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  1. @Deerie
    @Splashee @Blivy @Dizzy Gazelle
    I would like to publicly apologize to Deerie for my horrible behaviour from earlier today. I stated my wrong opinion at the wrong place in the wrong moment. It was my fault and only my fault. I'm really sorry for hurting Deerie at a personal level and honestly, I don't expect forgiveness given I'm aware what I did was awful. What I did was truly awful and wrong.
    I want to appologize to the people who saw my bad behaviour as well, since I know I made everyone feel uncomfortable. I'm truly sorry.
    I don't want things to scale up and I know the only possible right thing I can do up to this point is this public apology.
  2. Alright. Fine. Supposedly pure. Not my thing, really. I'll stay away from it given I'm unlikely to shut up.
  3. Sorry about that. I'm mostly sure neither the other person nor me said that with bad intention, but if what you wish is no feedback, that's fine.
  4. Nice art, though the pacifier throws me off. Maybe I've seen too much shit to take the cute approach without any alarms ringing. Eh, guess I've wandered into the abyss far too much.
  5. Yeah, I saw it got locked. You should promote this blog on a thread called homework help. I'm sure there was one around the forum, just saw it earlier today.
  6. Ok, that's rather creative.
  7. I hate meta rps. I like it better when we can use the meta to joke and laugh. You know, is more relaxing than taking the rp downright seriously.
  8. Depends. Securitywise, it is highly recommended, given you won't be losing everything if you get phished or hacked. Practicalwise, that's one hay of a nightmare.
  9. Lookie at that! We got another nerdo 'round 'ere! Nice to meet ya'll! Computer science is so much fun and honestly it seems to be the future of actually interesting and well paid jobs. Welcome to the forums, you should totally look at octavia's university of the arts. Creative people hang out there at times and is always good to grab some resources from there. If you happen to need some criticism, feel yerself at home and ask for it. People will be kind and might actually help you improve. Name's Jesse, like the quatrero. Resident NEET, bioengineer and multidisciplinary wannabe. Ah'm wondering if you've heard of Vampire: the masquerade.
  10. Awww daaaang... all the answers here reek of tacobell. I don't know where did these people came up with adding sour cream, tomatoes and cheese to tacos... is like, whaaaaat?! Any mexican can answer this question through mere mexican knowledge. Tacos must have coliander, onion, hot sauce (one with a green small tomato and tree chilli pepper base), salt and lemon juice disregard most of the fillings. Green sauce (non-spicy one with green small tomato base) is usually optional though I highly recommend it to contrast the other flavors. Also, not all tacos use the same kind of sauce. Al pastor ones have a chipotle hot sauce that goes way better with guacamole added to it, while the rest of the tacos don't usually even use chipotle at all. Also, there's this kind of filling we call rellena which is pretty much evaporated blood with spice and by some unholy reason is actually tasty, but it almost never needs any sauces.
  11. Unfortunately correct. TPAM likes daft punk
  12. Neither right nor wrong, given I've never tried them out. TPAM couldn't beat Dark Souls
  13. Kinda sad to see a vast majority of the users from this forum feel that way. I feel like that too, all the time. Lol
  14. Didn't feel that way back in season 1 and 2. The fact they drop lots of pop references that mostly only teens and adults might catch up to doesn't help it. However, like that banished user said, later on the show turned more simplistic and generic to the point they needed to refresh the show through 2 not-so-kid friendly characters in later seasons (Glimmer and Trixie feel weird given how their episodes develop). And then the school of friendship was a huge "this is a little girls' show! Don't you ever forget!" thing. Think about it, the title itself goes beyond absurdity for any adult, but sounds fine with a child's mindset.
  15. Sherem's right, despite the first result, practice makes master. Good artists improve as they keep drawing. That's what made them good, to begin with. Nopony is born a master on anything, so instead of looking for lazy shortcuts try your best and keep going until you improve, and then keep going because there's no limit on how good someone can be at art. And to be honest, while I agree that ponymakers make it easy to have a general idea on an OC, their gestures and poses are limited and they look rather stiff. Most of them were early days' fanmade ragdolls, and thus they are far from perfect and at times results look a bit lame.