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  1. A Black Circle

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    NO QUESTION FOR MEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHEEHERHRHHE anyway, what's your favorite music genre
  2. A Black Circle

    Entry 77 (horrible start to 2017)

    that's why the logic button exists
  3. A Black Circle

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    oh is pony music still a thing so is it a bunch of remixes or some electronica subgenre i'm confused also 414296
  4. A Black Circle

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    It's 23 today. New cacowards http://www.doomworld.com/23years/
  5. A Black Circle

    Give the user above you a nickname!

    The Child of a Long and Rigorous Process Orchestrated By Various Scientists as an Attempt to Create Clones of George Clooney that had Failed Resulting in This Individual
  6. A Black Circle

    MLP: FiM turns 6

    oh yeah. cool day i guesss
  7. A Black Circle

    Movies/TV BoJack Horseman

    My goal is to be able to open all these spoilers in good conscience by tonight. Reaction after S3E9: nononononononononononononononononoononononono. I'm probably going to be too sad to do school tomorrow. It also brought up some personal issues. One sentence really, and under a different context to my own problems, but Next episode: IT GOT WORSE OH MY GOD IT GOT WORSE
  8. A Black Circle

    Movies/TV BoJack Horseman

    There wasn't a dedicated thread for this show... Really surprising. I've been watching it since last wednesday or thursday night and I'm already on S3E4. This show is impressive and weird and depressing and clever animal use and furries. Please mark season 3 spoilers in spoiler tags... which I would demonstrate, but I don't know how to use spoiler tags. I've been on this forum for 32 months. Pretty embarrasing. **TOPIC STARTER ATTEMPT** Fav. Episode: Escape from LA Least Fav. Episode: Chicken Fav. Main Character: Princess Carolyn Least Fav. Main Character: Todd (the least amazing, still amazing.) Fav. Supporting Character: Herb Kazazz, Secretariat, Kelsey Jannings (lesbian) Fav. Super-minor-role Character: Wallace Shawn? I like his voice. I need to watch the princess bride tonight Most depressing episode/moment: Escape from L.A. ending, and bojack's mom EDIT: The music in Fish out of Water is amazing.
  9. A Black Circle

    Movies/TV Cartoon Crushes

    princess carolyn maybe, idk. i feel more uncomfortable about it then other crushes
  10. A Black Circle

    General Transgender Support Thread

    i should be getting hormones by years end... fucking took them long enough
  11. A Black Circle

    Would you have a relationship with a transgender person?

    probably not, because if i was with a cis girl i could have a biological child. I'm a trans girl btw
  12. A Black Circle

    Anyone have Autism?

    my parents thought i did for like, the past 14 years but it was actually adhd. still pretty knowledgable on the subject
  13. A Black Circle

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    princess carolyn and this goddamn song... that is not on youtube. guguh
  14. Fallout 3. You have a lot of the same team that had worked on Morrowind transitioning one of the greatest RPGs into a first person shooter. Seems like it should work out, but what we got was the bare fucking minimum for a fallout game. Literally everything was bland, and FNV showed it up 2 years later.
  15. A Black Circle

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    I remember thiiiiiiiis