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  1. Happy sweetest day! a michigan holiday to honor those who have been kind to you- those whove been fallowing me and messaging me reagrdless of how active im here is amazing! give your selves a hoof bump for me!







  2. judge me all you want but i want to play dream daddy dammit DX

  3. hello long time no see!!

  4. having special somepony problems >.>

    1. Bluenavyangel


      You can talk to me if want to...

  5. finally done with finals :D

  6. so cute! i just want to hug it soo bad then again my fursona is pretty small too... shes a floral reptilian catter basically
  7. hey guys! im sorry for not being here lot. just to admit became a new fur *gasp* i know right? now looking through both fandoms ive noticed something..both fandoms dont really see eye to eye. i mean sure we both love taliing animals create animal persona(posonas and fursonas) but one way or another if a fur likes mlp they wont call themselves a brony while if a brony likes the furry fandom wont say there a furry. which struck me alittle odd here. i mean i can say im a sherlocken, homestuck, supernatral, loveless, pegesister, anime, furry etc but the line would be too. kinda think to me a new fandom im into changes my view on life one way or another.as well as a lesson. here its all about the factors of friendship and tolerance. like the furry fandom. i dont really get why cant we be both? or why does one dislike the other because there interests are a bit different then the other? liek theres horse furrys in the furry fandom while in the mlp community there are griffins like the furry community. there just not as shown. as well as all the stigmas are all too simliar.... me being a furry does that change anything about me? nope well if you count my fursona madam swift claw who is a floral reptilian catter then maybe but mostly nope. do you guys think these two fandoms should combine or work together in a sorts? let me know in this thread please :3
  8. my best friend last night but at concventions i nearly hug everyone
  9. umm i may be stepping on the wrong hoof or so but i dont get any of those kinda messages either :/ i mean every big fandom ive been to has dispise part of the fandom in itself one way or another. being a mare of different fandoms i have noticed this again and again so its all normal but it will hopeflly simmer down with time and patience
  10. i dont really count it as a cancer. more like a fandom. reason: most popular fandoms tend to cross over with other fandoms. like im sure homestuck has crawled its way in a fan art or two of mlp somewhere in pony town as uch as dr whooves has as well so its safe to say so far its a fair trade of sharing
  11. any pony knows a series called loveless? if so are you a fighter or a sacrifice as well as what is your true name out of curiousity :)

  12. got out of my first class of the day :D onto pottery

  13. i kinda have alot of werid tastes...i guess one would be pulled bbq pork mixed in with mac and cheese would e one of them