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  1. Our two litle adventurers started following the pony dressed in red and couple of priest. The group walked true the great city nonchalantly, they did not look suspisous but clearly the maiden in red was a centar of attention, and when ever she speaks the priests would have smile or laugh. As they walk they did not look too much out of ordinary for this city, but from time to time some creature would turn atound amd look at them, maybie because they would recognize the Hero, or maybie just because of the red maidens beautifull look. Our little adventurers did not have trouble following there target in this surrounding. After some what of a boring follow, the red maiden and the priests arrived at barracks, were most praises bowed and started heading back the road they came, passing by our litle adventurers. The red maiden, Jacky, and the prises walked passed a guard at the entrance and desapired inside the walled off section of the city.
  2. And so our litle adventurers got comfortable in the cafe across the great church of Ruvenhain and have started to wait. About an hour and a half later, true the city rang the bells of chruch and the might wooden dore opened, and from the churche emerged the great "Hero" dressed in beautiful red dress, with one black lantern encrusted with couple of white gems, the "Hero's" hair was short and orange with small burn marks on its ends. The "Hero" had dignified aura surounding her and on the frst, and prety much second look this could have been some one un known pony, but to our litle adventurers it was Jacky. She was surounded by couple of priest, and by looks of it they were escorting her some were up east.
  3. There was nothing overly interesting in the goships to be heared in this cafe, even do it had more then half of tables, creature did not talk about something overly usefull thet would help our little adventurers in there quest. There was mostly small talk betwene groups of usuly two creature (of same race), for the matter of fact there were not a single table thet had two or more creature of diferent race. This could maybie be because of something church was teaching or it could have just been thet Flearia walked in here in bad time. Flearia got her Late relatively quickly, it was a bit on the pricier side but thet was to be expected as this cafe was quait close to the church and was always quait full. If our little adventurers wished to sit in the cafe, they would find thet there were couple of tables free mostly ones outside but there were also some free on the inside of the cafe.
  4. Indus opened his ears, and cleared his mindin hope of hearing annything about the "Hero" thet they think its Jacky. He heared a lot of different things, great majority of it was just things about the religion this church spread in Ruvenhain, there were many legends of pagan gods there were conquered by the "The One" before he raised the church and showed the true path evryone should follow. He also heared a bit about how creatures live here. He heared soft whispers about how the church rulles evrything from the shadows, ptobably soft and silent as the ones talking did not want to be heared by the priests. There was also creatures on the opposite side of the spectrum thet talked about how the church is makeing Ruvenhain prosper. But in the mitts of all this charter he also heared something about the "hero" and how he is currently in the church accompanying the arch priests. So if they would like to see this "Hero" there best guess would be to be patient, but the question is for how long they will need to be patient...
  5. And with thet our little adventurers moved true the small street's and cramped side streeta of Ruvenhain. After around fifteen minutes of walking the masive white churche appered in front of our heroes. From our heroes point of view church was so tall it chalinged the sun it self. If out little adventurers are to look around they would find out thet they are in some sort of a centar of the city, and unlike at the trading part of the city here there were much less shops, but thos who were there were not street shop but much classier and luxuries shops in the buildings. There were also quait a lot of taverns and restoran were creatures would be able to sit down and eat or sleep. Around here there was a bit less diferent tipes of creatures and place was filed with creatures wearing pure as snow white robs, they were probably part of the churche.
  6. White one flapped her wingsand raised her right one and pointed it tiwered the one alley on the left side of our litle adventurers. "If you go true thet alley, and on second one make right and then...er....I think 4th left. You should be in front of the church."
  7. "You did not heared?!" Dragon started this time "The hero saved an entire village down south from fire..." The white one continued "It was glories, in the midle of the night a fire started and before annyone could do annything it spread all over the village. But luckly The Hero was there and she saved evry one." Black one continued from this point "If you are realy thet eager to return thet to her, she should be with arch priest some were around the church."
