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  1. I've caught the worst cold.....please someone put me out of my misery.

  2. I'm downloading Legends of Equestria and it's going extremely slow. The game is only 800mb and my download speed is at like 1.5mb per second yet it's been half an hour and the game is only at 49/160.

    1. Crosswind99
    2. Rawzy



  3. Yes, and it's harder to keep one nowadays because they get easily bored :/
  4. Goodnight. :)

    1. CosmicSpark
    2. Johnny1226


      Good night rawzy 

  5. Because girls/women are too picky in this day and age, and they also like guys with money but I'm poor, so yea.
  6. Spike was growing on me over time, it seems like he was getting more intelligent than the mane 6....and then Triple Threat came out and now he's back to shitty shitty spike :/

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    2. Rawzy


      I never said they did

    3. GrimGrimoire


      You kind of did. If he was growing into a good character for you, and this episode wiped all of that way and made him shitty shitty Spike "again". I was not crazy about this episode, but it does not change the character at all for me. To each their own though.

    4. Rawzy


      The episode didn't wipe anything away....I'll just hate spike until another episode comes out where he's not shitty again.

  7. Please....siblings....why do you have to come back from your holidays? I was only JUST getting rid of this headache you guys caused...

    1. Hierok


      Siblings are never helpfull with that sort of things. :D

  8. Has to like everything that I like otherwise it's a no go...
  9. Becoming a women is not weird, but when a character has been a male for decades and is best known for being a male, then it would be weird to change to a completely different gender, esspecially when he ussually has a female sidekick. ghostbusters was ruined because of a female cast and because it was infested with feminism
  10. I would be quite upset if they even laid a finger on such a memorable character :/ I haven't watched doctor who in years, but by the sounds of it......a female doctor? why? have they really made the same mistake as ghostbusters?
  11. lol that was 2 years ago, lots of cringe coming from that post.
  12. This is actually best thread, we need more like these. I would happily kiss the buttocks of celestia.... 2 for 1....It is also quite concering that you mentioned how it would be a messy procedure......I don't know how her butt could get messy.....maybe between those 2 cheeks but even then I'm sure the princess at least has basic hygeine down. The only crappy thing is that I only get to do it for 1 minute
  13. Just got back together with an old friend. We left on the wrong foot, but I've apolagized after 2 years and now we're all good :)

  14. Probably because of his gayboy mane style? I dunno xD Hey if I like male ponies, am I gay? lol
  15. Interesting, I thought august burns red was one of those edgy emocore bands.....I guess I take that back. Would rate 10/10 if I was new to metal but since it's metalcore and it's mediocre just like all other metalcore bands, I'm giving it a 6.5/10. (not good or bad...just.....average) Now it's time for my favourite band of all time, if you don't cry/move a single ligament to the beat then you have no soul x.x