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  1. I'd insta-buy the Flim Flam Brothers in a second. Definitely needs to be made!
  2. Because Hasbro puts in about 80% effort in making it match with the show (now that adult fans have complained so much). I just set him up like he came, so
  3. Yeah, that's a good idea! It's def something I would do too... who cares that I've got ponies next to my xbox?
  4. Yeah, the fashion style is cool, as is the mohawk. I'm just not sure why they picked that when his mane looks nothing like that... at least Zecora does actually have a hawk, lol.
  5. So I'm glad to see that the brushable toys are no longer restricted to only female characters, thanks to Shining Armor. The mold is already made, and the mane (although a bit weird looking on Shining Armor) does look masculine and would work perfectly for Big Mac. He should be next! (in my opinion) What stallion(s) do you want to see in brushable toys?
  6. Its entirely a preference thing. Some people like opening their collectables, some don't (as this thread clearly shows). In terms of reselling collectables to get new ones, that's something I don't understand personally. Collectables are to collect... so why would you sell them? Unless it's not something you really want, I suppose. Basically, do whatever you want XP
  7. Target. I found mine there, and thats the only place I've seen it so far
  8. Sweet Jewels

    Buying Derpy

    From what I've seen the Comic Con Derpy is the largest pony size, like that of Fashion Style ponies. Here's the only photo I could find of a brushable next to Derpy... sorry for the small/unclear pic. Here are the 3 sizes (Fashion Style is largest, brushable is middle, and blindbag is smallest.)
  9. My secret (not so secret) lifelong goal is to become a cyborg in some way. Really any technology that is always on my person and can't be left at home counts in my book. But seriously though, I want to be a cyborg SO bad.
  10. First I got was Rarity... I really like the way they did her mold. It's very Rarity I've only ever seen them at Target and Toys R Us.
  11. If only toys r us had a self checkout... this thread probably wouldn't exist.
  12. Some stores are starting to have Trixies (along with Lyra, Sunny Rays, and Cherry Berry). I found a Lyra at Target
  13. Of course! I think people just enjoy an excuse to look down on someone sometimes... as awful as that is Thanks so much everyone for your opinions! I have to say, the more I buy toys the less embarrassed I feel. I realized that really they don't care, and I shouldn't either. The thing that sometimes makes me a little uneasy is when I see/get the same cashier because I go to the same store too much... but that's just me making sure I'm there when the Nightmare Moon set gets to my Toys R Us!
  14. I was just curious how people felt when going to a store to buy pony toys, and if it was embarrassing for anyone. I know the shirts at Hot Topic and the trading cards are really meant for bronys/pegasisters, but what about buying the toys? Particularly when going to a toys only store like Toys-R-Us? I got a dirty look from a mother once, who's daughter wasn't even looking at pony toys. Also one time a male cashier started talking to me about ponies while I was checking out... He told me he was a brony. He was pretty excited to meet a pegasister I guess, lol.