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  1. azbat

    Perhaps my only convention

    This will be my fourth EFNW and I'm bringing four of my friends. Some are bronies and some aren't but all have watched the show. We all are into comic books, D&D, and basic geek culture.I figured I would invite them along. None of them have ever been to any kind of convention and they all jumped at the opportunity to go. They too have questions about what goes on at pony convention. Before the con: The full schedule of events and panels should be posted on everfreenw homepage in the middle of April, about a month before the con. It will list all the panels and autograph sessions for each day. You can even build a customized schedule on the page to see what things you are interested in ahead of time. At the con: When you pick up your badge at the registration table, you will get a con book. This book is your friend. It is your guide. DON'T LOSE IT. It includes schedules, descriptions, and maps. EFNW takes place on the first two floors of the Doubletree Hotel. There are three different sets of stairs and a bank of elevators to access the second floor at varies points. Signs by the doors indicate the room's name and list that day's events. Rooms: Mane Stage - Most of the VIP panels, Ponystock on Friday evening, Grand Galloping Gala on Saturday evening, opening and closing ceremonies. Electronic gaming room (24 hours a day). Tabletop gaming room (24 hours a day). MLP:CCG gaming room. Autograph room. Foal's room. Art & crafts room. Cosplay repair room. Two escape rooms. Silent auction room. Twilight's writing room. Celestia, Luna and Cadance rooms for smaller panels. and of course the Vendor Hall.
  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  4. azbat

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    All My Ex's Live in Texas - George Strait
  5. If this is OK with you, my friend, please vote for princess Luna - the Moon Team!

    If you will decide to vote - please let me know about it. Thanks!:fluttershy:


  6. azbat

    A to Z of Fictional Characters

    Grimmy (Mother Goose and Grimm)
  7. azbat

    Rarity Fan Club

    I saw this sketch card by Peter Nguyen sold on an E-auction a couple months back.
  8. azbat

    Count until a mod posts.

    12 One Dozen
  9. azbat

    Food Favorite candy bar?

    Nut Roll and I always lick the wrapper clean.
  10. azbat

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Shakin' - Sawyer Brown
  11. azbat

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Fire and Smoke - Earl Thomas Conley
  12. azbat

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    I Love a Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbitt
  13. azbat

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Hillbilly Rock - Marty Stuart
  14. 40,000 Members

    1. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      it's not that much.. but then again, at least forums not that crowded and we can get to knew each other and such. so mb it's 4 the better, that it's 40k and not 4kk or even 40kk internet is wide.. our forum is the best. but not everyone in the forums in the 1st place. so it's ok.

      and congrats! with a 40k! I miss Buffy. but she's still (alive) here)
      good luck 2u2 ;)

  15. azbat

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Too Much Is Not Enough - Bellamy Brothers