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  1. (I'm not sure if there's already a thread like this, but eh) I feel like some people today misunderstand what the military is about, and this goes for any branch (Army,Marines,Etc.) Here's an example of what I mean: A few months ago I had to go to the doctors for a check-up. My doctor who was going to do my check up came into the room and apparently one of the other nurses told her that I have enlisted into the Navy. Before she even starts with the actual procedure. She seems to be a bit mad with me and starts ranting on about how it's a terrible idea and that all I'm going to be doing is mopping the deck 24/7. Which is not true because when you enlist, you go to MEPS and they assign you a job that you choose for (based on your ASVAB scores). Then she says that I'm going to end up being poor, college is better, etc. This frustrated me at the time because just imagine having to make a decent decision in enlisting in the military that could help better you life, then have it crushed by someone that has no experience in the military telling you what you should do with your life. Another thing that happened was when i told my friends about me enlisting. Then they told me that the Navy is "useless". idk if that's just me overthinking all this, but what do you all think about the topic of others misunderstanding the military?
  2. CapnKrunk

    Health Do you vape?

    It seems Vaping is better than smoking, but not the best option. I would never want to try any of that stuff ever, or any kinds of drugs for that matter lol. But If you want to vape go for it.
  3. CapnKrunk

    General What are your plans after 18?

    I just turned 18 a few months ago, but before that. I enlisted into the U.S Navy I am currently in DEP (Delayed Entry Program) since I still have to finish highschool, and it's required before you go to basic training. I made this decision because there was no more opportunities where i was. Hell, not even Burger King wanted to hire me for a part time job (ugh...). I would have liked to go to college, but I have no financial support whatsoever.
  4. CapnKrunk

    Playing with ponies =)?

    wat......I mean some of us have better things to do, but I'm here anyways.....soo no.
  5. CapnKrunk

    Mega Thread Do you wear MLP clothing in public?

    I used to, but not anymore. People hate it more than ever. Plus they're too expensive. I'm done wasting money on something like this only to end up getting roasted. am cri
  6. CapnKrunk

    What is your favorite type of humor?

    I wouldnt see as humor, but more like true facts that displays proper anime basics.
  7. CapnKrunk

    Nerf guns, do you own them?

    I Used to have a crap-load.Name a nerf gun.I have,but that was until I had no one to play nerf with,and realized that it was a waste of money,and space.So I donated most of my nerf guns to goodwill,but I kept a few of my nerf guns though.Modding some of them is a pain.
  8. And they said it's their biggest map ever for deadrising 3.
  9. CapnKrunk

    Do you care about how you look?

    I do,but not as much as other people do.If I'm going to school,or going somewhere else.I'll wear something casual,and make sure I take care of personal hygiene,but If I'm staying home for the whole day.0 bucks will be given that day.Just stay in boxers pretty much.
  10. CapnKrunk

    Anyone Else Hate Conventions?

    At first I thought that Conventions like comic-con like are pretty cool,but once I went to them more often.I realised that it's too expensive. You basically pay for people to sell you stuff That's pretty much all conventions are for.You pay more than 200$ of merch at conventions.Well that's just me.Most of the people selling stuff act like it's the end of the world if you refuse to buy something from them.I first thought that you can dress up as any fictional character you want,and socialize with those related to who you were dressed up as.Turns out not for me. Another thing that gets annoying is when the people who do go to the conventions end up showing off what they got over there.Not everyone got a chance to go,and have a blast.Happens every year at comic-con San diego.Videos,and pics posted everywhere on the internet. Long story short:Not the poor mans hobby
  11. CapnKrunk

    Technology Post a pic of your Desktop Setup

    I try to keep my desktop clean as much as I can.I dislike it dirty,and it bothers me.A lot of dust builds up on the surface though.
  12. CapnKrunk

    Thoughts about the future?

    I think the future in about 100 years will be based on wealth.Rich people go into a better place suited to their needs.Poor people go into a rotten place with the others.That's how I see it based on the shows,games,books,and other things I've seen.
  13. CapnKrunk

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Present day me (left)
  14. CapnKrunk

    Gaming Game moments that made you cry

    This game didnt make me cry,but I had the most feels for it than any other game I played.It's call of duty............................................Just kidding It's actually The legend of zelda,and the twilight princess.I love how the darkness,and how the characters had connected toward each other.
  15. CapnKrunk

    Music Songs That Calm the Rage Most of that liquid/smooth dubstep stuff always calms me down.Suicide sheep uploads the best.Not only just the music,but the pictures can take you to your happy place