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  1. Whenever Twilight Velvet speaks all I hear is Ms. Peachbottom from "Games Ponies Play" (same VA). Both are highly energetic. but one is claustrophobic and the other loves confined spaces.
  2. Movies/TV

    Last year I dreamed that I tried to do a frankensteiner on Kane. Instead he just tombstoned me from the second rope and the match was over.
  3. Betty's Bein' Bad - Sawyer Brown
  4. Love is on a Roll - Don Williams Thank You R.I.P.
  5. Smoke, Smoke, Smoke - Tex Williams
  6. It took two months but I finally got my new plates along with 'good' and 'evil' decals.
  7. Stand up - Mel McDaniel
  8. American Boy - Eddie Rabbitt
  9. I love that this episode was released the same weekend as BronyCon. I am certain that was intentional. An extra layer of meta-ness.
  10. Rarity whining and crying from A Dog and Pony Show. The drama queen pony at her best.
  11. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend - Don Williams
  12. Who does Celestia think she is? Vince McMahon?
  13. I Am A Simple Man - Ricky Van Shelton
  14. John Deere Green - Joe Diffie
  15. Like The Rain - Clint Black