tangibly through experimentations and measurements that it exists.
  5. That's a hard ball. I think there are several things required for an actual worthy friendship. And I think patience/tolerance is missing on this pol xD Either way, as Shado said, understanding and honesty are very important. But I think tolerance is something that should really be a must in any friendship, because if we aren't tolerant with each other we can't get along on the long run. Being honest to your friends is really important because your friends deserve to know who you really are and not just think they know you. If they can accept even if they don't agree with you, then they are true friends for the most part. Understanding is sort of a yes and no, because it is unlikely we can understand someone else's viewpoint. And that's when tolerance kicks in. If we can't understand how they feel and the way they think, we should tolerate them as long as they are not being actually harmful. Tolerating a friend's differences is what can make two very different people find peace and be able to bond for the better. Unlike somepony I know who is so petty on whoever disagrees with him he's up to trash a friendship disregard how loyal or supporting his friends might be. Loyalty, too, is important. What friend can one be if one is up to give up on those who would give a hoof for you? It won't matter how generous or kind you are or how many laughs can you pull off if you get easily offended by differences, you lie and you don't mind giving up your friends as if they were things rather than ponies.
  6. Get a job and pay my bills, lol I was already working, but it was just a temporary thing while I got a better job in engineering rather than the usual quality control bullshit available.
  7. I would probably point at @Splashee® @Tacodidra and @Samurai Equine Wherever I go, I see those names.
  8. It depends. Most of the time I try to only think on english when around these forums, but it can get weird when people around is talking and you kind of have to switch in between. Then there are words one can't recall in one language but on the other, and then you go like "wait, I can look it up on a translator!"
  9. The show would most likely twist into south park or bojack horseman territory if I replaced anyone from the main cast xD
  10. Oh my Luna! A GUEST replying?! Was that even possible?! Anyway. What do I think? Well, it has always been super girly. We're talking colorful ponies and pegasi and unicorns, for buck's sake! However, the first 2 seasons were far from cringey girly. They were super girly but not barbie girly. It helped they spent time having actual non-girly adventures in places that weren't flooded with pink. Like, how can it be girly to go kick a dragon out of a cave? Or what about chasing AJ in a desertic place just to bring her back?
  11. Ah! I really like your style! I just can't put my hoof on what exactly is what makes it so appealing to me. Either way, cheers! You're doing a great job!
  12. Honestly, I don't usually learn the names of people that form a band, but rather the name of the band. Something similar happens to me when it comes to brony music. I can't name the guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummers, singers or whatever to most bands. But why? Well, because most of us brony musicians are one-pony bands. Most of us make all parts by ourselves and just put them together on a DAW. So, when we release a song or anything, all arrangements are usually performed by a single pony instead of a complete band. You might notice we usually use sampled drums rather than recording a drum performance, since most brony musicians don't count with a studio to do such a thing and thus, if we recorded our drums without the proper gear, you'd hear really dirty drums on your pony music. On the other hoof, we can record the signal from a guitar, a bass guitar and any midi controller/keyboard directly to a sound interface since they all use electrical signals instead of merely airwaves as drums and wind instruments. Is always easier to take input from a guitar/bass setup than it is to record through mics a drumset. But Jesse, what about singing? Well, you can get ok mics for the range of a pony voice for a couple bits, and recording a voice through a single mic is easier than setting up multiple mics for a drumset, since if you fuck up you can get mixed signals and the best mics for drums are not all that cheap either. So anyway, tl;dr version: Is actually easier to remember brony musicians because they are one-pony bands and most use their screenname for their whole musical project, while most irl bands have several members and most people will recall the band's name rather than each individual's name.
  13. Not as bad as it could have gone. Lemme tell you, even the darkest side of the fandom has come to terms with pony life and a good amount are enjoying it. Is simple and silly and the plots are very shallow, but they have good jokes from time to time. Not a must watch, but an ok appetizer in the meanwhile as we wait for the next pony movie.
  14. Because they did the right thing, Bob. They are experts. But seriously, they probably came to realize the princesshood thing was dumb and would only get on their way if they were going to do their 10 minutes episodes. Honestly, I prefer it that way. Having her as a princess of "friendship" on a land with another 2 princesses and a 3rd who constantly interacted with them... it was overly crowded with princesses, don't you think? It is better this way. They can focus more on how she interacts with her friends than throwing in stupid plots in which they wanted to give her a government role yet they didn't want to put her through government responsibility and pressure.