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  1. CMQuickfireTK

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    banned cuz can I get banned pls?
  2. CMQuickfireTK

    Gaming Cool Games You Can Play With A Crappy PC.

    Quake 2 Quake III Arena Unreal Tournament 99'
  3. CMQuickfireTK

    Technology Raspberry Pi is where I'm learing python, it's pretty good. also I'm intending on learning the GPIO pins as well, as they might be necessary for a fan controller.
  4. CMQuickfireTK

    ☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

    sounds good Stone soup. soup with of any sort with a stone in it! make no mistake, avoid serpentine
  5. CMQuickfireTK

    Technology Raspberry Pi

    So, what OS(s) is everyone using in their Pi? Personally using Raspian right now as connecting my pi to the net is kind of a hassle, so it's nice to have something that just works.
  6. CMQuickfireTK

    Ask the Penguin (z77)

    because the same people have no idea what A B C D E F equal lmao.
  7. Try youtube in another browser? worst advice. if you want "better audio", get a DAC.
  8. ^ sounds about right. Check your sound drivers as well.
  9. CMQuickfireTK

    Count To 50 Before A Pony Avatar Posts

    2 factorial
  10. CMQuickfireTK

    Ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer

    I hate magic. go to the null of the dev plz
  11. screw that, I go by my own rules! 1 factorial
  12. CMQuickfireTK

    Have you ever gotten so bored that you just

    I usually have something or another to do! last night it was arguing with a win8 fanboi lol
  13. CMQuickfireTK

    Count To 50 Before A Pony Avatar Posts

    1 factorial lrn 2 factorial!
  14. CMQuickfireTK

    Im thinking of buying another bulid a bear MLP =) =3

    I think ghost would suggest Rarity, so I shall too.