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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Well, it goes hand in hand. I personally would have never formed any relationships with shallow people. I also wouldn't have formed any romantic relationships with anyone i wouldn't be at least slightly attracted to. You see where I'm going with this? Personally, i would say personality is more important, but i wouldn't date an ape just because it can tell the most clever jokes and happens to be a really nice person. As for the bonus question - sure! If I was in the market, I wouldn't date someone just because they're super hot if they wouldn't be able to at least keep it intere
  4. I like to consider myself strong. Too strong, in fact. Sometimes, even when I'm having a really tough break, I don't even flinch. And it scares me. I think I forgot how to be sensitive somewhere along the way. But I do remain unfazed by most things. If it's particularly vile, I sometimes do something about it, but mostly I feel uncaring, like I'm completely void of emotional capacity to react to such situations.
  5. It happened more often than I'd like to admit. Worst is having to walk into a revolving metal gate, because I assumed it would turn. I was wrong.
  6. Listening to recordings of myself only made me realize that my voice sounds off in recordings than it sounds in my ears.
  7. Actually, I already DO live there. I live in Israel. Do I want to live here? Usually, it's a yes from me. It's a beautiful country, with a colorful people. Lots of other countries are, around here. I do notice lots of fear in this thread regarding terrorism (not unjustifiable) and violence in the main reasoning to not wanting to live here, and what's really scary to me is that it's practically every day occurrence here, so most people deal with it differently than foreigners. I think the middle East is in a state of healing. The younger generation of the leaders of the countries
  8. I suppose the stereotype exists because there's some truth to it. Personally? I like to consider myself a strong average of hygiene, and while my social skills do seem crude, I can get by. I think that it's just easier to remember the rather extreme examples of behavior, factoring out the benign one's.
  9. Had a quiet evening with my family. Drinking, eating good food, even smoked a cigar with my brother - just chilling with people I like.
  10. Either really good as advancement in technologies would allow us an even greater amount of comfort, or really bad as the aforementioned advancement also entails greater destructive capabilities. Heck, if we wanted to we could exterminate all of the civilized world in under a day with today's WMDs.
  11. I'd be cool with that. Could use some more calcium in my diet though.
  12. Well, think about it like this. If we are all programs inside a simulated reality which is dictated by the laws of the reality behind it, that makes it a subdomain of that reality, meaning the simulation itself (and by extent us) is subject to that reality. To explain it in other words, if set x contains y, and y contains z, then x also contains z. In this case, X is reality, Y is the simulation, and Z is everyone in it. Even while operating under different sets of laws, we're still a subset of reality in general.
  13. I'd say a 5 or 6. He doesn't seem ugly, he looks like an average Joe to me.
  14. I agree, but the problem is that sometimes people are just so afraid or maybe frustrated from the lack of mutual attraction that they can't control the bridge - so they would rather burn it. I do know guys who would rather choose flight over fight, but who said they have to be guys? I'm sure girls can also find themselves in a similar situation. A girl I was friends with (more like acquainted with honestly but that's besides the point) once told me she tried to nudge me a few times in the past, and grew frustrated from my lack of response. Admittedly, I was really bad at picking up clues b
  15. Maybe some can. But I think that most heterosexuals would eventually develop feelings (requieted or otherwise) for one another.
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