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  1. Eh... the current "feminism" is a dumb supremacist movement rather than an equalitarian one. The "feminist" lobby nowadays is more a mercenary movement with political intend rather than a movement trying to eliminate discrimination against women. Most "feminist" groups from nowadays ally themselves with the lgbtqwerty in an attempt to gain numbers for their uproars, but they also discriminate trans and homosexuals whenever they see fit. Another interesting thing to point out is how most of their strikes (due the lack of a better word for it) usually happen against left regymes that happen to just started (for instance, Mexico where the whole "a day without us" thing was promoted by the extreme right that just lost elections in 2018). Modern "feminism" is also full of ignorance. They bash against marriage and Christian churches not knowing that the movement was started by a marriage AND supported by a catholic priest. Talk about irony.
  2. I'm the kind of person who usually over stimates the time and effort people puts on their work since I myself am bad at it xD I usually take my lack of talent as a reference point because I'm aware even good artists that make amazing digital paintings in a couple hours had to practice for years to reach that amount of skill. I think, anyone, with enough patience, dedication and resources, can reach awesomeness.
  3. As the user above me stated, we made /b/tards upset. Truth is, the original G4 fandom was merely a shitposting machine acustomed to 4chan's ways. We started as a collective joke but for whatever reason, we made click with the show and its lighthearted nature and it slowly made us better people. In a dramatic way, we were wastelanders that found a little, bright oasis in the hellish landscape we were used to travel. Problem is, we were sooooooo excited about it we couldn't help but spam our newly found light EVERYWHERE, and people got sick of us quickly. Let alone we were known for being /b/tards ourselves and our posts were still shitpost quality, people isolated us right away without a second thought. But that was actually good for our fandom. Getting isolated massively is what made us bloom. We kept ourselves together and our places tiddie and the enviroment became friendly and supportive, and a lot of our fellow bronies grew better and better on their hobbies and interests. That's something that got lost after we became a trend and what poisoned the fandom and made it the sad thing it is today.
  4. Interesting. I myself am sooooo shy I never release anything under my known name. You can call kt Hannah Montana-ish dumbness xD (I hate Hannah Montana, but it seemed to fit the idea). I guess releasing music that's not polished andcomplete is valid as a showcase and to not just leave a piece rot in the dust of history. I mean, maybe an initial idea seems awesome for your audience though you feel unsure or even think it's crap and just can it. Your best feedback will push you to complete it and appreciate the piece in ways you didn't even think of. So yeah, guess we should upload more wips than we already do so others can help us develop further and complete them.
  5. Have tried several of them. I've seen a lot of people use ableton. I didn't like its piano roll. It feels like ableton is more for people who use samples rather than those who midi their stuff. I myself use FL studio 12 quite a lot. I guess I got used to it even though its GUI is notas intuitive as ableton. I must observe, though, that there are 2 freeware DAWs that I liked and do good. LMMS and Ardour (I can't remember how was it spelled). Both can use VST plugins and have an ok plugin enveloper and both can render into WAV, though I don't use them because they lack mp3 rendering which is very appreciated by me since I usually render bits of my work to show them to @Super Splashee
  6. Tell me about it. See why veterans turn cynical?
  7. See the alarmism there? The flu is in everyone always. Viruses don't die, they simply stay in standby once anyone has had it. They copy themselves within cells. Once you had a virus, it stays within you forever. The flu vaccine is merely a controlled reactivation for the organism to higher the levels of the specialized antibodies. Those who had coronavirus and survived won't have to panic by the next outbreak. Those of us who haven't got it yet don't have to worry too much because the vaccine is already in an experimental phase. It will be ready by the next outbreak. Finally, it seems coronavirus is far more lethal due ratios since it isn't as virulent as the flu. Coronavirus has been hitting less people, but inmunologically vulnerable subjects. They are prone to die way easier. The flu is so virulent it strikes pretty much all the population, thus dead ratios stay lower because just an slight part of the population is compromised and likely to die from it.
  8. A bit too off-topic, but thanks to splasher's comment I finally understand why cornholio refered to toilet paper as tp xD Sorry sorry sorry, I know I just look like a total dumbass and most likely people will think I'm as dumb as a flat earter (and my comment on this topic might even lose all credibility despite my academic record), but it never came into my mind because in my native language we refer to it as what would be translated into higienic paper or sometimes as paper rolls. Sorry.
  9. I really hate to be the party popper, guys. I really hate to come and cause polemics... but I really gotta say it's ludicrous to see this kind of alarmism on the forums too. The coronavirus has only 4% of mortality rate. This means, only 4% of the infected die from it. As a trivial fact (if not for comparison purposes too), coronavirus is less deadly than your average seasonal flu in brute numbers. We're talkin' too, that those numbers are USA's and not worldwide. Another interesting fact is that most of the deaths in Italy were seniors age-wise. 60 years old and upwards. In other countries another pattern emerges, being the next ones in death rate children bellow 10 years old and AIDS, cancer, diabetic and hipertense patients. This means, the coronavirus is unlikely to kill a healthy person, but rather inmune-supressed people like elderly, chronic-degenerative patients and early age children are the ones who have the most chances to die. Unfortunately, given this illness is new, governments are taking it as a doomsday mechanism rather than what it is -yet another aggressive flu-. Some of you might have been too young to remember about swine flu aka AH1N1. I was on highschool back then. A similar economical crash happened but in a smaller scale given information wasn't as virulent as it is nowadays and given China, Russia and USA's tensions weren't as bad as they are nowadays. Same isolation protocols and panic happened, but at the end it turned out it wasn't as deadly as we were told. The death rates didn't reach the stimated projected -it was a fiasco-. Late spring and the virus was almost done with its deadliest spree. Thing didn't do much harm afterwards. Ironically, ah1n1 was deadlier than coronavirus. It also causes vomits and diarrhea. See my point? Coronavirus is the boogie man who happens to be just an ugly sweater in your closet. Is ugly, yeah, but far more tame than what we think.
  10. The strongest depressive episode I had was a couple years ago when my ex appeared with the new bf of hers and... a lot of stuff broke down in my life. I became a functional alcoholic to cope with all that crap and focus on the only thing I had left at the moment -my career-. I'm doing fine without the drinking nowadays, though I have my abstinence symdrome episodes when I'm feeling down and depressed. Is a vicious cicle that feedbacks itself. If grief hits me after a terrible failure or a big loss, I feel that lousy anxiety and the general illness of the drawback, and that feeds the grief and stress from the failure.
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