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    I am interested in voice acting and I have two youtube pages ( my old one ) Somber Sun and my new one King Mars. I also play music and I am co-creator of Equrestrian Tales a new project by WiH Productions! Here is a playlist of some of my VA work ^^ Give it a check!



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  1. blacked out and slammed my head ..waiting on x-rays but everything seems oddly fine I willbe having a KAT scan done soon as well.. anyways whats up?

    1. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      Ah i hope it's all alright.

      Not too much happening

  2. How is everypony doing? I am weak again like bad .. but I am hanging in there :)

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      i feeling pretty good=)

    2. Malinter


      good to hear


  3. New instrumental song!

  4. Happy Birthday my friend! Hope ya having a good one!

  5. Stay tuned for " Epic Dr. Whooves Adventures!

  6. Hey thats cool! I consider it a martial art, but I do like exchanging techniques and I made a mixed martial art I call " Stone Fist " it's just a mix of bone breaking, pressure points, wrestling, some ground and pound, Tai-chi and mostly boxing and Judo. But how long have you been wrestling? Also, what kind of training did you go through?
  7. I have been learning 5 different styles which added make 8 styles total I know. Anypony here also practice or like watching martial arts? If so, which kinds? or why do you like/do it? I do it for health and strength training along with self defense.
  8. I am looking VERY dashing.. if I do say so myself :) what do the Mares think?? LOL

  9. Thanks for adding me

    1. King Mars

      King Mars

      No problem ^^ meeting new friends is always fun!

  10. I will be playing three different Doctors in three different series, I will be a young Big Mac and old Mr. Pie in " Epic Dr. Whooves " comming out soon!

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    2. King Mars

      King Mars

      me either, made the director cry too lol but my birthday is the 17th so hopefully the first episode will be out by then, but if not it will just be a bit longer :)

    3. Fleur-De-Lis


      Happy early birthday! :D And we look forward to it!

    4. King Mars

      King Mars

      THANKS! :) that brightened up my day seriously :D

  11. I will be playing three different Doctors soon! and like half the males lol

  12. my cousin ( who I converted to a Brony in a day ) Quantom Mars wanted me to form a band with him.. so .. sorry for the sound quality lol I will fix it in later jam sessions

  13. WOW! that depression came and went fast!.. the past week is.. kind of a blur lol

    1. Kyoshi


      It is weird how it does that, happens to me often. :|

    2. King Mars

      King Mars

      well nice to know that somepony knows the annoance lol

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