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  1. People digging up my old threads... from years ago. Has this happened to you as well?

  2. This is an old.... thread from 2015. No longer relevant.
  3. Let's say in this scenario. Applejack ends up in The Walking Dead universe in the middle of New York City. Nearly all of humanity has become Walkers, zombies, slow moving walking dead that only seek to eat living flesh of anything they can see or hear. They have zero self-preservation and are extremely stupid. They are drawn to loud noises. Playing something so much as music can draw their attention. How do you think Applejack would fair fighting Walkers? Take note Walkers are fearless and are often in large groups. They are slow moving. But if you fight them in closed spaces they will maul
  4. Would you like to have space marine babies with alicorns? As in you, a normal, mortal human having babies with an alicorn creates these super humans from Warhammer 40K.
  5. The Royal Guard. As in the guard of the princesses/equestria or whatever. Are they a joke of a law enforcement organisation? That's only not seen as good since the vast majority of Equestria's population are incredibly loyal to the government and law abiding citizens. Think about it, if the crime rate is at virtually zero, why would you need to invest into a great law enforcement organisation? Seem to be more of a ceremonial organisation, if anything. Imagine their chief of police makes a speech like this during an 'emergency'. "This comes from the top boys, Celestia's orders. Two ponies
  6. What you suppose an alicorn's hair feels like? (or mane or whatever) Let's say Luna or Celestia. You happen a have very a highly paid, privileged position of the Royal Petter as the only Human in Equestria. In where you have the job of petting pony princesses.
  7. You are a normal human. As a newly wedded couple, Princess Celestia wants you to do a romantic gesture by carrying her up a staircase. Even a show's cannon based sized Celestia may be heavy to lift. Without even crazy alternate universes where she is even heavier. Do you accept this challenge? Or do you tell her you are not strong enough for the task at hand? Are you manly enough for the challenge?
  8. Do females really outnumber the males? As in by the cannon show's universe. Not fan fictions, such as Reverse Gender Role Equestria.
  9. Do you think the Elves made the right choice in helping the humans vs Sauron? Or should they have left them to face the darkness of Mordor alone? Alicorns. But they are few in number even compared to the Elves. Plus Elves are immortal, just like alicorns.
  10. Dat booty of her's though.
  11. Would Princess Celestia make a good Santa Claus? Or would her thick rump get stuck in a chimney?
  12. Depicting ponies as a High Elf Race? Still ponies. But have High Elf race like traits. Pacifically as like the LOTR High Elves. The fandom has a terrible habit of depicting the ponies of being elitist snobs that look down at the lesser races in fan fiction. Particularly humans, the lowest of the low, filthy peasants. High Elves from LOTR are immortal and basically superior to humanity in almost every way. Apart from their reproduction rate. (without Morgoth) the Elves may had no reproduction rate issues at all, due to no corruption from the dark lord. Yet, the High Elves helped humanity ag
  13. Twilight is a mad scientist, who wants to create the ultimate life form by combining the evil human DNA of a human with a good pony to create an abomination of nature. Lightning is striking wildly outside on a stormy night and Twilight is laughing maniacally with a crazed look in her eyes like from Lesson Zero. Would you help in this task in creating the abomination? Or what would you do in general if faced in this crazy scenario?
  14. Did you have to dig up this old thread? Can someone lock this thread please. It's old. I don't want to see notifications of it every time I log in here.
  15. It's late at night in a freezing cold winter in Equestria. Ponies can tolerate the cold much better than you can. Pinkie Pie asks do you need help to keep warm by offering you cuddles in bed. You now have the chance of a fluffy pony to keep you warm. Just friends cuddles mind you. Do you accept cuddles? Or do you reject cuddles and brave the cold yourself?
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