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  1. Old books! :kirin:


    1. Kyoshi


      So THAT'S where the Hylian shield is at. Gonna have to page a friend of mine. Hero of Time, pretty casual dude.

  2. Guess I'll be 1.5k poorer but I'll finally get my driving lessons in October. Three weeks of lessons and sooo many hours of driving needed. 

  3. Jeanny by Falco. It's a bit messed up lol Youtube Video
  4. You can both send me your references and I'll gladly look into it! I usually do some free headshot requests if I really dig a character :3 It might just take a bit as I have loooong days at work.
  5. I "troll" dips that try to rip on me whenever I post my cosplays and they call me some edgy slurs. oh and they kinda keep thinking I'm a guy. So I have a fun ride with them.
  6. Too hot. Way way way WAY too hot. Temperatures over 25°C are my demise. Asides that.. nervous? Kind of? Internal restlessness & anxiety strike again.
  7. Week two of intermediate fasting. Dinner (after my fasting period ofc) with the family at one of my favorite places. And I took new passport photos. I take them myself as my photo setup at home allows it and I manage to look less rough then ahaha
  8. Definitely using shampoo. Personally never met someone who doesn't. Well except those having SUPER short hair. My hair is extremely picky. One one hand it's dry. On the other it's getting greasy friggin fast. I stick to "silver shampoo". Not only does it remove the yellow tint from blonde hair but it also seems to be the formular that's just right for my hair. Originally I had to wash it daily bc it'd be greasy by the end of the day. Now with the help of a tad of dry shampoo (I use it right away as soon as my hair is dry after a wash to open it up) I can even go three days. And I use conditioner like .. maybe once a week. Or whenever I feel like my hair is getting weird.
  9. I'm so happy with how she turned out now after the makeover! So happy you like her 💕 Send me a reference, I'm quite open for requests Thank you! I have to agree with you on the eyes. I was torn because on one hand I wanted her to have that really off putting stare but it turned out.. Meh haha. I need to draw her more often and improve her 💕 SOOO AAANNND. New art from today. I made this for a t shirt / mask design for my teepublic. Her name is Laxy Nova and she's sassy!
  10. Her name's Insomnia! She speaks ins such a calm / boring style that everyone falls asleep I need to draw her more! Her name is Forgetmenot 💕 Mine too but don't tell anyone
  11. So instead of making a new thread aaaall the time I'll just start this "masterpost" and put my new stuff in here I'll also share doodles or sketches. To start it I shall post not just my newest drawing but others as well. So it's not as eeeempty. Here is the one I just finished today - it's Moondrop AGAIN ahaha. And the other more recent drawings:
  12. If it wasn't for a massive mosquito problem right now I'd take a nightly walk daily. I looove them! They're so relaxing and sometimes you see an owl, hedgehog, deer, bunny or even a fox. Nature is so pretty at night.
  13. The furtherst away for me was the UK. About 1550km from my home in Austria.
  14. As long as it fits i wear it in daily life tbh. However I need a whooole new outfit range due to a career change. I need to look "professional" and stuff. Off to the pencil skirts and high heels I go.. I guess.