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  1. Thermonuclear Kitten

    Would you have a one way ticket to live on Mars?

    ELON MUSK HERE I COME! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! (Also i hate this planet)
  2. Thermonuclear Kitten

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I like things that go Big Badda Boom, and kittens. Nuff' said.
  3. Thermonuclear Kitten

    Mega Thread Favorite Background Pony?

    I will always love the Bioshock Ponies.
  4. Thermonuclear Kitten

    How honest are you?

    I am more Loki than Loki is Loki ever since he was Loki. #lokrekt
  5. Thermonuclear Kitten

    OOC Dashie Station [Space Opera, recruiting]

    ALSO! Do you guys have steam? You do know what slack is though right? The slack app.... discord is literally a copy of it//
  6. Thermonuclear Kitten

    OOC Dashie Station [Space Opera, recruiting]

    But we are talking about space ponies..... I don't think Microsoft gives a damn. Also, Discord is literally Slack for gamers.
  7. Thermonuclear Kitten

    OOC Dashie Station [Space Opera, recruiting]

    We can use slack for when we actually talk to each other on our computers. Either way, i prefer Skype too. -
  8. Thermonuclear Kitten

    General What is/was the high point of your day, today?

    Someone in my math class was eating a sub/hoagie (So many names!) He tried to hide it but the teacher caught him and told him to throw it out. He doesn't come back from the hallway for a minute so my teacher goes outside. HE IS STILL EATING IT. He then got rid of it and came back into the classroom. He proceeded to say that it would have been better with ketchup.
  9. Thermonuclear Kitten

    General Do you think the military is misunderstood?

    Uhhhhhhh.......... I hope you realize that we should never have to have a trained killer(at least how I am interpreting it) If you think about it logically, if we did not have any sort of Army, then that would cause a major disruption worldwide. Most veterans actually have an easy time readjusting to civilian life, but the ones you see you have had a traumatic experience or have become physiologically or physical disabled, which proves to be an enormous problem for those trying to get back. ALSO! YOU KNOW WHAT ARMY I BELONG TO?
  10. Thermonuclear Kitten

    OOC Dashie Station [Space Opera, recruiting]

    Its barbaric_kitten
  11. Thermonuclear Kitten

    OOC Dashie Station [Space Opera, recruiting]

    Im good for those times. I think we should set up a skype simply for the sake of notifications if you need to talk about something. We can still use this for ic.
  12. Thermonuclear Kitten

    OOC Dashie Station [Space Opera, recruiting]

    I agree, since most of my freetime is on weekends. Nice to meet you all!
  13. Thermonuclear Kitten

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Space! SameSame!
  14. Thermonuclear Kitten

    OOC Dashie Station [Space Opera, recruiting]

    Room for one more? In the case that you do, I wanna just give a schedule right now. 7am-6pm On Monday, 7am - 3:10pm every weekday(school) 6:30pm to 8pm is kinda varied everyday because of dinner. Available every weekend, starting from when I wake up. I usually do something small like a chore every so often, so I might be gone for a few minutes at times. Eastern US Zone. Spring Break is coming up this weekend so I will have a lot of free time soon. I would love to see how this works out! Nice to meet you all as well!
  15. Thermonuclear Kitten

    General Does anypony play a a instrument

    I play the French Horn and I also play the Guitar!