  8. Closest group to Flearia was not realy thet big, it were three creatures (one was white pony like creature with white glowy eyes and white wings, second was almost its oposite, it had dark as coal skin with dark black eyes and black wings. And the 3th creature was an green dragon). Creature looked among them self after Flearia said the description of the Jacky, and the white one started "I dont know about 'red coat' but the great hero is from a pony race and she has red mane, and is always dresed is red...." But before white one could contineu, black one cut in front with its words "Why do you look for this "red mane and coat" pony creature?"
  9. Guard spit on the flore after Inuds and Flearias responded and with out a word moved to allowed them entrance into the city of Ruvenhain. After couple of seconds of walking true the dark hallways thet conected two sides of the wall, they finaly glanced at the beautifull city of Ruvenhain. This city was so huge thet even on the horizont, all our heroes could see were houses, and in the midle of all of em was an beautifull white church, it was quait tall and its roof chalinged the skyes them selfs. If our heroes wouod look for something to buy, they would sure find it here. By looks of it, our heroes entered true the merchant's entrance and they found them self surounded by big and small street shopa ad behaind them were all kaid of shop keepers, from a snake like creatures true the bird persons, and all the way even to ponys. Same as outaide, creature around this shop districts were talking about some great heroe who araived from distante land.
  10. "And I am looking for lady on the white horse, but guess what." Guard started "I dont know were both of them are." Then he proceeded to pull an paper from his bag "For entering the city il need both of your signatures here."
  11. As our two adventurers got closer to the gates, they could see a lot of diferent creatures. There was an creature thet walked on two legs and had a pair of dark as coal wings on there back, there was an small blue creature with something thet looked like a flower on its head, also there was an creature a bit taller then our creature and it resembled a dragon. At the dores there were couple of guards in full golden armor, this two guards were a bit smaller then our heroes but because they were in full armor our heroes could not see details of what race were they. As oir heroes got a bit closer, they could heared a cheater of thos who waited in front of our heroes. They were all talking about some warior send from heaven, and were talking about how they could not wait to see her.
  12. And with thet our liyle adventures are off for Ruvenhain. They did not stick aroud to wait for ther contact, and started to go down the road on there own. It was not hard to find there way around towered right direction as Ruvenhain is quait big and importent town. It was a week of travel over quait good road, they did see lot of un usual creature along the road but unlike deamon ponys they did not gave them much attention. Our litle adventurers arive at the big town of Ruvenhain, they are currently stending about 100 feet from the masive grey wall, this is probably the outer walls of Ruvehain is. Our heroes can not see nothing from the city becuase of the wall. Our little adventurers noticed a big gate, and a big line around it so thet was probably the entrance, but for them to notice annything more they would need to get closer.
  13. And with thet our litle adventurers were off to rest for the night. Night was mostly calm, only thing thet would from time to time happen was thet some litle critter would wonder in the cave our adventurers were occupying, but as doon as they wouod notice this they would run away. Morning came with soft, cold sun light from the outaide world. Snow was not falling, but the ground was still covered in litle layers of snow from days before. If our adventurers were to wait for a litle longer, there contact would probably show up, and if they did not want to wait and would want to find the town of Ruvenhain alone, the best bet for finding somethingon the main road. But the main round wouod probably need to be found frst.
  14. @Queen Chrysalis Servant Yeh, I dont want to be offansive but what you linked me there is just couple of random images. It could just be to me and this new sistem, but still I had nothing to look there it was prety much an empty oc page. Your aplication is denied. I am truly sorry.
  15. Summer followed the others. The adventuring trio passed true the rift in the air with out anny problem. And soon they found them self in there relm onces again. As there eyes adjusted to this relm, after the pure darkness from the 'End of time' relm, the trio could noticed they were inside the same, empty cave they were before they got teleported to the other relm. By looks of it, it was still dark outside, so eather no time passed or they were away for an full day. But in anny case there was no sign of the saint Lamia talked about, so most likely he was on his way and our litle trio of adventurers should wait for them here, as he probably knowes about there current location and would not be able to find them so easly if they changed it. Most likely they wont araive at this location before morning so our litle trio had inaf time to get rested or prepare for what ever is about to happen after they meet up with 'Jacky' in the church city of Ruvenhain.
