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  1. I know you don't come on here anymore, but happy birthday nonetheless.

  2. The book was incredible and, though a tad boring at times, it really made a damn good impact on me. Max Brooks really fulfilled what I wanted the book to be like, making it seem more realistic than just "Look, zombies! Let's shoot them and win!" The movie looks...buffed up, not at all what I thought the adaptation would be like. Sure, it'll be fun to watch but I just don't think it will be the film I would have liked it to be, such is the curse of the film enterprise.
  3. I'd like to imagine that, since Discord is the embodiment of Chaos and all things unharmonious, when he was imprisoned the first time, the darker aspects of his powers were unleashed and solidified to form pinnacles of dark magic, which, in turn, created strife and anger between ponies which lead to the conflict between the three races, allowed Windigos to be created, allowed Nightmare Moon to form and, ultimately, gave King Sombrero-Roche the rather sinister powers he has at the moment, or had. I'd like to think that but it would most likely be that dark magic has existed for as long as harmonious magic because equal and opposites, blah, blah, blah. In order to balance the forces when the Elements of Harmony were created, dark magic had to be created in order to maintain said balance. Its purpose would be to make sure everything remained equal, etc etc. I prefer to think that this is all Discord's doing somehow but it seems unlikely given how he is constantly frozen in stone.
  4. The splashy one, more commonly known as Doctor Whooves of course just because he is an incarnation of one of my favourite characters in T.V ever into the life of MLP, one of my favourite T.V shows ever.
  5. What is the meaning I wake up every morning, the meaning of my life? That...that is a surprisingly tough question. I guess the reason I get up is simply because I want to live my life, because I want to get decent grades in school, get a good job, get a family and all of that jargon that makes up the "perfect" life. There is no true meaning to my reasoning towards my meaning of life, there is no deep, hidden, insightful meaning like to spread world peace or to wipe out famine through the use of genetically engineered crops that I created. Nah, the meaning of my life is simply to live it out, to get as good a grade as possible in school, to blitz through college/ university, to get a great paying job, grab a family like I'm the Grinch at christmas, settle down and retire blah blah blah. All that other stuff about spreading kindness and love just sorta happens along the way I guess. Basically, for me, the meaning of my life is to live, pay taxes, breed and I guess have fun? Not very deep, not very disturbing, not very emotionally moving. Just plain old boring really. And now, because I want to, I will answer those lovely questions. What is the reason you wake up every morning? To go to school, to have fun, to simply live and experience the theme park ride that is "Life". What makes you want to be alive a week from now? Well, I'd be pretty pissed if roughly 10 years of school work was wasted because I spontaneously died. I guess what makes me want to be alive in a weeks time is just the simple ideal that I want to live my life like any other human being, to have fun and what not. Not to drastically change the world and neither to sink into the mould that we have made for ourselves but to just live life and be myself, which I cannot do if I'm dead. What, if taken away, would render your life unbearable? Well, freedom of course. If you were to take away that then my life would no longer be mine and would therefore be redundant and unbearable. What, if given to you, would render your life worth living? My life is already worth living but if I had nothing to start with then I'd have to say that compassion since it affects people so deeply and, along with wanting a decent job, it is one of the key factors towards why I drive myself so hard at school. The care and comfort my family has shown me throughout the years sort of pushed me towards trying to better myself so that their work was not in vain. Also, I wouldn't say no to heaps of money. Do you even value your own life? Yep. I don't really want to die at the moment since I think I will become so much more then I currently am. Then again, I wouldn't be overly sad if I was definitely told that I would die in, say, a week because to me, over my 16 years of life that I have currently lived, I have done exactly as I wished to, I have had fun and done wonderful things and gone to great places. If you told me I was set to die soon then my immediate thought would be that I have lived my life perhaps not as well as others but as well as I've wanted to live it so far. I do value life but I would not run from death when it came for me, no matter when or where.
  6. I don't like those people in the fandom who constantly spout "Love and tolerate" and yet turn their backs on the phrase they have just forced towards others by declaring that cloppers are creepy, sick and disgusting. I practically implode at the irony.
  7. All. Of. My. Yes. I haven't seen Iron Man the first in a very, very long time and after watching The Dark Knight Rises I wanted to see The Dark Knight again so for me this is a perfect movie night. I will most certainly be there
  8. Rarity is an incredibly diverse character, one with two separate ideals to her, one of greed and one of generosity and, quite frankly, I think that is the reason she is very high up in my favourite characters list. She is, without a doubt, the most generous of the group but she is also the most greedy, creating a sort of battle between the good and bad within her that I love to watch. The other members always seem to have their elements under control, especially Pinkie and RD and the disputes of the elements from the element holders (e.g Fluttershy in Putting Your Hoof Down) are usually sorted out in one episode whilst with Rarity it seems to be a pitched battle to fight her lust and want, her greed. Perhaps she appears greedy at times but that just makes her generosity all the more present as it shows that despite what she can be, she will nearly always choose to be generous. What I'm trying to say here is that Rarity may be greedy and, yes, she may not fully resemble generosity but it's the battle that she makes to embody it, the ability to pull through when her friends truly need her and to put aside her own faults and flaws that makes her such a fabulous character and such a good choice for the element of generosity.
  9. To be honest, if they said they would release a season 3, only to have it cancelled I would have to petition, not out of the aspect that I desperately yearn for the new episodes but because they promised us new ones, they told us there would be a season 3 and for them to snatch that away from us, well, that would be incredibly wrong in my opinion and I would gladly fight to get new episodes released as promised. Or I'd stay inside and gorge myself on fanfics, music and comics until the pain went away.
  10. I honestly struggled to understand a single word that came out of Bane's mouth.

    1. Loona


      I thought it was just me... Everyone else seemed to get it O:

  11. My profile page background is the pinnacle of hawtness.

    1. Xidphel



  12. I would love to say Discord but they won't recycle him into the main villain. I would still go with either the nega-harmony (the polar opposites of the Elements of Harmony) or some wicked new leader of a mythological race, like the Changelings. Or possibly, a group of villains from the previous seasons clump together to form an awesome roving villain band with their own theme song and fireworks. That'd be cool.
  13. Nah bro, my pillow is the only one I need in my life. In all honesty, I find the ponies themselves cute but I do not have a crush on any of them. Sure, I'd hug them an awful lot if they were real but that would be about as far as it goes. Unless they were Princess Luna or Dashie, in which case snugglez would be had by the dozen.
  14. Silver Spoon. Sure, Diamond Tiara is the main bully who gets kicks from annoying and saddening others but I hate how Silver Spoon just watches on from the sidelines, capable of doing something to help but is instead sucked into the whirlpool of hate that Diamond Tiara produces and turned into an aggressive bystander.