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  1. "Firing lasers, sir." "...lasers?" "Yes, sir." "Captain, you do know that lasers won't damage the enemy planes unless they're standing perfectly still for a couple seconds so that the lasers can melt the metal, right?" "But... but... lasers..." "...you're right, lasers are pretty awesome. Fire away."
  2. A group of warriors preparing for battle against, presumably, a dragon. At 3:16, the battle begins, and rages on until the end of the song.
  3. I've been obsessed with this whole album lately.
  4. 10/10 just for the sheer happiness of the images it brings to mind.
  5. It's been months since I've visited these forums... I still love this thread, though. 5/10, pretty good for what it's trying to be, but that qualifier makes all the difference.
  6. This is *just* below my threshold of rock being too "hard" for me to enjoy. Not bad, but not something I'd listen to normally. 5/10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HXMQ8ozvOw Fun fact: this is actually just the second half of the song. The first half is the same, but played in reverse.
  7. for the first 3 minutes, it was an easy 8/10... and then vocals started. Sorry, but as hard as I try, I simply cannot enjoy black/death/whichever metal style vocals. I don't really feel comfortable giving the song an overall score at all, actually, since I would never willingly listen to this, but for me personally it's at about a 3/10.
  8. 3/10. The instrumentation is pleasant, but i can't understand a single word that's being said, and the whole thing is generally monotonous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx3vr1Ehe4w
  9. 6/10. I"m ont a big fan of this sort of singing, but it's pretty catchy once it gets into the swing of things.
  10. I think that the regular change-up in art styles, combat systems, and settings give it enough variety to justify continuing to use the current formula, but there are still some strange traditions that they can't seem to let go of. Things like having a plot twist after the third dungeon, and having forest, fire, desert, winter, and water themed realms. I have to agree that a game starring Zelda would be a great way to reinvigorate the series. Maybe one taking place between the time periods of Ocarina of Time, where she discovers her possession of the Triforce of Wisdom?
  11. 7/10, I normally don't like slower songs, but that was actually really sweet. (Song starts at 0:19)
  12. 5/10, a bit too metal for me, but not as bad as it could be. Plus a bonus point for a fellow Homestuck.
  13. Straight. Not just because everyone's saying either bi or gay, though. ...okay, kind of because of that.
  14. 6/10, not bad, but just not my kind of remix.