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  1. *wags the adorable pink tail*

  2. Hope your all doing good :3 Not coming back just checking in

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    2. Sunwalker


      I am doing well, thanks! Just take your time. Stay safe ^_^

    3. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross

      Back from what? Are you on holiday? :o

    4. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross

      Oh this was March. lol. Never mind.

  3. Goodbye everyone ^.^ Don't worry I will be back to check in every once in a while

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    2. Deae Rising Shine~
    3. Sunwalker
    4. Bojo


      Wish you the best of lucks, Hovy! Stay awesome my friend :D

  4. Hey guys I'm taking a break from the forums after today

    1. Nuke87654


      Alright, have a good time away Hovershy.

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
  5. Oooo my likey the new Cadance banner ^^

    1. FlitterFlutter


      She looks mad.


    2. Bojo


      Taking care of a baby alicorn would make anypony mad :P But seriously, it's a really nice banner!

    3. Sunwalker


      She is looking right at you O_o

  6. Hovershy

    Movies/TV New Ghostbusters Movie

    It looks alright, I was excited about a new ghostbusters too and I like the idea of a female cast. It looks kinda silly, but isn't that kind of what ghostbusters is supposed to be? I really don't see the problem with having a "diverse" cast of characters. The people complaining about a female main cast that are probably the same ones that are complaining about a gay character in star wars. It doesn't look that good, but I don't think the trailer deserves more dislikes than likes on youtube.
  7. I'm going to bed, goodnight everyone ^.^

  8. Goodnight everyone ^.^ Have a good night/day :P

    1. Platinum Night

      Platinum Night

      Goodnight Hovershy sleep well my friend.

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
  9. Hope yall are having a good day :)

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    2. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      Thanks, you too. :)

    3. Sunwalker



      Mine has been productive. I hope you are more rested now :)

    4. Bojo


      Mine's meh too, but hope yours is going damn well! :)

  10. Goodnight everyone, I'm so tired -.-

    1. 1Bit


      Goodnight! <3

    2. Platinum Night

      Platinum Night

      Goodnight Hovershy sleep well my friend :)

  11. How are you all today? :D

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    2. Hovershy


      It's so beautiful outside right now, weather is perfection. I'm doing great. :D


      I will respond to your pm right now Bo ^^

    3. Platinum Night
    4. Sunwalker


      I am feeling vry well today! I have slept a bit too much, that that actually helped me to feel better xD. I was feeling a bit tired through the last week. :P


      I hope you guys are doing fine ^_^

  12. I played guitar when I was pretty young, around 10 or so. Didn't really like it. Started playing bass when I was about 15 and stuck with that ever since. :comeatus:
  13. Hovershy

    General So what's the best meat?

    Fish for sure. And all kinds of seafood are better than anything that comes from land. Including fish, clams, shrimp, lobster, crabs, etc. And sushi is particularly good by the way. :comeatus: Also escargot is quite good. They are basically land clams in terms of taste.
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