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  1. What do you think the ponies reaction to horse racing would be? Would some ponies like to be race horses themselves with a human on their back? Would it get quite awkward if the pony falls in love with the jockey on their back?
  2. So, who likes big pones?

    1. StormBlaze


      i do! Troubleshoes is awesome

  3. Celestia is big and thicc. That's why she best pone.

    1. Stormfury



    2. A.V.


      Given your FIMFiction resume, that's an understatement coming from you. :lol:

  4. How do you think she would react if you sent this letter to her?
  5. Celly is thicc. That why she best pony.

  6. Heresy! Sunpony is super heavy, but that's not bad thing. Evil doers will be crushed under the weight of the sun.
  7. Heresy! May you be crushed under Princess Celestia!
  8. Think about it. There's no way the bad guys would be able to lift her off them. Princess Celestia is the most heavy pony after all, thousands of years of eating fattening cake and sitting around doing nothing should see to that. I wouldn't' be surprised she uses magic to hold back tidal waves of fat. So, the next time a bad guy comes along, Princess Celestia just needs to sit on him until he submits.
  9. Daybreaker: You there, pathetic human! I desire pets from the tender touch of your hand. I promise your hand won't burn. Would you pet Daybreaker? Note, she casts a shield ward spell on your hand to protect your hand from the flames of her mane. Would you chicken out (thinking that was not a shield ward spell) and risk making her angry? Or would you be brave enough to pet her?
  10. Would you bring your overpowered pony to a firing range? You know, to give her a massage.

  11. Her Pinkie scene could counter this. And she could also make sure you take your weight protection potions everyday.
  12. I'm pretty sure if you befriend Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle, they would keep you safe.
  13. You are in Equestria, (as a mere human) but the ponies are as big as Shire Horses. The option of becoming a pony is off the table, because the last time it was done, it simply killed the human and it was very upsetting for everypony. Most spells are harmless on you. But transformation spells just kill you. So, how would you handle being a little ape in a big sapient horse world? The ponies are pretty much the same as the show. However, they are even more gentle in nature. You need to take weight protection potions everyday, to stop them from accidentally killing you. The ponies are big in size, but also big in heart. Plus, they are very sad about accidentally killing the last human in Equestria. Particularly, Celestia (the biggest pony of them all, try translate her size if the average pony was the size of a shire horse) for she was the one who cast the spell that killed the human. Also, Celestia wants hugs. She's really sad about killing the last human in Equestria.
  14. Everything is racist! The sky is racist because it's insulting to smurfs for being blue.

    1. ShadOBabe


      LOL!! The sky is engaging in blue-face!!

    2. Fennekin


      Oh yay, politics.

      Exactly what i wanted to wake up to this morning