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  1. Meet John Francs(not his real name)! The nicest minion of all...Drew this at my workplace. Suppose to be a minion impression of my friend. What do you guys think?
  2. CP3_P0n3

    Gaming Most unheard of games, that you know?

    The Super Robot Wars series, seriously underrated strategy game. Still being release today, here's the newest PS4 game (Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers) The japanese version has been released but not english yet sigh
  3. CP3_P0n3

    Has your favorite MLP song changed?

    Mine was BBBFF but then Rara showed up
  4. That's kinda stretched out too far. But, I'm 90% sure the movie will be awesome for us fans the way the series are going right now
  5. CP3_P0n3

    Technology Windows 10: Hate or Like?

    After 4 years of using windows 8 and 8.1, safe to say I'm leaning on 8. Windows 10 looks like a mess the way they organize the start menu, everything is hidden except for apps! Why can't they just laid everything windows function out like windows XP or 7 or so on. At least in windows 8.1 its easier to access windows function like search tool and etc. Soo, hate Windows 10 and their cumulative updates that made pc bsod, especially April's update. Besides, Microsoft is spying on people with Windows 10, that's one thing.
  6. CP3_P0n3

    Open The Sparkling Sector (Sci-fi, Space)

    "I guess we didn't properly introduced each other. I'm Crystal Marine, a reporter from Equis, originally a Temorae resident" Crystal smiled to Husk with her nozzle still twitching from his smell. The sudden gaze from the rather impulsive mare to Husk made her frightened. She hoped Husk doesn't let that broke their conversation.
  7. No, toys will keep selling like the older gen does. The show however, must end with a grand finale, for it is right for the great and powerful show, to end up remembered as being the greatest thing that ever happened to a man's life and mankind alike
  8. CP3_P0n3

    Open The Sparkling Sector (Sci-fi, Space)

    Despite the surprisingly not strict guard, it gave Crystal more unease. Has this place always been this lax? Could be one of the reasons crimes are breaking out more often. As the four of them went into the elevator, Solar and Redwood managed to find a conversation with the guard. While Husk went along quietly and suspicious. That gave her a perfect room to break her own silence. She closes in on him, "Hi, you're pretty quiet aren't you?" She immediately took a small step back, the colt's smell was even worse than that rash mare.
  9. CP3_P0n3

    Gaming Gaming: We Have a Problem with Elitism

    congrats for spotting it my my friend nice pre built pc, you must be pretty darn lucky. though i feel sceptical about the motherboard, ram and psu model with price like that, anyway its awesome spec 8)
  10. CP3_P0n3

    Gaming Gaming: We Have a Problem with Elitism

    Actually, that depends. I built my new pc off of price bargains from my fellow pc builder friends and this is my gaming PC around 800$ (all are approximation). All parts are released either this year or last year except for psu, hdd ans ssd. It's for graphic works and gaming. Intel Core i3-6098 Skylake - 86$ 8GB DDR4 Kingston HyperXFury RAM 2133MHz - 42$ Gaming MoBo Asus B150 Pro Gaming Aura - 141$ R9 290X 2GB with custom 3 fan cooler - 248$ <<< cheapest a person could ever offer 128GB SSD M.2 - 32$ 1TB HDD WD - 40$ 750W Seagate PSU - 133$ Asus Int BluRay player 16x - 86$ Cheap casing with usb 3.0 and ssd bay - 28$ Win 8.1 Pro 64bit - Pirate! Total: 836$ see? I even throw a Blu Ray drive just to play some of my friends blu ray disc. This PC can play GTAV at max above 50FPS
  11. CP3_P0n3

    Gaming Do you like Mario, Sonic, Megaman, or PAC-MAN?

    Sonic, I grew up with the old genesis and Sonic 1,2,3. So, you can say I'm an avid fan. Contrary to those above, I like Sonic games more because they're fast pace and boost and stuff. Even the old games let you be faster than the camera. We've had some inconsistent years but those years had some great games like Sonic Heroes, the Advance series and Sonic Unleashed. I can't seem to favor Mario and Pac-Man though. Megaman is easily my 2nd since I've played from the first to last X series and I love the characters
  12. CP3_P0n3

    Open The Sparkling Sector (Sci-fi, Space)

    @@crispy fries, @@Skijarama, "Ahh yes! Th..." Crystal looks down on the mare's hoof. A bright yellow colt gave her an uneasy shrug. "Thanks for picking it up" she nevertheless put on a fake smile. "Guess I won't be able to film for a while...". She turns her head to the mare. "My name's Crystal Marine, a TV host for 'The Fumble', and you can keep the stuff." She reaches out for the mare's other hoof.
  13. sorry guys, I was at work and my phone didn't have the pass to my acc. Anyways, everything's good now.
  14. CP3_P0n3

    Open The Sparkling Sector (Sci-fi, Space)

    It happened all too sudden. Crystal was the furthest from the point of impact when it happened but the debris hit her first. She shrugs off those short nightmares even a little, while still holding in the pain from her left hoof. She lifts her heavy eyes slowly. A rash voice raced through her head. She helps herself up and tries to find her camera. She could've sworn her camera didn't flew off her hoof at that time. She gently taps a brown mare... @@crispy fries, "Hi, have you seen my camera?" (you decide what happen to that camera)
  15. I come from distant to join this RP, may I present (link in pic) NAME: Crystal Marine RACE: Pegasus GENDER: Female OCCUPATION: Nurse/Reporter <<<explaination below Born in Temorae, she was fated to work with Sparkling Technologies Corp ever since she was a filly. She started off as a little nurse before deciding to leave for Equis. The top leading media corp took note of her blooming talent in reporting and tv hosting and soon recruited her to lead some major headlines and major groups of her own. From here, she seemed determined that she was stepping into a grim plot as she tear through every story. More curious than ever, she left her career and decided to go back to Temorae as a starting point for her search. During her trip, the civilian transport she was on exploded and she survived. She is very well known among inhabitants of Equis and Twinshine. She works as undercover reporter/detective during her adventure with the survivors. She is the medic of the group. Her faction is Sparkling Technologies Corp. She's a double agent of both that and Equis media. A reason why she didn't went straight to Twinshine is because the transport has to go through Daash as some sort of a protocol. The Interstellar Arcgate probably don't send too far and they have to refuel.