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  1. There seems to a lack of romance stories where Zoidberg is shipped with the ponies. Disappointing.

  2. Do you think ponies would like to be petted and given belly rubs by us humans?
  3. You know those times in history where a bunch of idiots (some of us humans in this case) decided to burn books? Or in fact, burn a library down? Will she use magic to try stop the book burning if she had the power to do so? What would she say to the people burning the books? Will she attack the book burners? How would Twilight react to seeing such things?
  4. As a back up plan to make sure her friends don't die due to mortality. While they are turned to stone she can figure out a way to make them immortal since they won't age as stone. Perhaps even by turning them all into alicorns somehow. And let's say her friends have consented to be turned into stone.
  5. If unicorns or alicorns tried to wear it. They would just end up as another Dark Lord. Yeah.
  6. Would Equestria be able to aid against Mordor at its strongest? Second Age Mordor. Sauron has the One Ring in this scenario and is a coward and hides in his fortress of Barad-dûr, and just uses his near-endless legions of orcs and other monsters most of the time. He will only fight in the field if he has no other choice. Let's say in this scenario Mordor has more or less destroyed Gondor. Mordor won the Battle of Dagorlad. Sauron lost many orcs, but his legions are quickly recovering. Osgiliath and Minas Tirth are burning, most of their inhabitants are either killed or enslaved. Masses of refugees and what remains of the Last Alliance's armies are fleeing westward to escape, only parts of western Gondor are still alive. Isildur is still alive, and trying to flee west, but is being chased. Equestria appears in far west Gondor, connected by a single land bridge, several miles across. What should Equestria do? They may only have about two weeks before Mordor's vast host of doom will come knocking on their door. Should they go on the offensive? Or be defensive? Should they allow Gondor refugees and the remaining armies of the Last Alliance to flee into Equestria? Should they try to save Isildur, the only surviving member of the High King of Gondor and Arnor? In this, case, just Arnor for the most part. Would Equestria be able to rally what remains of the resistance against Sauron? Their morale would be extremely low since the Kindom of Gondor has fallen, leaving most of Middle Earth wide open to be attacked by Sauron.
  7. How do you think ponies are able to pick up objects as if they had human hands? My theory is that all ponies have some sort of passive telekinesis magic in their hooves. Would it be impossible for them to pick up objects without something like this?
  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. :blue_baloon:Happy Birthday!:balloon:

    1. Bendy


      Thanks very much.

  10. They seem to be a kingdom of some sort. They may even possibly be a dictatorship with the existence of royalty, albeit a very soft one. They don't need to rule their citizens with an iron fist since most of them seem to be incredibly loyal. They don't seem to have a very large standing military force, so it's unlikely that they have any imperialist expansionism.
  11. Animal farm is a pretty boring movie. I could not stomach watching it.
  12. How small are the Pony Life Ponies? When compared to G4 Ponies? They seem ridiculously small. And Celestia seems so small. She seems to be about the same size as a normal pony. I find it to be heresy that Celestia is so small. She's a big horsey, not a small pony.
  13. Not true. Can you tell me the grand political message of Jackie Chan Adventures? If there is one, I don't see it.
  14. Agreed. I'm not even sure where I stand politically. One of my favourite characters is a strong female character called Leela from Futurama. She is far from a traditional woman. There are things I hate on both sides of the political spectrum.
  15. I'm a nihilist in general. I do not want to watch a propaganda piece about the evils of capitalism by a capitalist company. Because the hypocrisy reaches no end. I like MLP because it is an escape from the awful planet we live on. I do not want to see human based politics in a fictional world.