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  1. Ah yes, my past. The bane of my existence. Proof that I was at some point a fucking retard in terms of knowledge and intellect. shivers
  2. Mega Thread

    I am feeling rather decent currently. Losing weight at a good pace, diet's really coming along, and economy's going great. Time to save up cash for them lovely commissions.. <3
  3. Pineapple pizza. Just.. No. Canned food, though there are a few exceptions. Spaghetti A la Capri. Mein gott that shit taste AWFUL. Marzipan cake. For some reason it's ok out of all the available cake types, but I just never like eating it for some reason.
  4. Ah yes, Mr. Muscle. Interesting video, that one. "Yo, bro. Muscle Kang wants a word with you. Heard you were talkin' shit."
  5. General

    Teleportation, as long as there's not many if any drawbacks to it. I could teleport where ever. Buy shit from a friend on a different continent? Great, I'll be over in 5 seconds, just give me your address. Yeah, teleportation would definitely be way more useful. I don't have to do transportation either, which saves me about 1,800 NOK a month, which is AWESOME.
  6. Favorite thing about being male: I don't have to deal with turning into an emotional wreck once a month, making life a living hell for myself not to mention others in my vicinity. I do have a lot more good shit I could list up, but meh. Too lazy.
  7. Ye. I got these two lovelies from my little sister. <3
  8. Technology

    Windows 7 for the win, yo.
  9. Do I have to pick only one thing, or can I list up all the shit that's great with being a male?(There's obviously a lot of pros with being a female too, and I can list that shit up too, if asked for)
  10. Hahaha, you got that shit right, love.Hit the nail on the fucking head. And don't even get me to start on male feminists. Biggest joke on the planet.
  11. Sometimes. There are times when I am severely disappointed when you have MODS who come to the rescue because some moron's talking points could be destroyed by a 6-year old.
  12. "Murder should be legal". "I mean, it's only someone dying". "I like mass murder". "I hate you. May you forever burn in Hell". "Magic is overrated". "WITCHCRAFT!" "Yeah, I have a cure for this illness. A bullet to the head works wonders". "If only I had an axe to murder you with.." "I LOOOOOOVE Poptarts!" "Pinkie Pie. Shut up, will you?" I got plenty more.
  13. 7/10. Needs more Rarity and gems. And a fabulous dress.
  14. Mega Thread

    I am green, thank you very much. Being a car is overrated. What are your thoughts on Dark Souls?
  15. I have, actually. I want my sanity back now.