  16. "As I said..." Lamia voice sounded kaid as she started to speak "...one of the Saint will be dispached to assist you with the objective, and true the Saint you will be able to get in contact with Me." And as the Lamia stoped speaking, onces again an veil of silance fell on this small island in midle of no were. Lamia did not said annything more. But even so she looked at Flear, maybie expecting more question's (if there were anny) from the brain of this group of creature.
  17. Lamia nodded her head slowly as small pink creature and smart one describe the 'Jacky' person. Her short bloody red hair accompanied her gracefully, it moved in perfect synergy with evry nod of her head. After the smart one finished speaking, she closed her charcoal black eyes, she did not wait for the fool in this group to finish talking, maybie because the other two told her evrything she needed to know about 'Jacky' or, more likely, she did not care what this fool had to say. "Currently...." Lamia started slowly, with her eyes still closed "....the only creature with thos desription is stationed in the church city of Ruvenhain. But the creature with thos descripion is not named 'Jacky' , but there is a presence of a something thet looked like a spirit with it so I think this is the right creature." Lamia opened her eyes slowly, and as her black pupils becomed visible again she contineu "This creature is called 'Jessica Lotern', this creatures past does not have anny history changing, or treatning moments and so her history is not present in this relm. But I am supraised we also do not have annything about the spirit with this creature." Lamia fell silent for a moment, and before our litle adventurers could have done annything a loud thunder, the same one as before (when they were summoned to this Lamia's island) could be hear onces again. The portal appered on the same place behaind our adventurers. "I will relise you from this relm, but in exchange you will bring me this creature alive." but even with this 'relise' she gave our heroes, she did not move her tail anny were, they still had to pass over it if they wished to leave.
  18. @silvermoon15000 Yeh, I dont realy belive your oc would fit in with the group or the story in general. So I am realy sorry to say but I will have to say no here. Also maybie a litle tip for your oc (I did not realy read evrything as oc page is still realy broken) write his personality litle diferently. Dont write "If you want to relate his personality with someone, it would have to be Yukio from Blue Exorcist..." as it realy does not give annything about his personality to annyone who did not read Blue Exorcist.
  19. As the Indus was speaking Lamia rolled her eyes, she did not like this 'hero' and she did not even tryed to hide it, maybie because she tought thet even if this small, close minded creature got mad, he would not been able to do annything. "Yehh..." She started, as this 'professor' did not gave the details she was looking for. Lamia continued, but looked at the other two creatures in the group as she was probably expecting thet the smarter, or maybie the one thet could not keep her mouth shot after starting to speak would give her beter answer then this one did "...I do need something more then thos pointers." Lamia asked her self 'why would this close minded creature reapeat the thing they told me minutes ago' but she quickly dismissed this tought because after all this creature was not realy importent. She contineued "I was looking for answers on this 'Jacky's' look and her behavior, also if posible give me something unique about her as in this world there is not realy just one 'Jacky'."
  20. @Mysterious Way Because character you submitted has no backstory, and you did not wrote annything about it here, I am sorry to say but you are not accepted.
  21. "Only time can tell what is going to happen now, intentions of the void are beyond my reach." Lamia said, and ended with a short, almost undetecable sight. Moments later, after some short silance, she continued " I would not know what 'Jacky' would want to do, but there is no creature on this world who would simply set the world on fire just to see ashes. If I was to guess, I would put my money on greed." Lamia thinked for a moment then continued " If you would tell me evrything you know about this 'Jacky' i would be able to locate her wearabouts, and send an Saint to restrain her."
