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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. yup ^^ or Catherine. haha she loves her growlithe
  3. What is everyponys thoughts on going to University?

  4. What is everyponys thoughts on going to University?

  5. What is everyponys thoughts on going to University?

  6. Octavia is quickly becoming best pony xD

  7. Not gonna lie, I was super apprehensive at first. But the music... IT GOT ME!
  8. I did a commission for my fiance to make her a pokemon breeder with her Growlithe. Still working on my lines and painting style though xP
  9. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I did my first speedpainting of Sonic for Inktober. Added a Sonic/MLP Crossover song I really like. Let me know what you guys think?
  10. Wow. I haven't been on here in forever! HI EVERYPONY!

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    2. Kyoshi


      Meep meep. :D Welcome back! ^-^ I remember you well. :)

    3. SciTwi


      I remember you too Kyoshi! :D So glad you're still here!

    4. SciTwi


      Omg and happy birthday!!!

  11. You should always have confidence in yourself, Kyoshi. I've personally struggled with (and still sometimes do) self confidence. But I always have to believe I have something in me that makes me keep moving forward with what I love to do and who I am. It's tough, especially when people don't always understand. but that's the whole idea of a cutie mark, right? I don't want to let that unique thing go, or stop working toward it. So I feel obligated to keep at it no matter what.
  12. Hello!! Nice to meet ya! I like to play in photoshop and after effects as well! Actually I got my degree in graphic design, so you could say I play a lot in it xD I'm almost jealous you're only on season 2! I'm pretty much out of ponies to watch until new ones are released T.T
  13. That's what I decided on doing. I've been cramming like crazy trying to make time for myself and what I eventually want to do. It's hard though since I have a very physically demanding job to get the energy to do it. Prof. snusnu, I get where you're coming from. I'm the oldest male in my family too, so I have a lot of that burden on my shoulders too. That's also part of the dilemma as well, what makes me happy and what makes everypony else happy =P I'm just one of those people that don't like to disappoint. Ya know?
  14. I never chose a side o.O weird