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  1. Happy birthday! :) Hope you've been keeping well, and have a lovely time~ ^_^

  2. Wow, all of these concepts look really well thought-out, interesting and unique! Except for maybe My Little Gears: War is Magic, I loved them all (I didn't get the reference is the only reason why it didn't look that appealing XD). My favorite was The Conversion Bureau, closely followed by Con Mane and Fluttermind. At any rate, I look forward to seeing what you write!
  3. (OOC: Hi everyone, I'm making a last post so Bjorg doesn't just vanish into thin air [Nex asked me to]. Once again, good luck on the rest of the roleplay. I can't lie and say I'm not tempted to ask to rejoin, but it's for the best that I don't. Thank you guys again for a fun time.) Bjorg had been quiet. She eyed the newcomers, but with a dull disinterest. She hadn't said a word throughout the entire drama of Oblivion appearing. Her mind was elsewhere. Finally, Bjorg spoke, to Celestia. "When Bjorg was coming in to the Castle, a mail-pony came and delivered a letter to Bjorg from her homeland. Bjorg's griffins do not write letters often, and so I looked at it. My clan is at war." She fell silent again, glancing at Aurai. Damn it. Bjorg was just beginning to like Aurai very much, she reflected gloomily. She turned back to Celestia. "I cannot partake in this venture. I am needed at my home, and it seems you have others very capable here. One day Bjorg shall come back to Equestria and form a bond between the Great Blood-Storms and the ponies here!" Bjorg shouted the last bit, getting excited, then fell abruptly silent again. She turned to Helvard, Aurai, Awilix, and Crash. Bjorg had begun to like them all a lot. Bonds in Equestria were different, not the respect, fighting-driven bonds of her homeland, but softer. Almost like the love between two griffins, but not that either. It was different. "Good luck," Bjorg said calmly, refusing to get choked up. Those of the Blood-Storm did not feel bad. There is no point in regretting a decision. If Bjorg wants to come back one day, then Bjorg will! But Bjorg's family must come first. She respectfully nodded her head to the newcomers. A silent way of telling them to take care of what would have become her friends. They looked almost as capable as Bjorg, she was sure they might be able to handle themselves. Stretching her wings and without another word, she moved out the great doors, and, so that nobody could say anything that would make Bjorg choke up (as she knew she would), she crouched and flew out a window, away from the castle. Until we meet again, friends of Bjorg.
  4. Nah, I'll follow your lead. Thanks for being patient with me.
  5. Wow... been awhile. I've been so busy. :(

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      Yes, I'm planning another timeskip on the Exploring New Lands RP. Will you be able to participate?

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      Red where are you? D: we miss you here ;(

  6. Hi everyone! Finally back.. @@P-Jay, So.. is Ruby stuck right now? What can I do to get her out of that?
  7. Hi everyone, I know I haven't been on in ages. That's because I got swamped by a ton of Summer homework and then school started and I have been even more swamped by homework since. I simply haven't had time. Canterlot High used to be really fun, but the reboot got too stressful to run. I'm leaving my position as a sub-GM, but I'm going to keep this page up. The other sub-GMs seem to be going really inactive, too. If anyone has a strong desire to make the second reboot, I'm sure no one will object, this one seems to be going downhill. Anyway, good luck with the roleplay-- I'm disappointed I never got a chance to really have fun here. I am simply to busy to get on the forums like I could in the Summer.
  8. I thought Reaver let ya guys know, but maybe not... I can no longer participate in the roleplay... I'm so sorry. :( I've got too many other things going on, and there are a couple other roleplays that are just more important to me. I enjoyed this roleplay so much, but the fact is is that I joined too many roleplays, and now that school's started up again and I have more work than ever, I have to leave a few, even though it's hard for me. Thank you guys for the fun times.
  9. Hi everybody. Reaver and I have decided to discontinue this roleplay. We have way more work this school year than we anticipated. Summer homework was insane, and it's only the first week of school and we're already drowning. Not to mention the abundance of retarded high school social issues. We simply won't have time to run a roleplay. I was in around seven roleplays and I am leaving all except two. Reaver, all except one. We're starting scholarship program that includes a requirement of ten hours of volunteer community service a month, we will be doing three school plays this year and will be getting more involved in our youth county orchestra, not to mention the stress of keeping up grades and maintaining healthy friendships at school. Anyway... thank you all. I enjoyed this so much. It was so fun roleplaying with you all and getting this amazing experience. Chip and Com T may be starting a reboot and be much more responsible than I (maybe not Reaver-- she actually is responsible), so if you'd like, stay tuned for that!
  10. Hi everyone. I think this roleplay is kind of dead, but I've decided to let you all know anyway, Reaver and I have decided to leave this roleplay due to a number of personal issues. Thank you all for so much fun here. I hope this roleplay somehow revives.
  11. I will have to catch up on the rest of my RPs later... 3: I wanna go practice Cello!

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      碇 シンジン

      Have fun YAYAYAY =)=)=)=)

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      Red confirmed for Octavia :D

  12. @@Midnight_Aurora,@, @, @@Alex Kennedy, (Been awhile since any from our group posted-- let's get back to it!) Red eyed the wolves as they came back. The wolves were easy enough to kill, but they needed to start damaging the boss now and if they hadn't killed twenty wolves when it got critically low then they could stop damaging it. "I'm going to focus on the wolves," Red called to the others, "I think the mini-boss is weak to magic, so the magic users need to be the ones attacking it." She charged forward and engaged a smaller wolf in quick combat, dodging and ducking around it until finding a good place to strike and hitting it. More wolves were surrounding Red. Their speed wasn't the greatest, but she was finding it hard to continue dodgind and also attack.
  13. @@DanishToenails, Well, someone did their research! Looking forward to Blitz meeting adorable Markus~!