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  1. The One Ring, from the Lord of the Rings. Which one of the mane six be best to resist it? As in not go insane and have the will to destroy it in Mount Doom? Gollum is a good example for what the One Ring can do to someone.
  2. Cavalry, as in a pony on the back of another pony. Both are clad in heavy plate armor. The pony on the back of the other pony is smaller, and his hooves don't touch the ground. The pony on the back is wielding a lance or some other melee weapon. Or sometimes a bow, so it can act as a mobile horse archer unit. As a horse archer, it may wear lighter armor or no armor so it can move fast. Would the ponies be better off as separate units? Or would ponies using other ponies as cavalry be an effective military unit? Despite how silly is may look.
  3. Why would someone do this? I don't care how violent, racist or sexist the past was, depict the way it was. Why can't movies/tv shows depict a historical setting the way it was? It's immersion breaking to see modern politics.
  4. That seems to be the most important thing to me about the final. Will Twilight Sparkle get even bigger? Will she outshine Princess Celestia in size one day? And would Princess Celestia get mad and magically make herself bigger out of spite if that happens?
  5. What human sport do you think the ponies be best at? Also, which sport you think they be worst at? Games with a mix of ponies and humans playing together. What game would a pony be useful as a teammate? And what game would a pony be a bad teammate.
  6. How powerful is MLP FIM magic compared to others? Shows, universes, games etc. Is it weak, strong, or average? Some prime examples of powerful magic. Harry Potter. Most powerful magic users: Dumbledore, Voldermort, Salazar Slytherin, and Grindelwald. D&D: Balder's Gate, Icewind Dale. Jon Irenicus, Amelyssan, Belhifet, Edwin Odesseiron, Demogorgon, Bhaal (The Lord of Murder) and Gorion's Ward as a mage.
  7. Should lootboxes and microtransactions be banned in games? If not outright banned, should every game that has them receive the adults only rating? Or should they be not be banned at all?
  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. Inquisitors are basically wizard slayers in the Baldur's Gate series. They are immune to mind control and spells that hold them in place. Who can shatter magic barriers with dispelling magic. They can see through illusions and invisibility using True Sight. They are often armed with a two handed sword, and clad in heavy plate armour, which would be magical in nature as well, to protect them from magical attacks. Although, Inquisitors are of the Lawful Good Alignment and are members of The Order of the Radiant Heart, so they won't be attacking the likes of Twilight. Their weapon of choice would be this if they were the Grand Master The Order of the Radiant Heart: How would a Inquisitors fair vs the likes of King Sombra? Or some other evil pony? Some more info:
  10. What would you say banned forms of magic would be? For example, I would say necromancy would be banned. Raising the dead as zombies I think would surely upset the local ponies of your town. Even if the zombies were not hostile, I think you would make a lot of ponies upset.
  11. Do ponies eat bacon and drink beer while firing machine guns into the air? No, they don't. So it's girly. But it's not bad girly.
  12. Do you think Princess Celestia has a weight scale? Or did she did she used to have one, but had it destroyed, over it showing her to be too heavy?
  13. Does Cozy Glow have parents? Or she an orphan? If she has parents they may protest about their little girl being thrown into Tartarus, despite what she had done. She's a little filly after all. Could they give her a lesser punishment over her age? If she was an adult, I would of said hang her by the gallows, but the fact is she's a little filly.
  14. No. Even though Onision is somewhat of an idiot I don't care. I don't care if they even reference Joseph Stalin.
  15. She was once a tyrant, however she seems to have truly repented. That said, she got off lightly for her crimes.