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  1. If you want me I'll be in my favorite distros' forums... don't remember what they are? well that's just too bad.

    1. CMQuickfireTK


      Giving one away: Gentoo


      there's 3 more.

    2. Sweet Pen
  2. is where I'm learing python, it's pretty good. also I'm intending on learning the GPIO pins as well, as they might be necessary for a fan controller.
  3. Enemies, gotta love them.

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    2. Satsuki Kiryuin

      Satsuki Kiryuin

      Why is Obsidian trying to start political tension between us? Clearly, us seals and the penguins are on good terms.. Right? ^^"

    3. CMQuickfireTK
    4. Obsidian Sky

      Obsidian Sky

      You realise Otty is just saying that to get closer to you for the easy kill, right?

  4. sounds good Stone soup. soup with of any sort with a stone in it! make no mistake, avoid serpentine
  5. So, what OS(s) is everyone using in their Pi? Personally using Raspian right now as connecting my pi to the net is kind of a hassle, so it's nice to have something that just works.
  6. Want to make a Dedicated VM machine? Get a Dell C1100, get a copy of VMWare esxi, and make a GENTOO VM!

  7. because the same people have no idea what A B C D E F equal lmao.
  8. Mint 2 E Z 4 U? Install Gentoo. is Gentoo 2 ARD 4 U? Install Arch

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    2. Celtore


      Haha, no... I wouldn't hate you forever. The only thing that could cause that is if you used windows ME the whole time.

    3. CMQuickfireTK


      ah well in that case I liked vista :P


      not nearly as good as da *nix doe!

    4. Celtore


      Truthfully, I didn't really have too many problems with vista either. Probably because I bought a gaming machine after SP1. It's still fun to BASH though! (pun entirely intended)

  9. Try youtube in another browser? worst advice. if you want "better audio", get a DAC.
  10. The only thing more dangerous than the command line is the text editor!

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    2. CMQuickfireTK


      emacs best text editor!

    3. Nohbdy



      do you even vi bro

    4. hariyaMakusu2


      What are you doing here ._.

  11. Sound cards are a waste of money, want better audio? Get a DAC first of all, then install Gentoo!

    1. Doc. Volt

      Doc. Volt

      or use a vacuum tube amplifier like i do

    2. CMQuickfireTK


      that could work, sound cards tho... waste o' moneh!

    3. Yummychickenblue


      You shouldn't really use software to control and modify your audio if you want nice sound get an external amp and or DAC along with a nice pair of headphones.