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  1. Awww thankyou! ------------------------------------------------ Show style commission for (dA user: digimonlover101) of their oc, Glitter Glam!Shes fricking adorable, I hope I did her justice ;3;Honestly got so fussy with the pose... so I hope it turned out alright haha
  2. Wowza an art update! Long long long long overdue art trade with (dA: Coldly-Painter) of their character, Silent Scythe This character was interesting to do, I quite liked the pose that came out of it! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For University I had to create 3 posters that were related to each other. So I created these! Each animal represents a side of art. The butterfly represents beauty, the wolf represents powerful and the stag represents majestic. Information on the posters were removed due to privacy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And my first art piece for Poniverse! The piece I been working on for a while. Due to stop-start university work, I almost forgot it!I managed to get it done yay!Anyway, this is an official piece that goes toward my staff artist work for the MLPForum/Poniverse.(Link: )Character Left: Viola - Mascot of PonyFM ( Right: Azura - Mascot of PonyvilleLive ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commission for my good friend @Mentis Soliloquy of one of his new OC's, a Kirin, named Ember and her (currently unnamed) pet dragon!Fun fun funThe dragon came out a little too canon looking for my taste, but I had fun. (There are some other versions: ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commission for (dA: shadowphil666) of their characters CMI had to choose the colours but I quite liked how it looked already so I just did my variation on it! I hope it looks good! aha I do take commissions! Check out my information if you're interested:
  3. Sketch but little more than a sketch commission for @NightmareDerpy on dA I loved their complicated character the more I drew it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also to celebrate the new season, I vectored discord and the Medal of Honor The vectors are of course free to use but my sketch is not. Thanks to my minimal audience for glancing my way
  4. Once again, another update no one cares about! But hey, you gotta keep trying I guess. Commission from @sammyisfun on dA for @bronycooper on dA I also thought, for practice, I'd colour in my traditional art, digitally and add some effect! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to University, I've been in a ton of boring lectures. So of course, biro sketches break out! All characters belong to meTop left: Flare ShotTop and Bottom right: Tahlia (Dragonsona)Bottom left: Torchie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some fan art I suppose of @tyandaga! Once again, its a digitally coloured traditional drawing!
  5. New updates! This is a birthday gift for his friend of his OC, Gallant Facade interacting with Sweetie Belle in some way.I thought Sweetie would be like super excited about hearing all different ponies cutie mark stories.. so she'd like, grab onto them and ask. Haha, I guess Gallant is a little surprised and flattered at the interest of the little crusader. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commission for an Off-Site commissioner of her character, Emerald. If you haven't noticed. No the lines are not mine. I was commissioned to Digitalise it! The original was a sketch request on Equestria Amino (By the owner) I will happily credit the original owner if I'm told the name. Original Sketch: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commission for GJ301 of a banner for their contest! They'll be using it in a video soon, stay tuned ^^ I had alot of fun playing around with different expressions and of course, making the dragon look canon -------------------------------------------------------------------- As mentioned on my previous submissions, I do not own a Pony Pony or Fawn Pond so I had to draw one of the mascots ponds for this comp! I chose Lilytad Splash and ave to use her the whole way through. This week we had to choose a colour scheme from I chose the scheme, 'Incense' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commission for @jaegerpony on deviantart I was a little confused on the pose honestly XD"OTHER DETAILS: Make Jaeger look as if he were murderpisly angry at something.POSE SUGGESTION: Terror." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel free to leave a critique! Remember, on the art, not the character! ^^Thanks guys.------------Please do not copy, re-post, trace, reproduce, reference, etc of my art. Thank you. I went with the 'Other Details' suggestion, I hope I made him look angry enough, I'm still working on expressions! I really hope you like it! ^^
  6. I don't hate religion. People can believe what they want to believe. From my experience, as my cousins are in fact Jehovahs Witnesses: Jehovahs Witnesses shun the LGBT community. One man one woman is their rule. They don't believe in the selfishness of celebrating your own birthday. They do not allow you to date normally. Whoever you 'date' is the one you will marry and you must be loyal to them for the rest of your life. The Jehovahs Witnesses force people to change who they really are so when they die, they can get to 'Jehovahs Paradise'. They believe they are helping you when really, they are not. Peace in this world is where everyone accepts everybody. Jehovahs Witnesses want to change everyone to be 'perfect' for Jehovah. Myself, being part of the LGBT community have kept my sexuality a secret. If they discover I am,they will try to change me. If they're unsuccessful? They will literally block you out, Jehovahs would forbid them to speak to me. I honestly do not see this as a positive religion. Look up all the videos on YouTube about it or whatever. I don't think they are causing peace at all. It feels like they are really starting wars. I'm sorry to any Jehovahs Witnesses I may have offended but this is my view point and personal opinion.
  7. This means a lot to hear that. I, myself love my traditional art and own style more that the show. I do enjoy recreating the show's style, but I want to be unique, not like everyone else doing canon work. I have a few 'my style' commissions coming up and some personal art. I hope you stick around to see ^^;
  8. Thank you so much! It's nice to hear
  9. More artttttt Practicing digital colouring on traditional sketch. For @Lalalover4everYT ------------------------------------------------- As mentioned on my previous submissions, I do not own a Pony Pony or Fawn Pond so I had to draw one of the mascots ponds for this comp! I chose Lilytad Splash and ave to use her the whole way through. This week we had to dress up the mascot as one of our favourite Movie/TV or Videogame characters. I chose to dress her as True Form Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess I love the design of Midna, just all my favourite colours mixed into one. As a cute little goof, I dressed up her little frog friend as Wolf Link from the same game If you don't know the characters, this is what they look like: True Form Midna: Wolf Link: I hope you like! Feel free to leave a critique!
  10. Crushed out two art pieces recently, First up was a commission of a very Nightmare Moon-ish OC by the name of Sundvar nipping @MentisSililoquy's OC, Soft Star. SHIPPING It was fun to work with interesting poses, ones that I haven't necessarily draw before! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the Pond Pony Competition continues! This week we had to redesign the pony we'd chosen (For me, it was LilyTad Splash) into a different variation of Pond Pony. Knowing me, I chose the dragon type. I stuck with her usual colours, adding stones to her decorations and her draconic features, horns and claws are made of wood. I based the colour choices on the pond that I had designed for her. (You can see that above.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd love a critique on my style or my pond pony redesign! Constructive criticism welcomed! Still accepting commissions! Check out my dA page for info! <3
  11. Thanks so much hun <3
  12. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS WAS HARD TOOK 4 DAYS This is my entry for a Pond Pony competition! As I do not own a Pony Pony or Fawn Pond, I had to draw one of the mascots ponds! I chose Lilytad Splash as I love her lighter colour palette. I hope you like! I'm still new to tablet drawing but I tried my best for you guys XD Feel free to leave a critique!