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  1. Nicolas Cage Vs Princess Celestia?

  2. Do you just find pony x pony boring and too vanilla? As in found in shipping fan fiction, and other fandom stuff. I'm a lot more interested in griffon x pony, human x pony, and general sapient interspecies romance, over boring old pony x pony.
  3. What is with all the Caribou fics on Fimfiction?

    A garbage series not worth attention. Said series is very disliked for the post part.
  4. What horrible books/stories made by humans could we give to Twilight just to troll her? She will read them, but hate them. Note: even horrible fan fiction.
  5. What would happen if you sent this letter to Princess Celestia?
  6. i was right about the brony fandom being dead

    Far from dead. Just go on fimfiction, there's fan fiction being uploaded every day.
  7. The bigger the pone, the better the pone.

  8. Cloppers are the superior, master fans. Non cloppers are not true Bronies.

    1. A.V.
    2. Sherbert Music-Guard

      Sherbert Music-Guard

      Sadly I can't answer because I don't think the post'll end up forum friendly.


      This is a PG-13 forum after all!

  9. Do you think the ponies would be scared of our weather? By the simple fact the weather happens without any intervention and it can't really be controlled. Not to mention, natural disasters, the kind of which that kills people and reeks havoc on infrastructure.
  10. Liberty Prime is a giant, heavily armourd robot armed with a particle cannon on his head and throws tactical nukes. He is programmed to kill communists and is a true American patriot. He often shouts patriotic slogans as he kills communists. Starlight Glimmer is a cute, little communist unicorn.
  11. Could we humans even dance with the ponies? Or would it look very awkward over the size difference? Dancing as in rumba or ballet, or something else. But, Princess Celestia or Princess Luna, they are one of the bigger ponies. Would it be easier to dance with them? Could Pinkie Pie dance with a very tall human?
  12. In the Nightmare Moon time line, there's no sun? Why isn't everyone freezing to death and starving to death in that time line? No sun, no food, no heat. Thus, everyone freezes to death or starves to death. The act of getting rid of the sun would cause a massive world wide mass extinction event. Panic, riots and disorder among ponies would happen. And there won't be any animals left either. Maybe some ponies could live in caves, deep underground, eating worms and mushrooms to survive, but for the most part, everyone is dead.
  13. Spoiler Was Lunas imprisonment pointless?

    In season 1, as far as we knew Nightmare Moon attempted to wipe out all life on the planet by freezing everyone to death and creating the mother of all famines under eternal night. That seems not to be the case anymore for some reason, somehow plants can still grow in the darkness nor is everyone freezing to death. Nonetheless, it still doesn't make what she did right. Also it appears the elements of harmony are not as powerful if wielded by a single user.
  14. Heresy! The sun can never be big enough! I'm sorry, but I call exterminatus!
  15. Math guys, I like some help with this. I might do it for a future story. So, how big would Princes Celestia be if the average pony was the size of a shire horse?