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  1. Bendy

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    Do ponies eat bacon and drink beer while firing machine guns into the air? No, they don't. So it's girly. But it's not bad girly.
  2. Do you think Princess Celestia has a weight scale? Or did she did she used to have one, but had it destroyed, over it showing her to be too heavy?
  3. Bendy

    Cozy Glow's parents?

    Does Cozy Glow have parents? Or she an orphan? If she has parents they may protest about their little girl being thrown into Tartarus, despite what she had done. She's a little filly after all. Could they give her a lesser punishment over her age? If she was an adult, I would of said hang her by the gallows, but the fact is she's a little filly.
  4. Bendy

    Would you stop watching if they referenced Onision?

    No. Even though Onision is somewhat of an idiot I don't care. I don't care if they even reference Joseph Stalin.
  5. Bendy

    Do You Think Starlight Glimmer is a Good Person?

    She was once a tyrant, however she seems to have truly repented. That said, she got off lightly for her crimes.
  6. What if Princess Celestia caused an earthquake every time she sat down? Knowing much cake Princess Celestia eats, I think it could happen.
  7. Because we are considered freaks and horse f*****. We are not normal and blah blah blah. We belong in the shadows for the most part, and that's OK.
  8. Is Princess Twilight Sparkle big enough? I don't think so, she's not a true pony princess until she becomes a big mama horse like Princess Celestia. What are your thoughts?
  9. Bendy

    More Evil Versions of Good Characters?

    TCB Ponies from The Conversion Bureau... enough said.
  10. Bendy

    Is the concept of a human in Equestria cringey?

    I don't care. I read human x pony (99% of Human In Equestria stories are these) because it... well... I find pony x pony boring. I'm also a fan of Anti TCB stories. Because it gives a good excuse for humans to kill ponies. Or ponies to even turn on their own kind and kill other ponies. Because action is cool in stories.
  11. Could the world's strongest man lift Princess Luna? Or is Princess Luna too close to the size of the big and mighty Princess Celestia to the point no man could lift her?
  12. Bendy

    Aren't Castles Useless?

    Are the castles in this universe basically a useless defensive structure? What's the point of walls, towers, and other defenses when Pegasi can fly over the walls and unicorns can teleport behind them? Even Earth Ponies could be lifted or teleported by their friends over the walls. Do they just make castles to make the place look nice?
  13. Because it would explain a lot. She may not be purely draconequus (her powers aren't as strong as Discord's). Let's say... the Pie family.. long... long ago had an ancestor who had a child with a draconequus. That blood carries on from generation to generation, even when was so long ago. You think it would explain some of the madness inside the Pie family? Draconequus might not even been Discord. But some other guy. A lesser draconequus perhaps. Basically, there's chaos magic in the Pie family's blood.
  14. I'd still love her. Even if she's a big fat hippopotamus. In fact, I like my Princess Celestia big... and I mean really BIG.
  15. Thousands of years sitting around doing nothing but stuffing herself with fattening cake the reason?