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  1. Hovershy

    Movies/TV New Ghostbusters Movie

    It looks alright, I was excited about a new ghostbusters too and I like the idea of a female cast. It looks kinda silly, but isn't that kind of what ghostbusters is supposed to be? I really don't see the problem with having a "diverse" cast of characters. The people complaining about a female main cast that are probably the same ones that are complaining about a gay character in star wars. It doesn't look that good, but I don't think the trailer deserves more dislikes than likes on youtube.
  2. Hovershy

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  3. Hovershy

    General From bass to guitar, and vice versa?

    I played guitar when I was pretty young, around 10 or so. Didn't really like it. Started playing bass when I was about 15 and stuck with that ever since. :comeatus:
  4. Hovershy

    General So what's the best meat?

    Fish for sure. And all kinds of seafood are better than anything that comes from land. Including fish, clams, shrimp, lobster, crabs, etc. And sushi is particularly good by the way. :comeatus: Also escargot is quite good. They are basically land clams in terms of taste.
  5. Hovershy

    What was the last food you ate?

    I am munching on some almonds at the moment. Qute good I must say.
  6. Hovershy

    General Millenials don't eat cereal?

    What's up with all the hate on millennials? I find it incredibly rude and obnoxious. But yeah, cereal fucking sucks for the most part. I don't eat breakfast usually but when I do it's not cereal. Not because I don't wanna clean the bowls, but because it's boring and bland.
  7. Hovershy

    Any Tea Drinkers? If so what is your favorite?

    I'm a big fan of green tea myself, hot or iced. :comeatus:
  8. Nope, I wish I didn't, but I do. I'm truly envious of you guys who really just do not care what people think of you.
  9. Hovershy

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    My god, I posted that a long time ago. It is funny though.
  10. Hovershy

    Gaming Best Game in the Mario Kart Series?

    Obviously Mario Kart 64, that game is just so nostalgic. None of the others really even come close.
  11. Hovershy

    Are you still a brony?

    Yes I am a brony. Though I must admit I haven't been as into it as usual in the wait for season 6.
  12. Hovershy

    General How do you sleep?

    I sleep on my stomach, rarely on my side. Never on my back, it's impossible.
  13. Hovershy

    Movies/TV Anyone feel that Eminem is overrated?

    I'm not really a big fan of rap, unless it's combined with rock, but I think Eminem is pretty good. Is he overrated? Maybe a little. But I think he deserves the credit he gets. But I don't really know much about other rappers. I like bands that utilize rap though such as 311, Rage Against The Machine, and Cypress Hill.
  14. Hovershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Thank you! It's nice to meet you to. I used to post here all the time but I've been busy lately. Life can get hard sometimes, but as long as you stay optimistic, things will get better in time.
  15. Hovershy

    Movies/TV Share your Blockbuster memories

    Going to Blockbuster was an experience unlike any other. The next generations will never be able to experience it's greatness. In all seriousness though, it was a lot of fun going there to pick up a movie or a game. Now we can just buy everything digitally or rent games through gamefly or whatever, but it's just not the same. However, the world must move forward, we cannot dwell in the past. Blockbuster was great for it's time but all good things must end someday.