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  1. The UK is going down the drain. They've sentenced Mark, now we wait to see what the sentence will be. Community service? Jail? Who knows. With the banning of Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern, free speech in the UK is showing how it is truly treated by the government and people in general. People defend him. I am seeing Jews coming to his defense. Ricky Gervais also had this to say on the topic:
  2. Web Favorite youtuber

    I didn't post here? How rude of me. :V Favorite Youtubers: - Sargon of Akkad - Dave Rubin - Mark Dice - pewdiepie - JonTron - Räzorfist, aka The Rageaholic - Tim Pool - SomeBlackGuy - Stefan Molyneux - Tommy Robinson - ASpec - Styxhexenhammer666 And, uh, Steven Crowder. I have more favorites, but I will leave it at that or the list becomes too long.
  3. Do you eat healthy?

    "Healthy"? What the hell is that?
  4. What is your favorite YouTube subculture?

    Political/Social commentary. Shitposting/trolling. Memes. Gaming.
  5. I haven't followed you already? For shame. :V

    follows =w=

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      I don't mind, go ahead.

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      Hmm. Doesn't work, apparently. Do you have settings to off?

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      Sunset Rose

      I forgot I changed my Discord name back. BlackLabelBeatrice#5327 is me.

  6. Respect - derived, earned, or both

    Respect is earned. Respect just handed out isn't respect. When I encounter someone new they are in a state of "neutral", so to speak. I have no opinion of them one way or another. To earn or lose any respect one way or another depends on what they say, and more importantly, what they do. Same with family. They can just as easily lose my respect depending on what they say and/or do.
  7. Make up a lie about yourself

    I am totally and utterly gay.
  8. General Internet Friends or Real Friends?

    Internet friends, definitely. I could spend an hour just typing the pros and cons, but I am too lazy.
  9. Yes, I do find it as fulfilling as real life communication. i find it a lot more fulfilling than real life communication. I don't have to talk with people 101 and find things to talk about. It's at times hit and miss topics. On the internet? Shit's already there. Topics are already there. We can share videos. We can share pictures. We can share channels. We can share memes. +++ Internet communication>Real life communication.
  10. Atheism doesn't even have a religious orientation. A lack of religious beliefs doesn't make it religious. Just sayin'.
  11. I don't frequent this forum enough to bother. Same for a lot of other forums too.
  12. Wait. Atheism is a religious orientation? <-- Atheist, by the way.
  13. Food What was the last thing you ate?

    Chocolate and some licorice. =w=
  14. Tell us a truth about yourself?

    Only one truth per post? Very well. I've been in love for many months(since around Summer, when she returned), but her literally living a world away would make our relationship very hard if we ever got together. So I said nothing, until she and my best friend announced being together. And so I confessed.
  15. General What Era or Year do you think is interesting?

    The war eras in Japan, 1100-1900. Edo era being my favorite. 2nd World War. The Dark Ages here in Europe. A total of 800 years with basically zero technological or social advances. 2016 and 2017. Because reasons some of you may know why. :3