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  1. Merry Birthiversary!




  2. Banned because I hate filing my nails. And yes I know that's a silly reason, but aren't they all?
  3. Mmm, very much so. (I did not mean it to sound as it ended up sounding, but I'm too tired to change it) How about the silent, beautiful, person I want to give a hug more than anyone because of his cinnamon rollness Shin-ah with his ever close and adorable companion Ao the squirrel?
  4. Hey, Techno? Do you think you might possibly be interested in continuing this?
  5. Hmm...possibly. Admittedly a bit off put by the fact that all I know about him is that he's a villain and his name. Well, how about the adorable, seductive, beauty loving Jae-ha?
  6. ...Huh. What are the odds. I just finished the first chapter of my FNAF crossover fic, and then I come across this? Coincidences are frightening sometimes.
  7. Merry Birthiversary!

  8. So, Ima get straight to it: I'm going on hiatus. Dunno how long, but I hope not too long. I've just had a lot of stuff to get done, and I don't have time nor the means to get on here often. Sorry everyone, I just...need to take a step back. I've been putting off posting this for a while, but it needed to be done.

    Again, I'm really sorry about this. Hope I see you guys again soon.

  9. Hey you may know me by @~Natural Beauty~. This is my new account.

    1. Star48955


      Hi! Been a while. Sorry that the New Elements got so confusing we had to start a new RP. I hope you'll enjoy it.


      Also, I don't know if you've read back that far, but I'm actually going to attempt to turn the old Elements RP into a fanfiction. I got the others permission to do it, and use their OCs as long as I credit them, but I wanted to ask you too. If you don't want me to do it, of don't want me to use your Mysterious Soul OC then it's okay, just tell me.

      And if you do give me permission, don't expect the fic for a while. I have other projects I'm working on, and when I'm done I'll have to figure out alternate characters, alternate'll be a mess at first. But, I hope think I'm up to the challenge.

    2. HellsWriter


      I'm fine with that. Mysterious Soul just fanished from existence.

    3. Star48955
  10. Just letting you all know, I am still alive and active. I just have been busy and dealing with a lot lately so I haven't really had the time to sit down and write a lengthy post.