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  1. Aside from physically being a girl, I'm rather androgynous in personality. Online that is; in person I can be rather feminine in appearance but when I speak you can tell I'm quite 'girly'. I do like cutesy things, I like boys, makeup, fixing my hair and other things that the traditional girl would be interested in. However, I don't fault it as much as most girls. Like, 'Oh God this celeb is so hawt muscles <333' and there's just me..'Yeah he looks..great.'.
  2. I never think before I speak or people take offense to everything I say so I'd say I'm rather blunt. Oh well, sorry I talked to you.~
  3. Oh wow, I actually found a Brony at my school. WHO WAS IT, YOU HAD A COOL RARITY SHIRT.

  4. My college schedule is really hard to follow. From the looks of it I have one class each day totalling five, but the way the timetable looks, looks like the classes merge into the next day. so confus
  5. I bought a pack of TCG for shits and giggles. It was hidden in an empty blindbag box stacked with other toys. Thought I'd look through it and woo. Got some cards.
  6. I live in Ontario Canada. It was 10 degrees celcius in my city and currently it is drizzling? (Or it was, idfk) I thought it was December, not September. :l
  7. God, I could not agree more with this statement. There will always be bullies everywhere. Not necessarily the 'Meet me behind the school at 3 o'clock.' ones, but in life in general no one is going to be nice to everyone. Trying to stop something that has been a part of life since forever is just nearing impossible. As unfortunate as bullying is, trying to get rid of it is a lost cause like you said. I and many others have put up with bullying and we're all still here, so obviously you can overcome bullying without a bunch of White Knight rallies at school. Personally, I believe a world without some conflict would be a boring world. 3edgy5me
  8. The whole point of sexy is to be risque and mature, so obviously it is going to border NSFW. Personally, if I look at a girl or a guy I want them to be a balance of both. I mean, for them to just be flat out sexy all the time doesn't leave a whole lot to my imagination about how they are... To be flat out cute, I mean it gives off the impression of innocence and stuff so I'd feel a bit guilty? If they're a mix of both then it's like perfect. I can't get my words out right.
  9. Spamming unfunny memes actually bothers me. Basically memebase/9gag shit annoys me internetwise. Idk, in other situations. I'm fickle. One moment I'll be laughing at a joke and the next moment it's like, the exact same joke pissed me off. Basically you catch me in the wrong mood and everything will ruffle my johnnies. Oh oh also, people who self diagnose themselves with Aspergers to make excuses for whatever stupid crap they think they "can't" do. I know Autistic people who actually try to be social and don't use it as an excuse to stop them.
  10. Everything is so American-centric, I'm 100% sure almost no one knows Canadian Thanksgiving was last month or they don't know we celebrate it. I mean, Canadians are well aware of your Thanksgiving. It's annoying being asked if we celebrate it or them assuming we have the same one. :v We half-assed celebrated it this year. Normally we have a huge gathering with my mom's side of the family but unfortunately that was not the case this year. Went out for my friend's birthday.
  11. Butthurt everywhere. No one will even care in a week about what was said on Tosh about MLP, or whatever else he talked about. People take jabs like this so seriously...
  12. All I have to say is if you are impartial to swear words and generic foul language you are most definitely NOT going to like having me around. C:
  13. I'm pretty sure I can find knockoff Twinkies somewhere if that's the case. Never been big on Wonder Bread either. Not much of a loss for me.
  14. I wanna say I am bisexual, but at the same time I feel as though it's moreso bi-curiosity than actually wanting to pursue a relationship with a girl or a guy. So straight with bi-curious tendencies?
  15. Ears double pierced, tongue pierced, belly button pierced. I want an industrial piercing on my left ear, maybe a nose stud. Not too sure yet.