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  1. American Boy - Eddie Rabbitt
  2. I love that this episode was released the same weekend as BronyCon. I am certain that was intentional. An extra layer of meta-ness.
  3. Rarity whining and crying from A Dog and Pony Show. The drama queen pony at her best.
  4. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend - Don Williams
  5. Who does Celestia think she is? Vince McMahon?
  6. I Am A Simple Man - Ricky Van Shelton
  7. John Deere Green - Joe Diffie
  8. Like The Rain - Clint Black
  9. Any Way The Wind Blows - Southern Pacific
  10. Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
  11. Whisper My Name - Randy Travis
  12. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? - Shania Twain
  13. My cousins and I pulled nine fish out of the Musselshell River in Montana and only one survived more than a couple weeks. Fishie lived to be 24 years old.
  14. Ponies, Ninja Turtles and Transformers have all been household names since before most fans were even born. They all are still producing movies, shows and selling toys. Franchises go through ups and downs from generation to generation. The longer they can continue to stay in the public's eye, the more likely they will remain relevant and retain their fanbase. Besides, male adults have been customizes and repainting ponies long before G4 and I am sure that male adults will continue to do so long after G4. Ponies reminds me a lot of wrestling. Old Time Wrestling = My Pretty Pony Everything is "real". Fandom: very localized Hogan Era = G1 Very kiddie with cartoon-ish characters. Fandom: HUGE New Generation = G2 More realistic and technically sound. Fandom: dwindling Monday Night Wars = G3 Comeback to the small and big screen. Fandom: rapidly growing with new younger fans PG Era = G3.5 Fandom: adults "kill it with fire" and kids "wheeee" The Network Era = G4 The internet reigns supreme. Fandom: globalized Future Era = G5 Even better production value and storylines? Fandom: Even bigger or will it die like TNA? Only time will tell. We can always go back to re-watching our personal favorites anytime we want and still enjoy them even if no one else is.
  15. Fluttershy needs to LEAN into it a little more.