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  1. It lacks some accessories that I put on at the location but wheeee - selfie from before my photoshoot today! It was so fun!
  2. Now you know. 

    Austria is pretty dangerous. Living in our forest cities. In our tree houses. Carved out of explosive trees. 

    An adrenaline rush from day 1. :toldya:


    Ngl I am living for all these Austria memes. Thank you, America :laugh:

  3. Good news - wife is negative! 

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Congratulations! :squee:

  4. Finished the art request from @Bakugou is my Man ! Hope you like it - was experiencing with the lighting a bit. I'll look into your guys' characters. These two might be the last free requests I'll do for a while. What I might do is offer headshot commission spots to help funding my drivers license (expensive af in my country lmao). But I am not too sure yet :/
  5. My wife is in quarantine and was tested. We're waiting for the results. I'm also not feeling too fresh. 

    I don't wanna leave my coworker alone with all the work in our department. We're only two people. 

    1. Kujamih


      But don't infect your coworker aswell...

    2. You


      Yeah, I know she is back now. Good news!

      And I thought you were in rel with a dude, weirdly enough.

  6. Glad you like it! I was experiencing a bit with the line effects with this one 💕 Send me a ref sheet! 😄 I still have some characters on my list I wanna draw. I'll try and see if I get to draw again tomorrow
  7. FINALLY got around to draw a headshot for @Kyoshi ! This one's not a commission, it's a free request piece. So please don't be too harsh with me ^^;
  8. Stickers from mynownb teepublic store ❤️


    The next two days I'll finally get a bit of a break from work. I'm exhausted. Idk if I'll have the energy to draw. But I'll try. 

    1. Splashee®


      Have a nice relaxing weekend! :grin:

      Nice Drippy sticker!

    2. Kujamih
  9. Obligatory bathroom selfie. Because I felt cute 


  10. I've been trying to let it grow now! Though I'm soooo tempted to chop it off again. Gotta stay strong and resist!
  11. Aw you got me Here's one from today while training on the job. It was.. Not exciting
  12. I ate too much. Blehrg. I'm not used to eating so much anymore! Gotta watch that again. 

    1. Derpsieh


      I feel that.

      "Oh this isn't that much food" *queue to me putting back half of whatever I got*

      It sucks, I LOVE food! ;-;

    2. Splashee®


      I know how that feels :worry:

    3. Moondrop 💧

      Moondrop 💧

      I love food sooo muuuch. But since I am doing intermediate fasting I just cannot stomach such big portions. But I kinda wanna :laugh: it's foooood

  13. For real, I'm so jealous of people with such pretty freckles. (mine are so light they rarely show up on pics lol)
  14. Insecure. Self-conscious. And nervous about my new position starting on tuesday.
  15. Omg I love your freckles!! Nawww why not let your hair grow a bit? (I'm trying too right now haha) You both are so cute it should be a crime. Whoop and because I felt ok about these... First one showing off my new mask (with my own art on) and second one being a cosplay test of Irelia (League of Legends)