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  1. People are free to hate whatever the hell they want: Bronies, Furries, cucumbers, cars..
  2. Are there any Furries on these boards? <-- Is one, if you didn't figure it out. <3
  3. Mega Thread

    416,634. The saga goes on. And on. And on.
  4. You can use a lot of the same plugins for Pale Moon, too. I pretty much only NoScript, Roomy Bookmarks, Session Manager and Tab Mix Plus, so it was easy to migrate.
  5. Back in 2005. Then I found Firefox, used it until two days ago before I swapped to Pale Moon. Fuck Firefox and their censorship.
  6. movies/tv

    Ed, Edd 'n Eddy Cow & Chicken Samurai Jack Powerpuff Girls SWAT Kats Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest ....Want me to continue?
  7. Animation

    That I last fully watched? Mahouka Koukou not Rettousei. Last episode I watched? RE:Creators.
  8. Mega Thread

    Bruno Mars with Treasure.
  9. Movies/TV

    Dykebusters tanked harder than the Titanic. Sony lost $1 billion. Guess the fuckers need another lesson..
  10. Web

    Pretty much the last thing I've watched. In all its glory.
  11. ^ I think I saw you on a video yesterday, drunk. And taking a dump in my brothers' tuba, thinking it was a children's toilet.
  12. Food

    Neither. I love chili nuts above all.
  13. Ah, the Political Compass. Hmm. I've moved a tiny bit to the Right since the last test a year ago.. I still am and still consider myself a Centrist though.
  14. General

    #PCMR. I don't dabble in consoles. Way too limiting in any way for it to even be a viable option. At all. I play for the most part Strategy games, preferably RTS games. Everything from War For The Overworld to Dungeon Keeper 2 to Stellaris. But in my heart there is a LOT of room. Plenty of room for gems such as Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Dune 2000, Populous: The Beginning, Metal Fatigue, M.A.X., Overlord, Freelancer, Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour, to name a few. The amount of games I've played are so numerous I've forgotten how many I've played. I've stopped keeping track, to be honest. Currently I am playing Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Stellaris and Z: Steel Soldiers.
  15. Apple's Customer Service Banana Slamma <-- Guys in Donkey Kong suits Never Gonna Hit Those Notes The Quiet Chaps <-- Mucho-screamo Black Metal band Insert Band Name Here The Jihadi Squad <-- Pop KKK: Kool Kids Klub <-- Japanese Rock band ISIS: I See, I Slam(Those Drums) <-- Heavy drum band. With explosives ANTIFA: Another Nausea Tactfully Inhaled From Assholes The Physically Defected I Fucking Hate Justin Bieber I, me, and Autism TWAT: Totally Wasted Autistic Trash <- Redneck Country band, obviously SWAT: Sweaty, White, 'n Adequately Trash The Young Turks I Can't Remember Which Note To Play.. I Fucking Hate All Of You Murder Should Be Legal Shut The Fuck Up <-- "I'm going to listen to Shut The Fuck Up". Best way to confuse people I Main Hanzo That should do it for now, I guess.