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  1. When it comes to showing proper affection for someone I'm kind of bad at it, to be honest with you. Tho one thing I do is take action. Appreciate someone? Chances are a piece of gift art is coming your way. Tho if it's IRL I stay away from it for the most part, especially family. It's awkward as hell, especially when you've come to kind of hate the super affectionate shit you get from your mom on a constant basis. I just completely ignore it, especially when she uses a ton of emojis.. God that shit's awkward as hell to see from your mom. Like, wtf? But if it's a girlfriend I don't mind showing affection. In fact, I prefer cuddling/snuggling above all else.
  2. *votes yes just to annoy* xD You don't really see me that much on the forum in general. Tho I am a little interested in knowing about my rep on the forum.
  3. Can I be boring and just say intelligence? Good sense of humor?
  4. Hmm. I've actually moved slightly Left from the looks of it.
  5. I text every day. As in, type text every day, talking with people. If we're talking texting on the phone, it's like, once a week or something.
  6. Both. Freedom to do whatever you want within the boundaries of common sense, but have enough order for society to keep itself stable. Life without order is chaotic and is prone to abuse. Life without freedom to me is meaningless, as we are a naturally rebellious species that wants freedom to say and do whatever we want within reason. So I am for a balance of the two.
  7. I've always been.. Uncomfortable in bigger cities such as Oslo. Yeah, Oslo is pretty small compared to cities with like 5 million+ people, but Oslo to me is pretty damn big, especially compared to where I live. The Municipality I live in have like 3-5k people in it in total, which to me is perfect due to my asocial/non-social/introverted nature. Less people, less worry, easier to find someone to connect with. That and I have problems in crowds.. So to answer the question, out in the countryside for sure.
  8. The living room because that's where my gaming PC is located. xD
  9. The generation before will always blame the next, as how it's been for millennia and will most likely go on for millennia more.
  10. Maaan. Pluto's my top pick too, but it's so damn common.. xD
  11. I shave once a week so I don't end up potentially looking like a homeless guy after two weeks. :P
  12. <-- Rural all the way. I can't stand living in a big city with all the people and the insanely expensive houses and the like.
  13. Hmm.. No idea. I'd bring a Cola, and then drink it because of thirst?
  14. One person. Not just attached. Dependent. They mean the world to me, and I've made damn well sure they know it.