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  1. Ok. Looks like finding VAs will be a lot easier than expected Writers, as well. But of course we still need animators, editors, etc etc. There is still much to be done. Thanks for the support guys! If you know anyone that can animate or do anything else that would help with this, and they might want to. I would appreciate it if you told them about it. Thanks again!
  2. Thought so. I didnt know they were your friends :3. Dis is teh interwebz. Land of teh anonymous humans. And as of now I have no details to give you This is the first time Ive told people about this idea. There is still much to be done. Lol. I dont have any tryouts or anything atm. Still have a ton of stuff to do to get this going.
  3. True dat. Although it would be 15 hours of AWESOME Great! Well you would have to try out for it first. I have no idea your mic quality and such
  4. I agree with you on that. It would need to be multiple parts. None taken. That's why I said I have no experience writing them. If we end up doing it, I won't be writing it. Unless I somehow learn pro script writing skills.
  5. Making FoE in to a movie is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I know it would be a huge project, and it wouldnt be a simple thing to do in a couple days. However, I know it is not impossible. We just need many people to work together to make it. Although this post isnt for recruiting people. Its pretty much just asking what you guys think about making this. Do you think its a stupid idea? Or what? Thanks in advance for the feedback. P.S. I havent had much time to work on it, but here is a bit of a script I wrote for chapter one https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DocgrxWN
  6. Ah. Ya I wasnt really expecting it But Ive never been one to cry over books or movies or anything like that. Im guessing it will stir up some emotions in more than one person in the future.
  7. Noap. Didnt cry. To be honest, the really loud crying part in the anime kinda jump-scared me :3. It was all quiet and serious and then BAM. Although I didnt cry during the fanfic either. I got emotional, but thats about it.
  8. Well guys, something amazing has happened, but first I would like to thank everyone who answered my sentience question. I got emails so I did read your replies. Just didnt get around to posting again. Anyways, I havent tulpaforced in a looooooong time because Im an idiot, but I told my friend about tulpae, and he wanted me to go visit her. She had never been sentient and the most she did was turn her head as she sat under her tree. This particular time however, she was not there. Instead there was an evil worm thing like a mini Jeff from MiB (Pic of Jeff bit.ly/Wa103c) I was about to speak
  9. Pretty much everyone knows I'm a brony. Mostly because I wear pony shirts, and reference ponies a lot in my everyday life. I dont go around telling people. Only if they ask, or else they will figure it out on their own.
  10. Anyone, guy or girl, that likes the show, and watches it, is a brony. Unless they are in the targeted age, and demographic. Cause thats normal. (According to society) Like has been said before, there are different types of bronies. From closet bronies, to completely obsessed bronies.
  11. It was pretty good, although I dont think the slow music in the background fit the lyrics. Its more of an exciting song. Better than I could do though :3 Nice work!
  12. MrAwesomeness

    Music Favorite Disney songs

    I'll Make a Man Out of You. From Mulan. Same reason as Amaris, its just that type of song, and pretty much all the songs in Aladdin. How can you not like those songs?
  13. MrAwesomeness

    Being judged?

    I get judged, but most people just dont care. One of my friends pretends to be a hater, but you can tell he really doesnt care . My dad thinks its weird, but other than the thought of it, he doesnt care. My extended family is the same as my dad. In a nutshell, It hasnt really changed peoples views on me. Prolly cause I was already really weird before ponies :3
  14. The one thing that I hate the most, is when someone goes out, and just shoves ponies in everyones face! "YOUR NOT AWESOME UNLESS YOU WATCH IT!" It does more harm then good. I dont enjoy R34, but hey, people can do what they want.
  15. Luna. Was there ever any doubt? Luna is obviously the best pony, but if I had to choose otherwise, it would have to be Vinyl Scratch.
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