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  1. I guess the good part of the fandom dying is that all the trend following posers dropped somewhere in between. It kind of sucks to see we're not as many content creators anymore, but alas, that's part of the drill, I guess. Kind of weird to perform for nopony (metaphorically), but I guess brony now offers us a bigger room to think about our lives and whatnot. Is a weird eerie feeling of loneliness and nostalgia like when you find some dearly childhood mementos you had forgoten for several years as you grew up. Is warm, but bittersweet.
  2. You just adressed something we used to talk a lot about back in the early fandom days xD The whole thing was so notorious that swaping their elements became a running gag on Friendship is Witchcraft. As much as I love AJ as a character, she's not honest as much as she probably should, going to extremes such as hiding away just to not admit truths she doesn't like. However, her family values make her loyalty shine brighter than her honesty. As for Dash, she's short on being loyal, being too prone to fall to temptations all the time (such as the whole games thing with the representation dilema, as an obvious example on her flaws regarding loyalty). She seems to admit easier to hard truths than AJ does as well, and she's far more blunt on droping opinions than any other pony from the mane 6. The deeper I look into it, the more it looks like they were wrote swaped regarding their element. Now, as for the other characters, Twilight, Pinkie and Fluttershutter are on point. Would argue Twi was out of element in the movie, but the magic element is not the element of friendship. All in all, we barely know what the hay is it about. The show was never quite dedicated to explain what her element was about, and more often than not they played it in the most literal manner, so we could say it is what it says on the thin. Now, Rarity is a huge problem here. She doesn't quite live up to be generous. She's passionate to her craft and bussiness, but not the same can be said about her being genuinely generous. She gives gifts away and tips workers often, but more than being a generous act it could be a matter of customs and good manners. So I guess she really isn't a good example on her element. She's more kindness oriented than generous oriented, but we already have a diehard kind one. My pick would be RD, AJ and Rarara, being AJ and RD just swaped.
  3. All the time. Headphones and file transfer mainly, because I'm too lazy to look for the cable and because images lose quality when sent through whatsapp. The real question should be who uses email aside from making accounts for websites :v
  4. Can relate, had I put myself in something else than gamedev (like music), I would have enjoyed being a creator when it mattered xD On the other hoof, that would have meant dealing with the musical circlejerk... so maybe it was better that I didn't get involved in music earlier xD
  5. Hrm, in my country we don't usually have carpets because they are either an unnecessary luxury or can be too hard to maintain due weather and other factors (for instance, in the region I live we have too much clay dust and wind and things get dusty in a matter of minutes, and when rainy that dust becomes a reddish mud you can hardly get off from any surface). So usually we just wear the same shoes inside and outside since most floors are tiled, ceramic, concrete or anything else that might be easy to wash and might be durable.
  6. Nevermind, I see you guys didn't forget after all
  7. Yo, samurai!

    Happy birthday!

    Have fun and a nice day!

    1. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      @Jesse Terrence

      THANK YOU! :mlp_yeehaa: Hearing from you is always a treat, my friend!


  8. FiM's 10th anniversary fell on a saturday. Talk about nostalgic coincidences.


  9. Now, that there is an actually pretty banner.

    1. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      It reminds me of those vintage cartoons, the first ones to be animated in color. Technicolor, as they called it back then.

    2. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      Fitting, considering what's going on with messages and notifications right now. Even Fluttershy is bewildered by this incident.

  10. Not the nes, but a knock off of the famicom (which is pretty much the same thing regarding roms). First one I paid for was ps2 (my father put the other half of the money). First bought all by myself was the switch. Most of the consoles I've own have been with the help of my parents or gifts from my older brother (I save him quite an amount of time and money with paperwork every year).
  11. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. What a sad generation of gamers it is, too. Kids that think LoL is innovative when DOTA was already doing that, despite they both are dumbed down derivatives from good ol' RTS.
  12. Except it doesn't, given he's merely a generic skin on said game. Minecraft storymode is a different thing (which he is not representing directly). All in all, this is insulting to older smash bros players. Nintendo has a sea of characters and IPs that deserve the slot far more than the generic default skin of the building sandbox game. This is merely pandering for a cashgrab. It sickens me. Would have prefered another fire emblem echo instead.
  13. You've got mail :v

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      Funtime Splashee

      You got mail too