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  1. Hey everypony, Its cider time and I cant find AJ, Big Mac, or Apple Bloom! We need a search party because its cider time and you know I love my cider. If you find them please send me a message.
  2. Uhh, Rarity, not to rain on the parade but I think this is more of a cult, not a fanclub.
  3. sorry for the delay with those comfy pillows i promised, the pillowshop said they couldn't handle such a large order in such a short notice, so i had to wait for a new batch to arrive, either way, hope you'll put them to good use, once again, thank you all for helping out

    1. TheRockARooster


      That’s OK, RD.

      It was fun helping you out.


    2. GlimGlam


      That’s alright RD

      It was Awesome helping you out 

  4. alright everypony, the water is all up there, no records this time, but it's a job well done, expect to recieve your pillows shortly so you can have your well deserved nap, keep being awesome!
  5. you are all AWESOME! looks like we not only are going to get the water up, but we might actually have a chance to break that record this time around! keep it up everyone note (this will stay up for a total of 24 hours so ppl from all timezones will have a chance to get that very comfy pillow)
  6. Hey everypony, I am sneaking in to ask everycreature to share their favorite pranks. It can be one you have played or one me and the girls have played. My personal favorite is the lightening scares on Nightmare night. Oh and dont let the party ponies know you saw me. Im not missing but it is an epic prank to have them searching for me .
  7. there'll be plenty of time for napping afterwards, and those who help will get a fluffy pillow for extra chillaxing naps so you say but you seem to be napping first
  8. a very comfy pillow is the payment, what more can one ask for?
  9. it's ok, Twilight developed a device that lets everyone do it, but there's a catch, we can only get 1 wingpower from each so every bit counts, thank you we're doing great so far, good job
  10. Alright everyponyone it's our turn to provide water for cloudsdale again this year, but many ponies are on vacation during summer, so i decided to recruit you all on these forums, we have about 700 wingpower with those that remain here, so we'll need you to provide the extra 100 minimum, if you have no wings, don't worry, Twilight has developed a device that who knows how it works, but it lets you do it, so let's do this! , i'm counting on you after we're done, free pillows for everyone who helped so they can rest after a day's hard work (that pillow will be on badge form, good luck)
  11. alright alright, i'm up, thank you for finding me, Derpy was supposed to deliver a letter from cloudsdale but couldn't find me, let's see..
  12. Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Hey every pony I can't believe I'm first in line for cider season. I finally beat Pinkie pie and am going to be the first one to get that sweet sweet cider.
  13. Awww yea its Dash's' turn. Well, Twilight wanted me to say something about being loyal to the fandom that's boring so I want to know whats the coolest episode, pony or fandom member you know. ( Hint its ME! )
  14. Okay, that was completely uncool, I'm going to have a headache for days. I mean, who does that? That was even brighter than Celestia during the Summer Sun Celebration! I better go check on Scoots. Rainbow, still feeling a bit lightheaded and dizzy from the flash of light, flew off toward where the CMC was. The slight disorientation was hard to compensate for, but the cyan pegasus was thankful that her normal vision was returning just fine. Looks like the light blast is fading away. Better get to Scoots and the girls fast. Something feels ... off. Putting her all into it, Dash accelerated even though she know it would likely be dangerous flying without being 100% certain of yaw and bearing. It didn't matter. Something deep inside her told her that the fillies needed her, and even though Dash had experienced fear before, she pushed away the growing panic.
  15. Awww man! How did I not get put on the same team as Daring Do! Okay, we still got this.