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  1. Hey, guys. I recently (by recently I mean today) made a video. It's of a classic video game. Portal. Because Portal is awesome. http-~~-// Enjoy! Hoping you like it! Please subscribe to keep an eye out for my future videos! I am keeping my facebook updated so check out any updates there: http://www.facebook....116239515183869 May also open up a twitter soon as well. I do have one already but... I am not using it currently.
  2. Derpy.H

    Licious the person above you!

    I'm the S to the H, A N K, I don't go by my full username cuz im awesome like that, I'm Shanklicious NINJAS... Why did I wait so long to post it? XD I'm the D to O C, T O R, and you all do know I'm the true pony doctor, I'm Fizzlelicious
  3. Derpy.H

    That ______ moment

    That moment when you realised you broke the chain.
  4. Derpy.H

    What's on your clipboard?
  5. Derpy.H

    Will the opening theme change in season 3?

    Either way, the intro must include Derpy still.
  6. Derpy.H

    The Nightmare's Punch

    Hello all! I started writing a story yesterday, planned to be a romace/action/dark/tragedy. The first chapter doesn't capture all the elements in one, but future chapters will. Enjoy! Chapter 1 - Nightmare’s Beginning Do you like it? Please leave some feedback in the comments. Thanks!
  7. Derpy.H

    So apparently, Deadmau5 is a brony

    None of you knew Deadmau5 was a brony before this? I knew this.. a while ago.
  8. Derpy.H

    Writing She, the one whom I loved.

    I'll keep all of this in mind, thanks.This will help me out in later poem attempts.
  9. Derpy.H

    Writing She, the one whom I loved.

    It wasn't really supposed to be an anger attack. It was more of a point. I forgot I used the caps lock at the time as well. I normally do that when I'm making a line. Forgot to undo that bit, I guess. I wanted repetition to be there, as well. I was fully aware of it. And looking at it, I realise my grammar mistakes (will be rectified now). But, thanks for the advice.
  10. She, the one whom I loved. She, the one whom I loved. I, the one whom she loved. We, the couple of perfection. We, the couple with a connection. We, the ones who should've stayed together. We, the ones who were ripped apart. Evil, peril, DEATH. Death, hatred.. her. She, the one whom I loved. I, the one whom she loved. She, the one who didn't deserve it. She, the one who didn't want it. She, the one who was in happiness. She, the one who was in pure love. Love, couples, HAPPINESS. Happiness, joy.. us. She, the one whom I loved. I, the one whom she loved. Us, the couple who shouldn't have split. Us, the couple with a love thought to have been forever. Me and her. She and I. The couple. The happiness. Where did it go? Why did it end? When was this foretold to happen? Who planned all of this? How comes this must've happened? Where, why, when, who, how? The unanswerable questions of us. Me and her. She and I. By: Derpy.H
  11. Ok, thanks all. I'll keep these. Thank you!
  12. Derpy.H

    Plushies with Whitedove Creations

    I am wondering. Will you be making a Derpy one? :3
  13. Okay, so I am just making myself a little comic featuring Derpy Hooves and ONE OC. I want one of your OCs to be in this! A few rules I want to make. NO ALICORNS NO PEGASI (Im not great at drawing pegasi.. so.. it's hard enough having Derpy!) PONIES ONLY (So, earth pony or unicorn) Basically, First come First Served. The person who gets their OC in this comic will be informed of the comic's creation.