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  1. Sprinklepie

    Mane 6 Remix

    These are a remix of the Mane 6 with the Equestria girl clothes, I used an online anthro maker, if you like this I'll make more, please feel free to add your own creations like this! 1.) yes I know the grass on twilight sparkles side is well, really miffed up but yeah, 2.) the tails are all the same/they don't look like their actual tails (I know) thank you and yes pinkie does not have shoes, Next time I do this I promise to be more careful
  2. Sprinklepie

    Straight Mane 6 Ships

    they mean Spike. I see that. That's a cute ship... yeah thanks, but i se both of your points, and you know like I know of some Sasuke x Naruto and Neji x Hinata fic :-P
  3. Sprinklepie

    Hello everypony I'm new.

    HI! I'm Sprinkle pie! welcome to Ponyville! Here have a pie flavored cupcake!
  4. Sprinklepie

    Straight Mane 6 Ships

    what about Apple Jack x Full Steam, AJ x Creme Brulee?
  5. Sprinklepie

    Straight Mane 6 Ships

    pony twilight and flash and the human twilight and timber spruce.. am I right <3 <3
  6. Sprinklepie

    Straight Mane 6 Ships

    Those two are great but, what I was really looking for was a straight pairing... Mine are as follows Female x Male (comment) = child/OC Pinky X cheese (but now I see pokey x pinkie memes....) = Sprinkle Pie Rarity X Birch Bucket ( I looked hard for this one) = Jewel Twilight X Flash (the pony Flash not the Human Flash, human flash goes to Sunset Shimmer) = Morning Sun Rainbow X Quibble (Because why the heck not...) = Swift Mist Fluttershy X Stellar Eclipse (I thought it was cute) = Robin Applejack X ??? (Still working on it, I'm thinking one of the stallions from the western-ie stage coach thing) = ??? Anywho yeah that is what I've got so far, I'm working on pictures or them)
  7. Sprinklepie

    Straight Mane 6 Ships

    what are some straight mane 6 ships that you love. [Anybody know some good Apple Jack ones because thats the one I'm most stuck on?] AND NOT ANON! ANON DOES NOT COUNT!
  8. Sprinklepie

    Best Cat Breed

    Russin blues with pale blue eyes …~♪^~^ & munchican cats are really cute too!
  9. Spike/Ember Spike/Thorax Pinkie Pie/Gummy Pinkie Pie/Cheese Sandwich Granny Smith/ (Her Husband) Celestia and Luna's Parents Big Mac/Marble Pie Rainbow Dashes Parents Cadence/Shining Armor
  10. Sprinklepie


    don't worry I'm the same way online
  11. Sprinklepie


    No lie, Iove my friends on mlp forums, but they all seem to be older... like as old as my mom (not that old but kind of awkward). I'm just wondering how many teens are on here? any pony?
  12. Sprinklepie


    yes...S.T.U.P.I.D., unfortunately, needed some repairs so we won't see him in action in his "roly-poly" form...
  13. Sprinklepie


    he is evil...rar rar...S.T.U.P.I.D. Synthetic. Transforming. Unit. for .Immediate. Destruction.
  14. Sprinklepie

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    Catholic went to Christian school...