  22. I will consult with others to see how they feel about having another player join the RP. I dont promise annything at this point, but will inform you probably with in next 12 hours. In the mean time could you tell us something about your oc's back story as in her oc page there is nothing
  23. "Soo..." Lamia started but quickly afterwards paused, probably she was thinking of how to start the explanation. She sighed and started, her voice did sound litle bit diferent, but over all it still had signs of her been desapointed "In the begining, there was nothing but empty dark void. Nothing more and nothing less. But after milenium lifetimes things started to change, dark and empty void begine to fill with life and light. Creature small and large begine to live on many diferent world actoss many diferent dimensions..." an small but beautiful amaile escaped lamia's face, by looks of it without her own knowledge "...it all went well for couple of life times. But before annyone relaised, void begine to reclaime its own ground. It begine to consume world after world, dimension after dimensionl. Slowly it begine to nullify all signs of change, it begine to erase all mistakes." Lamia stoped for a moment, probably thinking of how to contineu, and after few short moments she realy did "But two great creature rose up in this great time of despair." Lamia saighed sadly " I am sorry but I can not remember there original names. This two creature rallied to forcess across time and space it self and put an stop to the void, traping it in a chest of the gods. Void was traped with out hopes of escaping on its own." "But even if it was over, this chest had to be secure by someone, for there entairelife. But even for a task this importent, no one wanted to sign for it. No mortal, and no god alike. And so, the two generals had to sign up for this task also. But I dont think they minded as long as they were together." Lamia stoped looking at the our adventurers as she was talking and insted she looked at the ground with some what of a sad expresion. She was probably pictuered this story in her head as she continued "There were then striped of there mortality and tasked for keeping the chest closed for all eternity. And from then on they were guarding the void, one life time after the other. In a small garden, in betwne the dimension." Lamia quickly wiped her eyes, and continued "But something happened inside of this garden, no one realy knows what, the chest got opened and void got relised. One of the generals was no were to be found, and the other lost its mind to the void and had to be locked for evryone's well being..." Lamia stoped speaking, but unlike previus times, she did not looked like she was going to contineu the story. It was over. At this point Lamia looked at our litle adventurers, she wanted probably to see if they understod the story and more importently did they undestod what they done with there action of relising the general.
  24. At frst the number of words Summer said in such short amount of time made Lamia mood change it litle. Her annoyance towered the previus, simple minded, creature as she seen how this creature is probably scared of her. She was about to smaile to Summer, to try and calm this scared creature. But before she was able to Summer in her rambleing Summer said something thet made the Lamia place her hand on her forehead onces again. Lamias covered her eyes with the gand and now with out looking started to speak. Her voice was like of a desapointed mother towered her childern "You realy like to play with things you dont know much about...." she was silent for couple of short moments, she moved her hand a litle and looked at our adventurers before she contineu to speak "...When things are locked and buried deep under ground they are usuly there for a reason." By what Lamia was saying she obiusly knowed more about thet "armored pony" our adventurers unlocked deep beneath chapel. Lamia continued "Should I even ask you the reason for releasing the general? Or beter yet, should I ask you what you know about generals?"
  25. "So you are thet kaid of a creature." Lamia said with boared voice as she rolled her eyes. "You must realy like how history is writen by the victor. No body will judge you if you are on the wining side, right?". This Lamia knew wery well about this way of thinking. The creatures who do annything thet they see is right in there way of thinking usuly end up as histories worst. They dont think, they just do. They steal, imprison and kill, in the name of some one or something above em. This Lamia despised the creature like Inuds. So far, from this group of three there was some kaid of clumsy research (Flearia) and an creature with quait bad way of thinking (Indus). And there was one creature thet looked like it had similar way of thinking like lest creature, but she was not aure yet. Lamia looked at the lest creature (Summer), ignoring Indus at the moment, and asked with irritaded voice "You say this creature left them behaind. Can you clarify where did he exactly left them?".